8 Phases of Radical Environmentalism/Syria Crisis

(There is a re-post of a previous Nikitas3.com commentary about Syria at the end of this editorial, warning about American involvement there. But first here is 8 Phases of Radical Environmentalism)

The First Phase started on the first Earth Day, April 22, 1970. And that day just so happened to have been the 100th anniversary, to the day, of the birth of the Soviet communist tyrant, dictator and mass murderer Vladimir Lenin.

Coincidence? Nope. Because in the end environmentalism is not about the environment. It is about government control of the economy, the energy supply and the lives of all of the people, just like communism is.  

Hundreds of thousands of people throughout the enviro movement today are far-left anti-American radicals hiding behind “the environment” to do their dirty work, people like Van Jones, the avowed communist who worked in Obama’s White House as an ecology activist. And if these extremists cannot get total control of our economy through legal means they go to eco-terrorism, which is the Sixth Phase of Radical Environmentalism. Here is a recent news story about Wisconsin from foxnews.com about eco-terrorism:

Paramilitary armed guards, death threats, standoffs. It’s not what you might expect amid the peaceful greenery of northern Wisconsin, but it’s that greenery, and what lies below, that has led to an intense battle over land, water and jobs.

It all began when a company called Gogebic Taconite, or G-Tac, got permission to test the soil in northern Wisconsin’s Penokee Hills area for minerals, including iron ore. The company eventually wants to carve a 4-mile open pit mine through the heavily wooded area.

G-Tac has leased thousands of acres of land in Wisconsin’s Iron County, an area which is popular with hikers in the summer and snowmobilers in the winter. Terms of the lease still allow the public to access the area.

…Confrontations between the two sides have been violent and dramatic. Once G-Tac workers went out and began doing the testing, at least a dozen protesters wearing bandanas over their faces showed up ready for action. 

The showdown, which is filled with yelling and expletives, was recorded and posted on YouTube. One protester can be seen wrestling with a woman over her camera.  That protester was later arrested and charged with a felony. Others face trespassing charges.

“These folks broke into our camp, they barricaded the roads so that law enforcement wouldn't be able to help us, they held the site for over a half hour, they attacked one of our workers, and they destroyed a bunch of our equipment, and they threatened our people with burning our homes down,” said G-Tac spokesman Bob Seitz. (end of foxnews.com excerpt)

OK, friends, this is eco-terrorism. And we haven’t heard all that much about it because the environmentalists have so much control that they haven’t had to resort to violence. But rest assured that more eco-terrorism is coming as Americans become aware of the truth of environmentalism and start to fight back against it.

Now here are the 8 Phases of Radical Environmentalism:

*First Phase: Earth Day, 1970. The enviro movement comes out of the box with legitimate and serious charges about pollution. And environmentalists did a good job forcing the cleanup of polluted land, air and rivers.

But also on the first Earth Day we got a taste of things to come. We heard myriad outrageous claims about the environment that have never come close to coming true. Those claims continue to this very day, particularly the Big Lie of ‘global warming’.

*Second Phase: Establishment of more and more wilderness lands. This was easy to do through legislation, and it marked the beginning of the end of the American tradition of wilderness areas having “dual use” for both economic development (like mining and logging) and leisure (backpacking, kayaking, hunting, snowmobiling, fishing etc.) Environmentalists increasingly have demanded that only leisure pursuits be allowed, sometimes with hunting and snowmobiling limited or omitted.

*Third Phase: Increasing restrictions on all rural economic activity like mining, oil drilling, ranching, farming, quarrying and logging, including total obstruction. During the 1990s more than 30,000 Oregon loggers lost their jobs over the fake ‘spotted owl’ controversy and many small rural Oregon towns were devastated. Meanwhile millions of rural Americans have lost their jobs, or their jobs never have been created because of enviro obstruction. Oregon is just one example out of thousands, large and small, every single year.

Laws like the Endangered Species Act have allowed environmentalists to thwart every type of economic development from resource extraction (oil, minerals, natural gas, coal, trees etc.) to housing developments, manufacturing facilities, roads, rail lines, pipelines, power plants etc.

*Fourth Phase: Unrelenting criticism of oil companies, coal companies, utilities, natural gas producers etc. have continued for decades through the universities and the Liberal Media, shifting public support away from traditional energy sources and extractive industries. Nuclear power has been ruthlessly maligned yet there is not one shred of evidence that one single American has ever been harmed by nuclear power.

*Fifth Phase: Increasingly stringent enviro regulations have imposed higher and higher costs on consumers. Because once the environmentalists get to one point, they always want to go further and further with more and more regulations and laws. But under the Law of Diminishing Returns it can cost as much to eliminate the last 1% of pollution as it costs to eliminate the first 99%. Yet environmentalists have pursued smaller and smaller returns at higher and higher costs, putting increasing economic stress onto American citizens.

*Sixth Phase: Eco-profiteering includes control of new energy production that moves us away from reliable oil, coal, nuclear and natural gas and toward nonproductive ‘green’ energy. Those leftists in control of ‘green’ energy are now profiting to an extreme degree, all paid for by taxpayer subsidies precisely as energy prices skyrocket in response to ‘green’ inefficiency and failure.

Meanwhile “paper profiteers” have established “exchanges” like the stock exchange where ‘pollution credits’ and ‘carbon credits’ are bought and sold, with the profiteers taking a cut of every transaction. These “exchanges” are phony and are simply a way to transfer wealth to people on the socialist left.

At the same time tens of thousands of “environmentalists” have taken well-paid jobs in the universities, the media, politics and in wealthy enviro organizations. They are reported on glowingly in the Liberal Media and their opinions are echoed free of charge while those same media attack our traditional energy sources. And as these “environmentalists” live better and better, more and more Americans suffer with the ill effects of their policies.

*Seventh Phase: Mob action, property damage and eco-terrorism against economic development projects like that in rural Wisconsin. This is where the hard-core communist types come into action. This is like the mob-action protests by the labor unions in the state capital of Madison, Wisconsin in 2011 that included significant damage to the state capitol building and grounds, and mob intimidation of elected officials at their private residences.

*Finally, the Eighth Phase of environmentalism is destruction of the wilderness, proving that today’s “environmentalists” are nothing of the sort. Through the deployment of inefficient ‘green’ energy, wilderness lands and rural areas are being ruined through the installation of thousands of industrial-scale windmills and solar installations annually.

Look at the mountaintops and deserts and river basins already, and the despoiled meadows all over rural America with their black solar panels and hideous windmills producing mere trickles of energy while efficient sources like nuclear power are demonized and blocked.

And that, friends, exposes the environmentalists for who they really are. They care not about the environment. They care only about power over the people and money for themselves.

Now here is a previous Nikitas3.com commentary from earlier in the Summer about what appears to be imminent American involvement against the government of Syria on the side of anti-government rebels:

The civil war in Syria seemed to have been turning toward the existing secular Assad government after two years in which the rebels were making steady progress. But that could soon end.

Because Obama is going to send military trainers and arms to the Syrian rebels – who include many elements of al Qaeda. Other Democrats are demanding even more American military action, like the creation of a no-fly zone over Syria to restrict the Syrian air force.

This all will potentially aid and subsidize an Islamic takeover of Syria. This is just more terrible policy from the Democrat party in America. This also is a huge mistake that could draw America into a wider war as Russia and Iran back the Assad government.

This could be Obama’s Vietnam.

Oh, sure, we are just going to help the Syrian rebels on the side of truth and justice… like in Vietnam and Iraq.

Repeat: This could be Obama’s Vietnam.

This is the same type of policy disaster that US president Jimmy Carter employed in abandoning the pro-American Shah of Iran in the late 1970s. It will lead to an even bigger crisis in that region if Assad falls.

Bashar Assad is typical of what we have seen over the last 50 years in the Middle East. He has been an authoritarian ruler in a very dangerous part of the world.

Under the Assad family, however, Syria had been stable. Christians, Muslims and Jews worshipped side-by-side. The economy was not rich, but it was calm. Christians even held many high government posts.

The Assads maintained a secular government. But the radicals in the Middle East want Syria in the Islamic camp and so they joined up with internal opponents of Assad and stepped up the civil war. More than 90,000 people have been killed in that war, and many towns and cities have been damaged or destroyed.

This war is leading to an exodus of Christians from Syria, following the trend all over the Middle East. For centuries many places in the Middle East like Lebanon and even Iraq had sizeable and stable Christian populations. In fact Christianity was born in the region, as we all know.

We American conservatives have been warning for decades about the Islamization of the Middle East. It started with the intentional abandonment by Carter of the Shah in Iran. The Shah was guiding Iran gradually toward a secular, modern, pro-Western, democratic state.

Iran in 1979 then fell under the rule of radical Islamists and has not had a moment of freedom since. Today Iran is the main global source of anti-Western Islamic extremism and is anti-Christian.

We American conservatives warned that the fall of Mubarak in Egypt in 2011 would lead to crisis and it has. We warned that Mubarak’s pro-American strongman rule was vastly superior to the alternative. Egypt’s 8 million Coptic Christians, who worshipped openly under Mubarak, now are living in fear.

And we conservatives have been warning about Syria since the start of the uprising there. We said that destabilizing Assad would be a very bad thing.

Millions in Egypt ignored us including leftists and some Christians who stupidly joined the Islamic protests that brought down Mubarak. Now the new Muslim president of Egypt is presiding over a nation that not only is spiraling rapidly down economically, but which is imposing strict Islamic law. Many of these protesters now deeply regret what has happened.

Tourists from all around the world used to bring billions annually into the Egyptian economy under Mubarak, but they are largely avoiding the country now out of fear. This is part of the “closing off” that Muslims are doing all over the Middle East, to make it an Islam-only region of the world.

Let us pray that Assad holds on, although it already is too late for many of Syria’s Christians who have been injured, killed, kidnapped, internally displaced or driven out of the country. The same thing happened in Iraq where as many as 1 million Christians are estimated to have been displaced or have fled since the fall of Saddam Hussein.

Hussein was a brutal dictator, but he was keeping Iraq stable. Christians worshipped openly for decades under Hussein, but the deposing of Hussein by the United States opened the door for attacks on Christians by extremist Muslim forces. It also ruined the whole Iraqi economy.

The rise of radical Islam is part of the plan to empty the Middle East of Christians. Here is a 2011 report from pewforum.org about Christians in the Middle East:

The Middle East-North Africa region is home to less than 1% of the world’s Christians. Only about 4% of the region’s residents are Christian. Although Christianity began in this region, it now has the lowest overall number of Christians and the smallest share of its population that is Christian. Christians are a minority in every country in the region. About half (47%) of all Christians in the region live in either Egypt or Sudan. Lebanon has by far the highest percentage of Christians (38%) in the region. The only other countries in the region where more than 10% of the population is Christian are the Gulf states of Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

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