Liberal Sex Culture Hurts ‘Women’ Most

There is a public service announcement (PSA) on the radio with a young female responding to a request to send pictures of herself nude.  She says in response to a text message that she has received: “Thanks for asking, but I’d rather not send you nude pictures” and she gives various excuses for not wanting to send the pictures like “…I’m afraid they’ll get passed around school!”

Then the PSA indicates a website that addresses issues like sexual pressure, intimidation and harassment.

Friends, if a young lady I knew responded in such a way I would have her sent to a convent. What does she mean, “Thanks for asking…”? That right there is code language for acquiescence to the culture of sexual license.

Worse, what does she mean when she says, “I’m afraid they’ll get passed around school…” as if trying to meekly explain away her shyness.

This suggests that she still may be in high school… or even in lower grades! This means that this ad references minors. This is shocking that this type of stuff would be discussed about minors and high school girls in such a casual way (“thanks for asking…) instead of being seen as a potential crime like soliciting minors for sex. The makers of this PSA should be investigated.

The PSA should suggest that she is going to report the texter to the police if she gets another one like it. Because any woman at any age should be urged to defend herself in the most aggressive ways in today’s pervert culture. But that would be old fashioned according to the feminists and leftists who are promoting sexual promiscuity. Because under modern-day socialism women are supposed to be allowed all the pleasure they want.

And I thought women were “in command” in our feminist culture and were “strong and bold”. So why the cowardice when asked for nude pictures? Which is it? Is she a strong woman or is she a cheap slut?

Actually with the feminists, you never know; it could go either way. Because liberalism is full of contradictions and extremes, which is why feminists are crazy people. Because liberals do whatever they wish according to what is in their momentary desires or interests, which is a destructive way to live your life. They never think like healthy conservatives do which is “everything in moderation” and “always consider the long-term good”.

This is why there are so many millions of unhappy people in America today. Because we have been told by the ‘hippies’ since the 1960s to relate to others sexually, and thus tens of millions of people never have built the maturity for lifelong relationships, the kind that a stable society is built on.

Indeed far too many people are single and alone because our leftist culture says over and over and over that sex is just harmless fun. But it is not harmless fun. Sex is very serious business. And by intentionally substituting frivolity for seriousness the Democrat left has planted a time bomb in our culture that has been exploding for 50 years.

Here is another example, an excerpt from a column in a small newspaper in New England. It is typical of what is going on among young women today. The column is called Girl-2-Girl and the subject is wimpy men:

Here we go, girls! Let your hair down, grab some bonbons and let’s have some fun and talk about the mama’s boy; allow me to start my gabbing right off by saying my friend just experienced one.

There’s nothing like having a romantic evening, dinner and wine, cocktails, followed by great sex only to be yanked out of your beauty sleep to an excruciating scream into his cell phone to you know who? That’s right, Mama. Have any of you experienced this? Apparently for my friend it was a little like, “Wake up girlfriend and smell the L-O-S-E-R stamped all over his forehead!” (end of Girl-2-Girl excerpt)

Look again at what she says: ‘There’s nothing like having a romantic evening, dinner and wine, cocktails, followed by great sex…’ This obviously refers to her “friend” out on a date, who is not married.

This is your average 20-something single feminist these days, looking down her nose at men while cruising for her next sexual encounter. And then when she gets to be 30 years old and no man wants her except for sex, she starts to wonder like a fool what went wrong in her life, not even knowing how she has been duped. Then she may spend the rest of her life alone, or she has been emotionally devastated by abortions, or she gets pregnant by some anonymous guy and lives as a single mother with all of its bad statistics like poverty, insecurity, fear and loneliness.

But if a male co-worker glances crossways at this little sexpot in the workplace she goes screaming about “harassment”.

She in fact would much better off married to a Mama’s Boy and finding happiness in a family than living alone the rest of her life, perhaps with a serious sexually-transmitted disease, which are spreading like wildfire. But that is something you never hear public service announcements about. Because the Media Left are covering up the massive damage that these rampant diseases are doing as a result of sexual promiscuity promoted by the Democrats through people like Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, Robert Menendez, the porn industry, the promiscuous gay culture, massive illegitimacy in black America, our smutty TV/Follywood media etc.

The sexualized culture is ruining the lives of millions of “women” while the Democrats and feminists stand silently by, allowing it to happen. Meanwhile we conservatives speak out against it repeatedly and are called names.

These same media also must cover up the society-wide harm that feminists’ War on Men has done as men are maligned, caricatured, weakened and made subservient to women, particularly white men.

This assault on white men is nothing more than all-out war. It is a result of the feminist template that white men have had all the privileges and that women have only been the victims. This, of course, is extremely selective in its view.

How about the billions of men throughout history who have slaved away in the mines and on the farms or who have gone to war? No, feminists never talk about that. They only act as if “women” have been gypped out of everything.

So here’s a proposal: Let’s let the feminists work in the coal mines or on the oil derricks or on the construction sites for a single day. They’ll find out what it’s like to be a man.

Meanwhile, there is another public service announcement on the radio that warns about all the dangers in our society, and it asks listeners to use caution in the workplace or at school. It says:

“If someone is acting irrationally, tell someone… Never bring a weapon to school… Be careful when entering elevators, stairwells, rest rooms and parking garages…” And on and on. This message is brought to you by the federal Department of Justice and something called the National Crime Prevention Council.

Now here is Fox News recently reporting on the attorney who is in line to become the next director of our federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency. He currently is acting director. reported:

The acting director of (ICE) is a former criminal defense attorney who represented accused and convicted murderers, sex offenders and pedophiles and fought for the release of violent convicted offenders — a background some critics say makes him a less than ideal choice to lead the federal government's second-largest law enforcement agency.

John Sandweg, 38, who was recently named acting director of ICE, worked between 2002 and 2009 defending violent criminals in Arizona… Sandweg also volunteered as a lawyer with the Arizona Justice Project to examine and overturn convictions of murderers and other violent convicted criminals.

Other clients, according to court and other public records, included a man convicted of strangling his ex-girlfriend in front of her 4-year-old child, members of an identity theft conspiracy that used stolen Social Security numbers to obtain fraudulent driver’s licenses; numerous violent felons who had violated their parole; people convicted of possessing child pornography and a man accused of nearly a dozen counts of sexual assault of a minor.

Sandweg argued in Arizona Supreme Court against a then newly-passed law that allowed certain accused violent offenders, including sex offenders, to be held without bail during trial, saying his client — an accused pedophile charged with having sex with a minor under the age of 15 — should be released. (end of excerpt)

This guy is going to be in charge of our borders? Are you kidding?

No. Because this is part of Obama’s war on the law and on decency, with his operatives insistently defending bad people, going soft on illegal aliens and criminal illegals while at the same time using the federal government to intimidate and disenfranchise honest, hard-working Americans in the IRS scandal. Now look at this story from about our federal Department of Homeland Security:

A Department of Homeland Security manager in charge of buying weapons and ammunition for the government is, on the side, running an inflammatory website that throws around gay slurs and advocates the mass murder of "whites" and the "ethnic cleansing" of "Uncle Tom race traitors," according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Ayo Kimathi, who calls himself the “Irritated Genie,” told his supervisors that the website was set up to sell concert and lecture videos.

But the report showed the site's content strayed far beyond concert promotion, warning about a coming race war. His website, “War on the Horizon,” declares, “in order for Black people to survive the 21st century, we are going to have to kill a lot of whites – more than our Christian hearts can possibly count,” the Alabama-based SPLC said in its report. 

One of Kimathi’s former supervisors at DHS told SPLC’s Hatewatch that, “Everybody is the office is afraid of him,” and that his co-workers are “afraid he will come in with a gun and someday go (crazy).”

… Kimathi, who works for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which is a division of DHS, reportedly got the go-ahead from the government to create and maintain his website. (end of excerpt)

OK, so first we have another maniac at ICE. There surely are thousands more like him in our federal government that we do not even know about. Second, Kimathi is black so any attempt to fire him will be called “racist”. Third, Kimathi is now on paid leave instead of being fired immediately, which is what should happen. Fourth, if everyone in the office were afraid of a person at a private-sector company, that person would be fired or one of the co-workers would bring a lawsuit.

Fifth, if Kimathi were white and were advocating a race war against blacks he would be thrown out of the government. But this is how racism works in America today; you can openly advocate hatred of whites in the government or in the media and it is accepted.

Also notice this line: ‘Kimathi… reportedly got the go-ahead from the government to create and maintain his website.’

This is the government that is supposed to be protecting us and our borders. And this is why Obama and his corrupt posse must go.

Meanwhile the white TV chef Paula Deen had her whole career destroyed because she admitted that she once had used the word “n****” decades ago.

See the pattern? There even is going to be a fictional crime TV show that portrays a white Southern TV chef (everyone knows that it is meant to be Deen) killing a black teenager.

At the same time, in Spokane, Washington, two black male teenagers stand accused of beating and killing an elderly white man, a World War II veteran named Shorty Belton. So why do these black thugs murder white people like Shorty?

Answer: Because they get messages to do so from racists like Kimathi. These blacks are both 16 years old and have previous convictions for assault. This is no big surprise.

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