Egypt in Chaos/Chinese Communist Lectures the West

There is big trouble in the violent Middle East. Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood has called for a week of nationwide protests after violent street clashes in Cairo between security forces and supporters of deposed Muslim president Mohammed Morsi left at least 82 people dead.

These clashes come two-and-a-half year after pro-American Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak was deposed by ‘Arab Spring’ protests.  And much of the world mistakenly cheered the ‘Arab Spring’ including Obama and his secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

But we American conservatives warned that Mubarak was a good leader who was keeping Egypt stable by keeping the extremist Muslim Brotherhood at bay.

This stability allowed all 80 million Egyptians, including 8 million Coptic Christians, to live in peace and relative prosperity.

But the ‘Arab Spring’ protests were successful and then Egypt held elections. A radical Islamist, Mohammed Morsi, a product of the Muslim Brotherhood, was elected president.

Morsi did exactly what we conservatives warned he would do – he began to impose an extremist Islamic regime in Egypt, including ‘sharia law’, which is a draconian Islamic legal system.

Egypt began suffering immediately negative consequence under Morsi. The economy spiraled down and energy shortages became routine. International tourists, who had provided Egypt with many billions in annual economic support, began to avoid the country.

On July 3, 2013 the Egyptian military stepped in and overthrew Morsi after widespread protests against his rule that included many of the same people who had protested Mubarak.

Now the tide has swung the other way – the Islamists are angry that their leader Morsi was deposed.

All of this shows that the United States should have backed Mubarak in the first place, to keep Egypt stable. reported about the recent violence:

Across (Cairo) Friday, police and armed vigilantes at neighborhood checkpoints battled Muslim Brotherhood-led protesters, with the sight of residents firing at one another marking a dark turn in the conflict.

Military helicopters hovered over downtown as residents furious with the Brotherhood protests pelted marchers with rocks and glass bottles. The two sides also fired on one another, sparking running street battles throughout the capital's residential neighborhoods.

Across the country, at least 72 civilians were killed, along with 10 police officers, security officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity in line with regulations.

The violence capped off a week that saw more than 700 people killed across the country. That toll surpasses the combined death toll from two and a half years of violent protests since the ouster of longtime leader Hosni Mubarak to the July 3 coup that toppled Morsi, who hails from the Brotherhood. (end of excerpt)

So friends, Egypt is in chaos. And guess what? The new military government now may ban the Muslim Brotherhood, which is exactly what Mubarak had done for 30 years. In fact the Brotherhood had been banned since 1954(!)

And now an expected thing has happened since the military coup. The Muslims are attacking not only the police and the army, but they are attacking Coptic Christian churches as well.

This exposes the Muslim Brotherhood for what it really is. Attacking unprotected civilian targets has been a standard tactic of terrorists for decades, as in the 9/11 attacks on New York City. reported:

Dozens of churches were attacked and burned in riots after thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Cairo and other Egyptian cities to demand the end of what they call military rule, following the removal of Morsi on July 3. Many of Morsi's supporters have voiced criticism at Egypt's Christian minority for largely supporting the military's decision to oust him from office. (end of excerpt)

So they are targeting Christians for their alleged political alliance with the military, but rest assured that they are targeting Christians as targets of opportunity. Islamic radicals have been attacking Christian churches for decades across the Middle East.

But here is some good news: Egypt’s defense minister has ordered the repair and reconstruction of some of the Christian churches that have been destroyed by the rampaging Muslims. Col. Gen. Abdel Fattah El-Sisi said that the damage to Coptic churches at Rabaa Adaweya and Nahda squares in Cairo will be repaired.

Good for Col. Gen. El-Sisi. We salute him! There are some decent people in the Middle East.

The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights reported that at least 25 churches were burned in the middle of August alone, and that attackers also targeted Christian schools, shops and homes across Egypt.

This shows that these Islamists are brutal people and explains why the Middle East has lagged way behind the Christian West in economic development, technology and essential human freedoms.

Let us pray that the Christians fight back with full force and that the Egyptian military restores order in the interest of all of that nation’s people.

Now here is a commentary about economics:

Jin Liqun was the supervising chairman of China Investment Corporation, communist China's sovereign wealth fund, when CIC was trying to decide whether to invest more money in the European Financial Stability Fund (EFSF).  

Jin had served as China's deputy minister of finance and vice president of the Asian Development Bank. And when he was trying to make a decision about EFSF he said that unless Europe changes its labor laws and its welfare state mentality that he would not consider it to be a good investment.

Imagine that… an official from an officially communist nation lecturing the “capitalist” West. It was the latest in a string of criticisms of the West by Chinese leaders. Jin said:

"If you look at the troubles which happened in European countries, this is purely because of the accumulated troubles of the worn out welfare society. I think the labor laws are outdated. The labor laws induce sloth, indolence, rather than hardworking. The incentive system, is totally out of whack.

"Why should, for instance, within [the] eurozone some member's people have to work to 65, even longer, whereas in some other countries they are happily retiring at 55, languishing on the beach? This is unfair. The welfare system is good for any society to reduce the gap, to help those who happen to have disadvantages, to enjoy a good life, but a welfare society should not induce people not to work hard." (end of quote)

This is so significant. It means that the world is continuing through another phase of an ongoing cycle in which Europe has drowned in socialism; the United States is sinking quickly into the quicksand of socialist debt; while China, which has been strangled by communism for decades, appears to be emerging into rationality.

Should the world be optimistic about more and more nations moving away from communist totalitarianism?

Yes and no. The socialist left continues to dominate Europe and the US although there are sterling exceptions like conservative capitalist nations (like Poland) that are doing very well, as are conservative US states (like Texas).

Meanwhile Brazil in 2010 elected Dilma Rousseff, a former communist guerilla, as its president. In Colombia a former communist guerilla, Gustavo Petro, was elected mayor of the capital city of Bogota. Other South American nations like Venezuela and Ecuador have moved strongly to the left.

And don’t think that these leftists are reformed. Because once people are destroyed intellectually by socialism and communism they can never think straight again. And now that these former guerillas have political power they will seek to impose the agenda that they once thought was possible only through violence.

Look at what was reported on about the new Bogota mayor:

Petro vowed to govern even for those who didn’t vote for him and said he would work closely with President Juan Manuel Santos on national projects such as ending the 50-year struggle against FARC (communist) rebels. (end of excerpt)

And this means only one thing – that Petro wants to start to legitimize the guerillas’ demands and to meet them. But these guerillas are pure evil. In Colombia the guerillas have tormented the entire nation for decades with bombings, mass murder and other violence.

Yet the residents of Bogota elevated one of them to a major position of power. This is an outrage. These former guerillas like Petro should be prosecuted, jailed and even executed for the horrible toll that they inflicted on the Colombian people.

These communists are viciously manipulative people. They drag their nations down in guerilla war and strife. Then they come out of the jungles and run for office promising wonderful things. And stupid people believe them.

Then when the nation is at rock bottom where China was 20 years ago after more than 40 years of communism, a few sensible people like Jin Liqun start to speak out because there is no alternative. Because some people understand basic survival.

But many don’t – they are called communists.

And that is why America is suffering. Because despite clear, simple and effective conservative proposals to fix our economy, liberals only want to drag it down further with the same old thing that even Jin Liqun warned about – more handouts, more ObamaCare, more regulations, more stasis, more slothful people on welfare, more early retirement.

Because the Democrat left knows and fears that Americans will be happy with capitalist prosperity so they cannot allow it to happen. Because then Americans will recognize the fraud of socialism and communism.

Today America is obsessed with the goings-on in a few European nations like the collapse in Greece. Yet we conservatives have warned over and over that these nations have grossly large government debts, which is at the heart of the world economic crisis.

These nations have followed left-wing policies for decades and the result has not been peace and prosperity as promised but stasis, debt, unemployment and disillusionment.

Even ultra-liberal Fareed Zakaria of swerved into the truth in a rare moment of candor. He wrote:

The real problem – however – is not so much that Greece has been unwilling to make sacrifices. It has made many. But Greece's budget numbers look bleak because its growth forecast looks bleak. It needs to address a much larger question of competitiveness. What can the Greek economy do to attract capital and investment? And at what wage levels? These are questions most European countries will need to answer to fully solve their problems.

Italy's economy has not grown for an entire decade. No debt restructuring will work if it stays stagnant for another decade. Even Germany is not immune, with an average growth rate of only 1.5%. German officials know that with a declining population, in five to seven years the country is likely to grow at an annual rate of just 1%. That's not much of an engine for Europe. (end of excerpt)

So there’s socialist Europe for you, the Europe with the awesome passenger trains and national health insurance and retirement at age 55 and the whole month of August for vacation. The Europe that America is supposed to emulate, according to liberals in the US.

Nonsense. The Euros have based their policies on what Jin Liqun and anyone with common sense warns about – a slothful welfare state that is not sustainable, no way, no how and that strangles economic growth and harms the world economy too by not contributing to it.

The socialist left continues to push this statist agenda despite its failures. And the result is two worlds – one that is rising by rejecting socialism and the other that is sinking by embracing it.

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