Oil Industry Technology Saves the Day… as Usual

Advanced technology developed by the private-sector oil companies and by independent oil operators is saving the day… as usual. Look at this from foxnews.com:

According to the Energy Information Administration, since 2010 oil production has increased 64% in Colorado, 51% in Oklahoma, 46% in New Mexico, 45% in Utah and 23% in Wyoming.

Combined, those states rival the heralded Bakken field in North Dakota. The reason behind the boom is the same as it is in the more well-known oil producing regions: technology.

"In the olden days exploring for oil and natural gas was a much bigger challenge than it is now," explains Tim Wigley, President of the Western Energy Alliance, an industry association. "And what really has been a game changer has been directional drilling, so now as opposed to having 15 or 20 wells on your property, you have one that can branch out 10 to 15 different ways." (end of foxnews.com excerpt)

Now think about what the government and the environmentalists are advocating these days – windmills – which are an ancient energy source that was abandoned as soon as there was an alternative (the steam engine, coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear power, AC electricity, the internal combustion engine etc.)

Directional oil drilling is an amazing technology. It allows many oil wells to be drilled from one single well site and to branch out to different oil deposits as the drill pipe snakes its way through the earth in every direction to the precise location of the oil. This process significantly reduces the “footprint” of oil drilling on the land above. This is coupled with much more accurate techniques for locating oil deposits in the first place.

In short, private-sector technology is helping the environment. Meanwhile windmills and solar panels scar the land, harming the environment while producing no usable energy at all.

The other significant new game-changing technology is hydraulic fracturing or ‘fracking’ which allows drillers to fracture the rock around oil and natural gas deposits. This allows scattered deposits, which could not be retrieved economically under the old technology, to flow freely into one area to be collected and brought to the surface. Fracking is opening up vast new energy deposits worldwide.

This new US energy boom is debunking all of the enviro hysteria that America is running out of oil.

Friends, American oil production is surging. Some projections say that America will be the New Saudi Arabia within 30 years, the world’s biggest energy exporter. And these technologies can be used all over the globe to increase energy supplies and bring down prices. Many nations are in line to become Saudi Arabias including vast countries like Russia.

Oil and natural gas are not the “disappearing” resources that environmentalists have been claiming in their end-of-the-world frenzy. Known/estimated world oil and natural gas reserves are increasing every year. Yet today most of the world remains unexplored or underexplored and thus earth’s real fossil fuel reserves are incalculable in scale.

When the first modern-day oil well was drilled in Titusville, Pennsylvania in 1859 by Col. Edward Laurentine Drake nobody could have predicted that by 2013 that the world would be using 90 million barrels of crude oil (a barrel is 42 gallons) every single day, and that there would be 600 million cars and trucks on the planet all powered by the refined products of crude oil.

Meanwhile nobody knows what the future holds. But you can rest assured that there are massive reserves of oil and natural gas within the earth that will last for many centuries, perhaps for millennia.

But wait! There’s more! Ever heard of methane hydrates? They are white, ice-like solids composed of methane gas and water that are found at the bottom of oceans. And there may be much more of this fuel than all of the natural gas reserves in the world today. They have not even been tapped yet.

Environmentalists, of course, are doing everything they can to stop our efficient oil and gas production and to replace it with ineffective wind energy and solar panels.

Meanwhile environmentalists themselves waste more energy than any other single group, traveling around the nation and the world climbing mountains or flying off to South America to watch butterflies. One famous environmentalist recently was found dead in a remote hiking area of Wyoming 300 miles from his home. Gee, it sure took a lot of energy for him to get there! I thought we were not supposed to use our cars because of ‘global warming’!?

At the same time we genuine environmentalists – conservatives – are working hard to keep the economy going and to preserve the environment.

A website called cleantechnica.com reported these statements from Obama. Each has a Nikitas3.com comment after it:

US just doubled solar & wind electricity: (Obama said) “Over the past 4 years, we’ve doubled the electricity we generate from zero-carbon wind and solar power.” Comment: Yes, and every kilowatt is subsidized by the taxpayer because these energy sources produce no power at all.

Wind & solar power create a ton of jobs: (Obama said) “And that means jobs, jobs manufacturing the wind turbines that now generate enough electricity to power nearly 15 million homes, jobs installing the solar panels that now generate more than four times the power at less cost than just a few years ago.” Comment: Windmills contravene the most fundamental law of Economies of Scale which says that big things, like supermarkets, are efficient and little things, like the corner store, are inefficient. Windmills are massively inefficient because they break down energy production into tiny bits, like 1 or 2 megawatts at a time, rather than making the same amount of energy in, say, a 1,000 megawatt nuclear reactor. So if you try to create jobs and energy through inefficiency and government subsidies, then that is a negative thing for the economy, not a positive.

Let’s double our wind and solar power again: (Obama said) “[T]he plan I’m announcing today will help us double again our energy from wind and sun. Today, I’m directing the Interior Department to green-light enough private renewable energy capacity on public plans to power more than 6 million homes by 2020.” Comment: And we will double the cost to taxpayers. This is typical socialism as we run $1 trillion annual deficits.

Our military is now going to install 3 GW of more renewable energy on its bases: (Obama said) “The Department of Defense, the biggest energy consumer in America, will install three gigawatts of renewable power on its bases, generating about the same amount of electricity each year as you’d get from burning 3 million tons of coal.” Comment: Notice Obama never talks about replacing all of that coal with what we conservatives have been demanding all along – nuclear power, which is tens of thousands of times as efficient as windmills. Scattered windmills also require hundreds of thousands of miles of new cable to hook them up to the power grid, often from mountaintop installations. This is extremely inefficient and wasteful of resources, labor and capital.

Obama’s budget calls for cuts in oil tax breaks and increasing clean energy investment: (Obama said) “And because billions of your tax dollars continue to still subsidize some of the most profitable corporations in the history of the world, my budget once again calls for Congress to end the tax breaks for big oil companies and invest in the clean energy companies that will fuel our future.” Comment: There are no ‘tax breaks for big oil companies’. These companies have been making profits and paying huge amounts of taxes and royalties for the last century precisely as they are providing us with our crucial energy supply. The only thing that needs anything like ‘tax breaks’ is inefficient wind power which relies solely on direct taxpayer subsidies. Otherwise there would be no wind power at all. And even with huge subsidies, solar power still fails (like Solyndra).

Energy efficiency also critical: (Obama said) “Now, the third way to reduce carbon pollution is to waste less energy in our cars, our homes, our businesses.” Comment: This is one of the biggest frauds of all. First, as a car gets better gas mileage it is driven more miles. Increasing fuel efficiency, in most cases, actually increases overall energy use. This is a proven statistical fact. Second, the American economy has become very efficient in its use of energy through free-market capitalism. Twice as much wealth is produced annually per unit of energy input today than was the case in the 1950s. This was not a result of any action of the government or demands of environmentalists. Because man always seeks efficiency naturally. It is in his best interest to do so and he does it.

Federal government leading the way: (Obama said) “…today I’m setting a new goal. Your federal government will consume 20 percent of its electricity from renewable sources within the next seven years.” Comment: Most of this energy will be wasted anyway. The federal government bureaucracy is increasingly bloated and irrelevant. It should be cut in half, just for starters.

Now here is one final note. Look at this from wikipedia.org about Greece:

Eleusis is one of the two Athenian suburbs (the other one is Tatoi) with the highest ever officially recorded temperature in Europe according to the World Meteorological Organization of 48.0°C (118.4°F), on 10 July 1977, by the use of minimum-maximum thermometers. (end of wikipedia.org excerpt)

Now remember that the fakers at TIME magazine and many other major media outlets , along with hordes of intellectuals, openly proclaimed that the earth was entering a cooling period in the 1970s. Here’s a famous TIME magazine cover from 1977 warning about “the coming ice age”.

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