Syria is Another Obama Failure/$1.50 a Gallon Gasoline

Barack Obama’s shameful waffling on Syria mirrors his general failure as a president. And rest assured, friends, that this man’s presidency is going to be seen by history as a flop.

He talked tough on Syria, drew a “red line” and threatened armageddon against the Assad regime, backed by American military might. But it was all a clumsy bluff while our amateurish secretary of state John Kerry added to the appearance of a Keystone Cops administration.

We conservatives have reminded Obama and his Democrat cronies over and over that radical Islamists are seeking to take over the Middle East and to banish all Western and Christian influences.

But Obama and his secretary of state Hillary Clinton at the time of the Libya and Egypt uprisings in 2011 praised those actions as if they were just another Fourth of July celebration. Yet those rebellions have turned out to be unmitigated disasters with the one in Egypt now thankfully repealed by that nation’s military. Meanwhile Libya has collapsed into chaos after Hillary famously tittered about the murder by rebels of that nation’s late strongman Moammar Gaddafi who in fact was keeping the nation in one piece.

We have seen again and again that the Middle East needs strong rulers to maintain order, including people like pro-American president Hosni Mubarak in Egypt who was deposed in the ‘Arab Spring’. Meanwhile Bashar Assad in Syria indeed is an authoritarian who has kept his nation calm and out of the hands of extremists. Assad frequently has played with fire, however, hosting the Hezbollah terrorist group and acting as an anti-Israel joker in the Middle East deck.

Syria had been stable politically and economically for many decades under the Assad family. Christians, Muslims and even Jews had practiced their religion openly side by side. Antioch, Syria even had great historical significance in history as the first place that Christians were called “Christians” 1,600 years ago. Meanwhile Christians held many high government posts under Assad.

That all is fading now as more than 1 million Christians have been dispersed by the war between Assad and the rebels, and 100,000 Syrians have been killed. This situation deteriorated dramatically when the internal Syrian rebels were joined by opportunistic outside terrorist forces backed by Iran and al qaeda. When that happened it became clear that America should tacitly back Assad or at least stay out of the Syrian conflict.

But no, Obama wanted to show that he is some sort of freedom fighter and tough guy. And he has demonstrated that he indeed is multi-talented in the most negative way – that he can screw up foreign policy just like he has ruined us domestically. Obama has bungled Syria badly and made a mockery of American power while opening the United States up to ridicule by Vladimir Putin of Russia, one of the West’s most dubious leaders.

Oh, sure, there were allegations that chemical weapons were used by the Assad regime. This sounds like Iraq all over again. But then Obama’s “red line” over those weapons turned out to be nothing more than a child’s chalk drawing on the driveway.

We also still have troops dying in Afghanistan and tens of billions being spent every year to support them when those troops should have been pulled out years ago. Thus we have more proof of an incoherent foreign policy in ObamaLand.

This dovetails with a crumbling domestic policy that will mark Obama as a failed leader. Gasoline is now $3.80 a gallon and more when Obama inherited it at $1.85.  Most of the jobs being created under our First Black President are a fitting tribute to socialist policy – they are low-wage or part-time. Employers are even cutting back part-time hours because of ObamaCare. There are more than 47 million people on food stamps today. Our energy supply is being gutted through massive taxpayer expenditures on inefficient ‘green power’ which was supposed to give us ‘free’ energy from the glorious wind and the sun, but which has turned out to be dearly expensive, just as we conservatives warned.

This all adds up to disaster for Obama on both the foreign and domestic front. But he warned us ahead of time that he wanted to “transform” America, and he has done so in spades. We are much worse off than when he took office.

Now here is a second commentary called $1.50 a Gallon Gasoline, Easily

Have you noticed that gasoline prices have gone way up and stayed high under Obama? And that the Liberal Media are strangely not having a nervous breakdown about them? Yet if this were Bush these media would be running minute-by-minute tales of grief about how Bush is destroying the middle class with skyrocketing energy prices.

These high gasoline and heating oil prices are intentional. They come from the eggheads in the enviro movement and their billionaire cronies who fund it, people like the New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg (estimated fortune is $11 billion). These elites have been theorizing for decades that energy should be more expensive so that we all use less of it. You know, so that millions of Americans can’t even drive to their $10-an-hour jobs without worrying about the cost of fuel.

We could easily have gasoline and heating oil today at $1.50 a gallon. Because the old enviro canard that “the world is running out of oil” is a total fraud. There are vast amounts of oil and natural gas within the earth as proven by big new supplies being discovered every year using advancing technologies like “fracking”, computer imaging of oil and gas deposits and modern drilling techniques.

Man has barely explored the earth for oil. Vast tracts like Siberia, Africa, Canada, Australia and South America have hardly been touched. Until recently we did not even know about the massive oil-bearing Bakken Formation right under our noses in North Dakota, USA. Ditto the sprawling Marcellus Shale natural gas deposit. Meanwhile the deep oceans covering 70% of the earth have never been tapped and the shallow oceans near land have only been minimally explored.

Guess what else? We have heard for decades that the United States has a 500-year supply of coal. And using technology developed in the 1940s that coal can all be converted into gasoline and heating oil. Therefore the US has a 500-year supply of gasoline and heating oil, right?

Of course. Meanwhile environmentalists continually use fear and deception about our carbon fuels – that they are scarce, that they threaten the survival of the planet and that they are difficult to extract. All lies…

The world has used 1 trillion barrels of oil since the beginning of the modern Oil Age in 1859 when the first well was drilled in Pennsylvania. Yet the known/estimated world reserves today are 12 trillion to 16 trillion barrels and growing every year.

We also are finding totally new carbon energy sources. Ever heard of methane hydrates? They are ice-like solids composed of methane gas and water that are found sitting on the bottom of oceans. And it is being estimated that there could be much more of this fuel than all of the natural gas reserves in the world today. These hydrates have not even been tapped and, of course, environmentalists are already seeking to block their extraction.

The list goes on and on. And the upshot is that there’s plenty of fuel.  So how do we get to $1.50 a gallon for gasoline?

Simple. Drill a million American oil wells, right, to increase the oil supply, right, and bring down prices, right?

Sorry, folks, it is much simpler than that. We don’t have to drill one single oil well. The solution is in nuclear power.

Today America burns 1.2 BILLION tons of domestic American coal annually to produce 52% of our electricity in hundreds of coal-fired power plants. This coal every single year fills the equivalent of a string of railroad cars that would stretch across America 30 times.

For those who don’t know, most of the world’s electricity is generated in such “thermal” power plants where a source like burning coal or a nuclear reaction produces intense heat which boils water in steam turbines. This produces energy like that in a steam locomotive. These spinning turbines produce electricity.

If we replaced all of those coal-fired power plants with nuclear power we could take that 1.2 billion tons of coal every year and convert it into enough domestically-produced gasoline and heating oil to reduce US oil imports by 75%. This would cause world oil prices to crash because it would be a whopping 20% hit to the global oil market and would have the added plus of keeping hundreds of billions of precious dollars in the US every year for energy.

By the way, not one single American has ever been harmed by nuclear power. If they had the Liberal Media and its environmentalist friends would be reporting on them, including power plant workers, scrupulously and gleefully, wouldn’t they? Yet there are zero such reports.

Our planet holds vast amounts of carbon energy as Western man, with technology developed by private-sector individuals and oil companies in the United States and Europe, keeps discovering more and more of it based on a simple formula: The more energy we find, the more energy we find. It simply grows on itself even as environmentalists seek to stop us.

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