Stop Blaming Corporations for all Problems

There was a huge train wreck in Canada on July 6, 2013 in which a small town called Lac-Megantic, Quebec was devastated, with 47 people killed and the town center destroyed. A runaway 74-car train filled with crude oil and weighing more than 10,000 gross tons rolled out of control down an 8-mile-long hill and into the town, crashed and exploded. My thoughts and prayers at go out to the people of Lac-Megantic.

The chairman of the railroad, the Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railway, said that he thinks that the train’s engineer was at fault for failing to set the train’s brakes properly when he went off duty and left the train for the next shift. Said Edward Burkhardt, “It’s very questionable whether the handbrakes were applied. In fact I would say they weren’t. Otherwise we wouldn’t have had this incident.”

This sounds perfectly feasible to those of us familiar with railroad operations. After all a train parked on a very slight 1% grade as the MM&A train was could never run away if the handbrakes are set properly on individual cars according to regulations. That is precisely what handbrakes are designed for – to prevent rollaways.  

Meanwhile the labor union that represents the train’s engineer said that the engineer was being used as a scapegoat.  Whatever the case, we must wait for the investigation to discover the truth and it still has not come to a conclusion as of October 1.

Transportation Safety Board of Canada chairman Wendy Tadros said at the time of the accident that the agency will be speaking to anyone who had anything to do with the train and the company. Then Tadros amazingly was quoted as saying, “"No accident is ever caused by one thing. It is always a series of things and always involves the organization and the way that they operate. It never comes down to one individual."

Huh??!! This is a flat-out lie. This is the chairman of the TSBC! This female should have been fired immediately for making such a statement because it is biased. As an investigator she is supposed to be impartial. e-mailed a complaint to TSBC about Tadros’ statement.

“…always involves the organization and the way that they operate”? Who says? This is preposterous. It sure can come down to “one individual”. What if the engineer was negligent? What if the engineer was drunk or on drugs? What if the engineer had a vendetta against the town or the railroad? What if the engineer was having an argument with his girlfriend over his cell phone and neglected to set the hand brakes?

Remember that a government agent like Tadros in a liberal nation like Canada may seek to bias the case and to take the focus off of the unionized locomotive engineer and to put it on the private railroad company.

This is a standard practice of socialists worldwide in government, in the media, in labor unions, in the universities etc. – always blame “the company” or “the corporation” or “business” but never blame a worker, particularly a unionized worker.

*Near the town of Fonda, New York, on June 27, 2013 there was a major derailment on the freight railroad CSX involving two trains that collided. Nobody was killed. Knowledgeable observers guessed right away from the configuration of the wreck, the tracks, the signals and the trains involved that the engineer of the eastbound train was negligent and missed a red signal. reported on September 4, 2013:

FONDA, N.Y. (AP) — CSX Corp. says the derailment of two of its freight trains in the Mohawk Valley earlier this summer was caused by operator error.

The Daily Gazette of Schenectady reports that CSX recently posted its internal investigation into the June 27 derailment to the Federal Railroad Administration website. The company’s report says the accident was caused when the eastbound train went through a trackside red light as a westbound train was crossing from one track to another. (end of WBIX excerpt)

This conclusion likely came as a result of interviews with the train crews involved and a review of signaling data. Gee, I wonder what Wendy Tadros would say about “one individual” being blamed? She surely would look for a way to blame CSX.

Now just imagine a US National Transportation Safety Board official in Washington saying right after the wreck that “the organization” (the railroad CSX) may have been at fault and that it could not have been the fault of just “one individual” – the engineer. Isn’t it the responsibility of public officials to refrain from commenting on a case that they themselves are investigating?

Of course. Unless you are a liberal. Then they may use their government power to suggest that “the organization” may be to blame and to create a false narrative, which is extremely dangerous when trying to determine the cause of a serious accident. But to liberals their personal agenda is more important than public safety and the truth.

*In another accident on July 6, 2013, lawyers for passengers aboard Asiana Airlines Flight 214, which crashed while landing in San Francisco, have begun legal proceedings against Boeing Co., which manufactured the plane.

Yet the cause of the crash, which happened on approach to the airport and resulted in three deaths out of more than 300 passengers, has not been officially determined although it is a known fact that the pilot had little experience with the Boeing 777. So why are the passengers suing Boeing before the cause of the crash is even known and when pilot error from inexperience already appears to be the more likely cause?

It is because Boeing has money, and the passengers probably are being represented by a left-wing anti-business trial lawyer who wants to harass Boeing and make himself rich at Boeing’s expense. And this is happening for a significant reason – because Democrats and liberals hate Boeing for moving one of its big production facilities out of unionized Seattle to nonunion Charleston, South Carolina.

In short, the facts matter little when liberals can politicize an issue. Why doesn’t the lawyer sue the pilot?

Because the pilot has no money. And that would put the focus on “the common man” (the pilot) where it may well belong in this situation, rather than on “the rich corporation”. This lawyer is going to use the lawsuit to smear Boeing for years if possible in an ongoing legal process.

*In Summer 2013 a Spanish locomotive engineer was speeding and he crashed his passenger train and killed 80 people. The train was part of the state-run system in Spain.

The engineer is reported to have once bragged on his Facebook page about driving his train too fast with pictures of the speedometer at 125 MPH. At the time of the wreck, he was talking on his cell phone when the train crashed at 95 MPH or almost twice the speed limit of the stretch of track that it was on. This clearly was the fault of “one individual”, who survived the wreck, by the way.

So where were the Spanish government safety officials to fire him for dangerous practices that he openly was admitting to on Facebook? You know, the socialist “nannies” that want to control every aspect of our lives with endless rules and regulations? Or did his union protect him and his job despite his publicly-stated carelessness? Let’s find out those facts.

The government will take no blame, however, because socialism never is blamed and you can’t sue the government in most nations, just as the terrible condition of the American public schools is never blamed by the Liberal Media on government control. But if the engineer worked for a private railroad run by ExxonMobil or Boeing or some other international corporation the world media would be calling the company negligent and there would be endless lawsuits.

*A 69-car Southern Pacific freight train loaded with a mineral called trona rolled out of control on May 12, 1989 down a long mountain grade and crashed into a Los Angeles neighborhood, leading to major destruction.

The crash happened because a railroad worker incorrectly estimated the weight of each car. He wrote on the train’s manifest an estimate that was too low, and thus the train engineer did not have enough braking power because he thought that the train was lighter than it really was.

But Southern Pacific always will be blamed because the Liberal Media never want to focus on “a worker”, particularly a unionized worker. Wendy Tadros even might be looking to exonerate that “one individual” who wrote the wrong figure.

*At the Upper Big Branch mine explosion in West Virginia in 2010 in which 29 miners were killed, the mining company was found to be negligent. But as it turned out the federal regulators at the Mine Safety and Health Administration who were supposed to be enforcing the laws were corrupt. But you will never hear the media blame them because they are part of our federal government, which is blameless according to liberalism. No, all you have heard about in this case was the name of the energy company, over and over and over.

Meanwhile coal must be mined in large quantities for electricity generation because environmentalists are blocking the best and safest alternative to coal-fired power plants – nuclear power – which we conservatives wholly support. So some of the blame for continued mining accidents and deaths rests squarely on those environmentalists who are forcing us to rely on coal.

*Now consider the accident at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan in 2011. An earthquake of historical proportions created a tsunami. Together they killed 15,883 people, did tens of billions of dollars in damage and also destabilized the nuclear plant which has caused some radiation to leak.

Yet the only story still coming out of the entire catastrophe is the story about radiation from the nuclear plant. The world media quickly dropped the fact that an act of nature killed all of those people and damaged or destroyed 1.1 million buildings.

Wendy Tadros would be distressed to know that all of that death and destruction and the damage to the nuclear plant was the work of “one individual” – mother nature. But to liberals brutal and murderous mother nature is a benign force while the Fukushima leak gives them license to impugn “nuclear power” and “the utility” and “the power generation industry”.

Even two-and-a-half years later after nonstop hysteria about the nuclear plant there has been only one single death possibly linked to the Fukushima radiation. And the Fukushima employee who died of cancer might have died of cancer anyway. Tens of millions of people die of cancer every year.

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