Extremist Tweets Expose Vicious Liberals

There recently was some extremist commentary on the internet from a top Democrat official. Allan Brauer, the communications chairman of the Democratic Party of Sacramento (Calif.) County made a series of tweets about Amanda Carpenter, who is on the staff of conservative Republican US Senator Ted Cruz of Texas.

Brauer, who was angry that Cruz is seeking to block ObamaCare, tweeted not about Cruz but about Carpenter’s children(!) saying:

may your children all die from debilitating, painful and incurable diseases

Woah! This is a “compassionate” liberal? And just think that he is an official in the Democrat party. But no mind. This is everyday language for the Democrats. Then he said something incoherent about Cruz’s blocking tactics on ObamaCare:

Busy blocking the tapeworms that have slithered out of hellspawn @amandacarpenter’s asshole. How's your day so far?

Nice guy, right? After being criticized on the internet for his disgusting comments Brauer explained how he is really just standing up for the average person by supporting ObamaCare:

I'm being attacked on Twitter for wishing one of Ted Cruz's pubic lice to experience the pain her boss is inflicting on Americans.

This proves once again that the Democrats are truly the party of anger and hatred. Here’s more from “tolerant liberal” Brauer about Republicans:

Yes, your party takes bread from the mouths of starving children and medicine from the sick, and I'm the problem. Got it.

Notice that he makes no mention of how Obama and his policies have destroyed American jobs by the millions and have put 15 million more people on food stamps. Or how environmentalists have obstructed many millions of jobs all over America, particularly in rural areas, taking food, clothing and shelter from hard-working people.

Indeed our nation has never been in such bad shape as it today under Obama. But it must be Ronald Reagan’s fault, according to the Democrats.

Oh, wait… Reagan inherited an economy in 1980 as bad as the one that Obama inherited – in some ways worse – and within three years the Reagan economy was booming and prosperity was abounding.  So what was Reagan’s secret?

Answer: He implemented conservative policies like the ones that Brauer hates. Here is more from Brauer about Republicans:

And then the entire universe of hateful, child-starving, health-care deniers determines that I'm what's wrong with America.

So where, Mr. Brauer, is all of the Obama prosperity and happiness? America today is very depressed in every possible way. Even Obama’s own labor union supporters in AFL-CIO are contending that ObamaCare is going to ruin their health-care coverage by jacking up the costs.

Now Brauer apologizes, certainly under heavy pressure from the Democrat party because he exposed them once again for who they really are. He tweeted:

Hi @amandacarpenter am truly sorry for my tweet. I was very upset and lashed out. Your kids are not fair game either. My apologies.

OK, so what is so interesting about this whole exchange?

Well, first that it happened, revealing the Democrat mindset. And second, that it is aimed at a woman like Amanda Carpenter. Because apparently she is not the kind of feminist “woman” who runs the Democrat party and who orders little psychotic wackos like Brauer around.

Notice that Brauer says “I was very upset and lashed out”. Well, folks, this is a very revealing statement. Because this is the way that liberals react to everything because they are emotionally distraught people. And this is why their policies have ruined America – because they are based on emotion not rationality.

This is the type of frightening commentary that we hear from liberals every single day, like the Temple University professor who recently said this to a conservative conference on right-to-work laws:

“Oh come on, fucking assholes. I believe in the religion of foul language.”

This is an ‘award-winning’ professor, by the way. And he will never be reprimanded or fired, rest assured like he would if he were working for a private company and had insulted liberals. Because this is the way that most professors today think, and most college administrators too. They are uncouth, uncultured vulgar and incompetent. That is why the universities have been dumbed down into the abyss; in order to accommodate these no-talents.

This vicious attack language and profanity is a pattern with liberals. They claim that they are “tolerant” and “compassionate” but in fact they are the most intolerant people in America. That is why so much of urban America, controlled with virtually no challenge by the Democrats, is sinking into crime, bankruptcy, chaos, illegitimacy, violence and vulgarity.

Meanwhile the same liberals want taxpayers to bail out cities like Detroit while they malign conservatives and people in small towns for having “traditional values”.

Folks, I will take the “traditional values” any day. Because “traditional values” do not collapse in on themselves. Those of us who have “traditional values” are not propped up by anti-depression medication and taxpayer dollars, as tens of millions of liberals are.

Here’s another example of many. The Washington bureau chief of Yahoo News, David Chalian, was heard on an open microphone during the Republican national convention in 2012 in Florida. He said this about Republicans and the potential for loss of life in largely black New Orleans from Hurricane Isaac, which was brewing out in the ocean at the time:

"They're not concerned at all. They're happy to have a party with black people drowning…" (Note: “Have a party” referred to the Republican convention.)

This type of hate speech is everywhere on the left. But then liberals say that “both sides do it” when Republicans do it about 2% of the time and liberals do it the other 98%. You know, like voter fraud.

Another example of thousands was the washed-up Follywood actress Ellen Barkin suggesting on the internet about Hurricane Isaac, which appeared as if it might hit Florida during the Republican convention (RNC means ‘Republican National Convention’):

C’mon #Isaac! Wash every pro-life, anti-education, anti-woman, xenophobic, gay-bashing, racist SOB right into the ocean! #RNC

This is precisely why our nation is in the terrible state that it is in. Because millions of people on the Democrat left, including major public figures blatantly use prejudice, finger pointing, character assassination and innuendo in public, in the media, in debates, to their friends, to their audiences and particularly to their students. At the time Chalian also was a professor at Georgetown University, one of the most elite schools in America.

So just take Chalian’s angry, adolescent mindset and multiply it by millions and you have relentless hatemongering going on in America against Republicans and conservatives. From abortion to racial issues to economics these people prejudice every single thing that they say. In another such case environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. told a concert audience in 2007 about so-called ‘global warming’ that the solution is to:

"Get rid of all these rotten politicians that we have in Washington, who are nothing more than corporate toadies for companies like Exxon and Southern Company. These villainous companies that consistently put their private financial interest ahead of American interest and ahead of the interest of all of humanity. This is treason. And we need to start treating them as traitors."

The words “rotten politicians” refers to Republicans who are pro-business. And calling legitimate people in crucial American businesses like energy companies “villainous” and “traitors” is a very serious charge. It does not belong in our political discourse. And again, remember that Kennedy is a major figure on the Democrat left, which shows how extremist this party has become.

Now here are tweets from another Follywood dingbat, the singer Cher, regarding the birth control debate. Cher apparently does not know that her tweets can only have a limited number of words (RW means “right wing”):

AGE! We talk about how radical Muslims take away the Rights of their women. But HOW CAN WE LET These RW Misogynistic cretins

Here’s another gem from Cher:

Don’t believe in the Right wing’s effort to subjugate women! WHO R THESE MEN WHO THINK THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO TAKE WOMEN BACK TO THE STONE

By the way Cher has a daughter named Chastity who was so unhappy with herself and with life in general that she changed her sex to a man. Gee, could Chastity’s mother have had anything to do with that?

Nikitas3.com would be willing to bet my last dollar that if Cher were a rational Republican that she would be a grandmother by now. But that isn’t going to happen…

By the way, according to celebritynetworth.com, Cher is worth $330 million, even more than Mitt Romney ($270 million) whom she surely considers to be yet another evil “rich” Republican. You can just imagine what she has tweeted about Romney.

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