Liberals Cover For Sex Whackos who are Democrats

Remember how Democrats repeatedly trashed Mitt and Anne Romney during the 2012 presidential race, saying that they were just an old-fashioned married, faithful white couple like Ozzie and Harriet from the 1950s, that people aren’t really like that anymore?

Which is utterly untrue, by the way. There are tens of millions of people like them in America today, of all races, nationalities and ethnicities, who believe in traditional marriage and family.

Democrat consultant Hilary Rosen even said that Anne Romney had “never worked a day in her life” in observing that Mrs. Romney had never worked outside the home – never mind that she raised five sons. It was a shameful attack on traditional, millennia-old ways of living.

We know who these Democrats really are. Many of them are sexual whackos and perverts. They hate conservatism for supporting marriage and traditional values. They support homosexuality, lesbianism, sex changers, pornography, easy access to abortion, unlimited sexual pleasure and promiscuity, ‘open marriages’, adultery and every other kind of departure from a normal, restrained, behaved heterosexual life. Some even want easier laws about child pornography. Because they are deeply perverted people.

Have we ever had a president so sexually crazy as Democrat Bill Clinton? Who not only had sex in the White House with an intern, but who then lied about it?

Well, actually, yes. It was Democrat John F. Kennedy. He was vastly worse than Clinton. Kennedy even was alleged to have had sexual relations with a communist East German spy at the height of the Cold War. If Kennedy had not been assassinated he very well may have been impeached over his relationship with Ellen Rometsch. Look it up on the internet. There are many stories about it.

Here are three more amazing stories about Democrats. reported about the former congressman Anthony Weiner of New York City who is running for mayor there:

Anthony Weiner resisted calls to withdraw from the New York City mayoral race Tuesday after finding himself caught in another sexting scandal (sending explicit text messages to women) similar to the one that ended his congressional career two years ago.

Weiner admitted sending a woman sexually explicit photos and messages and acknowledged the activity took place as recently as last summer, more than a year after he resigned from the House in June 2011 for the same sort of behavior with at least a half-dozen women. (end of excerpt)

Yes, and he wants to be mayor of New York. That would be about right. There are millions like him there. This guy has severe mental problems. recently reported about another US congressman:

The woman whom Rep. Steve Cohen has been claiming is his out-of-wedlock daughter is not, according to a paternity test revealed on Thursday.

CNN had a paternity test done on Victoria Brink with Cohen’s participation, although the Tennessee Democrat did not appear on camera. The test found no chance he was the 24-year-old’s father.

In a statement, Cohen said he was “stunned” at the result. (end of excerpt)

Look at how nuts this guy is. Usually it is the other way around; a guy is stunned to find out that he has fathered a child outside of wedlock. But the Democrats are so insane these days that now the reverse is true.

Now here is an excerpt from about a guy who generally is being ignored by the Liberal Media:

Embattled (Democrat) San Diego Mayor Bob Filner has been instructed to avoid closed-door meetings with female staffers and other women, Fox News has learned. 

Sources within City Hall tell Fox News that one of the first directives from the newly hired chief operating officer asks Filner to avoid the appearance of impropriety by not putting himself in closed-door situations similar to what's been described in anonymous allegations of sexual harassment. 

This recent development comes as the City Council has asked for the creation of workplace safety zones for any worker who feels threatened in Filner's presence. 

…. In January, City Attorney Jan Goldsmith previously sent an internal office memo reminding workers that "abuse may come in the form of yelling, degrading or even throwing things, none of which will be tolerated." KPBS-TV reports that Goldsmith later specifically instructed his female staffers not to go into the mayor's 11th floor offices without a witness. (end of excerpt)

Sexual harassment? Yelling? Throwing things?

This friends, is a typical Democrat. And now Filner says he is going to get therapy blah, blah, blah…

If a Republican did 1% of what Filner has done he would be out of office by now.

Bill Clinton was famous for sexual harassment, groping, sexual perversion, was accused of rape, and was famous for “purple rages” – behind closed doors, of course. Who knows what kind of “yelling” and “throwing things” he did in one of his rages.

In contrast you may remember Pete Wilson, a Republican who once was mayor of San Diego. He was one of the most gentlemanly political leaders in America. He also was a US senator and a governor of California. And you can rest assured that Ronald Reagan and the Bushes did not throw “purple rages” in the White House, or have sex affairs.

Just look at how California has tumbled into the socialist abyss. It is radically Democrat today. And the dismal economic statistics show it, and the character of a guy like Filner shows it.

Remember Gerry Studds? He was the Democrat Massachusetts congressman who had a homosexual affair with a young intern working in the Congress. He was cheered by his constituents when the affair was revealed and he was censured by the Congress, and he continued to serve in the Congress for many years afterward.

Yet Christopher Lee was a Republican US congressman from New York state who was driven from office almost immediately for e-mailing a picture of himself shirtless to a woman he met online.

See the double standard?  The Democrats get away with everything. There is no bad behavior that they will not tolerate or cover up for.

New Jersey Democrat US senator Robert Menendez is being accused of traveling to the Dominican Republic and having sex with underage prostitutes. He is still in office. And he will stay there unless he is legally forced out, and Democrats will work feverishly behind the scenes to keep him there.

The late Democrat Massachusetts US senator Ted Kennedy was world famous for a 1969 car accident in which Mary Jo Kopechne drowned. And then Kennedy actually ran for president in 1980 (thankfully unsuccessfully). He remained in the US Senate for 40 years after Kopechne. But hey, to Democrats that incident was just another one of their own misbehaving, you know, like normal.

Meanwhile Republican US senator Bob Packwood of Oregon was forced from office for making drunken passes at female staffers.

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