Beware of Enviro Propaganda, Buzzwords

You certainly have noticed how liberals and their ideas dominate our lives. There are many, many ways in which liberalism is entrenched through our media, schools, arts etc. Here are some of the ways that it happens:

The accepted and unquestioned “background ideology” in most schools in America today, whether public or private, is environmentalism. Everywhere it is suggested that ‘green energy’ is good and benign and that oil, coal and nuclear are bad. Pictures of windmills are all over the place. The ‘cool’ kids talk about a world of ‘clean energy’ and solar panels and they win awards for talking about them. If you want to be noticed in most schools in America you talk about the rain forest or the wilderness. 

When was the last time you saw a school kid doing a project on nuclear power? Virtually never. Meanwhile every day the same students are visiting nature preserves or watching films about solar-powered cars. Or listening intently as a ‘green energy’ entrepreneur is ushered in like a hero to give a speech portraying windmills as ‘clean’ and carbon fuels like oil or coal as ‘dirty’.

And every day that is warm the kids are taught that it is the result of ‘global warming’. But when days are cold they are taught to ignore the weather outside or it is conveniently called ‘climate change’.

Watch for the key propaganda words or ‘buzzwords’ of socialism/environmentalism throughout our media and our schools. They are words ‘green’ or like ‘sustainable’ which is a socialist canard that is supposed to connote longevity. But ‘sustainable’ to the socialist left always means ‘planned out’ by some egghead who makes a high standard of living telling us how to organize our lives and who is always wrong about everything.

Here is an excerpt from about a proposed public building called the Sustainability Center in Portland, Oregon:

Portland officials recently released their draft state lobbying agenda for the new year, and there's no surprise at the top of the list: the Oregon Sustainability Center. The $62 million project has many obstacles in its way, from high costs to speculative office space, but none matters more than whether the Legislature authorizes funding. Lobbyists will try to persuade legislators to approve at least $37 million in bonds to pay for the project, a joint effort by the city and the Oregon University System. The green building in downtown Portland would offer classroom space and a new home for Portland's Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, among other things. …The state is expected to cover about $40 million. City funding is set at $17 million, with $5 million from federal grants, tax credits and private donations. (end of excerpt)

So if ‘sustainable’ is so great why does this building have to be funded by the taxpayers? Where, pray tell, are all the wealthy Portland Democrats to eagerly finance it with their own money (notice that “private donations” is tacked onto the end like an afterthought)? Because Portland is full of wealthy liberals, rest assured.

Answer: There is zero private investment. Because ‘sustainable’ means “sustained by the taxpayer”. It always does. It means that the project cannot sustain itself naturally in the economy. The same with windmills and solar panels. We are told how wonderful they are and that they are creating “sustainable” and “green” and “clean” energy yet they exist only on taxpayer subsidies.

And notice how the “Sustainability Center” would have had offices for… Portland’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability. Wow. Big coincidence. It is a vicious cycle intended to do one thing – sustain and entrench the Democrat party and its followers using taxpayer money. Also notice that it is mostly state funding that would have paid for this boondoggle. So lower-income people in rural and small-town Oregon, whose jobs are being destroyed by the environmentalists, would have had to contribute taxes to build for these ‘sustainability’ charlatans, including environmentalists, a monument to themselves.

This also would have been a center for ‘green’ technology, you know, ‘clean energy’. But this technology is decades old – millennia old, really – and it still produces virtually no energy. If you think that there is some big breakthrough coming in solar power or windmills, forget it. The basic problem is already well known, that the sun’s rays and the winds have no usable energy in them for the demands of our modern economy.

And rest assured that this “Sustainability Center” would have all been designed with bloated paychecks for various university elites to ‘plan’ and ‘design’ and ‘consult’ on it, and for grossly overpaid labor unions to build it, pushing up the cost to three times what it should be for a normal building of its size.

Fortunately the “Sustainability Center” was killed off in the Oregon legislature. It was way too expensive and rational people (Republicans) understood that.  Because this stuff is all a hoax. When you hear the word ‘sustainable’ you should run the other way. Because everything these people advocate produces the opposite of what they promise.

Beware of another eco-buzzword which is ‘renewable’. For instance, ‘green energy’ is called ‘renewable’ because it uses the sun and the wind. So environmentalists claim that the “fuel” for ‘green energy’ is “free” and infinitely “renewable”.

Yes, this is true conceptually, but it is another deception. ‘Green energy’ is completely UNsustainable because the hardware needed (windmills, solar panels) to convert the “free” and “renewable” power of wind and sun costs so much that once you account for all the factors like its cost, inefficiency and complexity, no rational person would use it.

To prove that solar energy is a failure, here’s a test: At Thanksgiving challenge one of your loudmouth ecologist relatives to cook a turkey dinner in a solar oven out in the yard, while you cook dinner in your electric oven or gas-powered oven. And see who gets to eat dinner and who doesn’t.

Now consider the reverse – how good ideas, common sense and basic laws of economics are ignored by the liberals. Consider one of the most essential concepts called Economies of Scale which has always applied throughout all of history. It means that big things are efficient and that little things are inefficient. That is why you shop at a supermarket and not at the convenience store down on the corner, and why soap and bread and everything else are much more expensive at the convenience store.

So it stands to reason that if you stop generating energy in a big 1,000 megawatt nuclear power plant and break it down into 1-megawatt windmills or, vastly worse, 2 kilowatt solar panels that it contravenes this basic law of Economies of Scale.

Yet do you ever hear the rational term ‘economies of scale’ discussed in our media or schools or in environmental lectures? Is ‘economies of scale’ one of the propaganda terms or buzzwords?

No. Instead we hear these fraudulent phrases like Small is Beautiful which was the title of a famous book from the 1970s which proclaimed that ‘local’ energy made on a small scale in your yard (solar panels, windmills) is superior to ‘corporate energy’ made in big nuclear power plants.

That is all a myth. It is completely backward like all of socialism. Here’s proof: Roof-mounted solar panels for making electricity at a house in New England are priced at… $35,000!

That’s thirty-five thousand dollars!!! And that is for a house that has a $1,000 total annual electric bill from the utility.

The only way for this ‘sustainable’ and ‘renewable’ energy installation to be even vaguely viable is for the taxpayer to subsidize it to the tune of $20,000+ which are the total federal/state tax credits offered in many states. There are other further tax breaks too. In other words, if you do not have solar panels then you subsidize your neighbor’s solar panels through your taxes.

Thus solar power is ‘sustainable’ only through direct taxpayer support. Meanwhile the pamphlet says that this solar system generates $874 a year in electricity.

But who says it produces $874 a year in electricity? The pamphlet? Who says the pamphlet is honest? It is just a sales brochure. Knowing environmentalists that figure surely is a lie because they lie about everything (‘global warming’, the “hole in the ozone layer”, the danger of nuclear power etc.)

So even giving them the benefit of the doubt, imagine that you pay $35,000 for a solar installation that only produces $874 a year in electricity. That doesn’t make sense.

And if solar power is so great and “sustainable” and “renewable” then why don’t the solar advocates simply buy the panels at full price with no subsidy and then disconnect themselves from the power grid?

Answer: They will never do that. Because they need the full subsidies. And they need to be connected to the utility to keep their houses going when the solar panels are not working, you know, like at night, or on a cloudy day or during a storm. Did you know that in the Northeastern US that solar panels only generate power about 1,000 hours per year (a year has 8,760 hours in it)? Yet your house needs power all day every day.

Then they need to sell the solar power that they do generate in those 1,000 hours to the utility at an artificially high rate in a complex, government-mandated scheme to recoup their costs. That is another reason why they stay hooked up. Thus they could never exist off of the grid. Ever.

And by the way, you should never put solar panels on your roof or buy a house with solar panels in the first place. Because one set of solar panels that I saw had 35 posts in the roof. That is 35 ways for water to leak into your house. Never breach your roof for something like solar panels! The roof is the single most important part of your house. Millions of homes across America have been devalued by solar panels.

In another case of fraud there were 36 big windmills installed in the ocean off the coast of Holland that ultimately were torn down because they were so expensive and inefficient. They were reported in one news story as providing energy for “100,000 homes a year”.

This is a totally fake figure put out by environmentalists. What they really mean is that the windmills theoretically provided only enough electricity for 273 houses at a time, but that 273 houses X 365 days a year = “100,000 homes a year”. See how these people manipulate the facts at every opportunity?

If the “100,000 homes” figure were accurate in the way that environmentalists claim, then we could power all of New York City’s residences with just a few dozen windmills. And that ain’t gonna happen.

‘Planning’ is another buzz word that is slipped into innumerable messages in media and in our schools. This, again, is meant to further the socialist concept of planning everything out in advance, i.e., hire some college professor or “consultant” to tell you how to run your life.

Gee, how did man survive for thousands of year without these intellectuals ‘planning’ everything out?! How have millions of cities and towns and suburbs throughout the world survived just developing organically, without an overall “plan” and without collapsing?

Very well, thank you. Because ultimately ‘planning’ is a code word for control by government and academics. Then look at the communist countries where they offered their infamous “Five Year Plans” over and over yet nothing ever became of them. Because the “plans” were just rosy projections intended to make communism look like it was working. Then these nations all went in the opposite direction; they ultimately all spiraled downward into poverty, scarcity and genocide precisely because they were and are controlled by these intellectual “planners” who at heart are crazy people.

Did Steve Jobs plan out Apple Computer ahead of time?

Of course not. He started in his garage with a good idea and just worked at it. And the company built up naturally over many years of hard work. Jobs did not have a big “plan” for his company because nobody can say “I am going to sell this many computers over the next five years and make such-and-such amount of money” and that the company is going to have this income and these expenses. That is crazy. In fact Jobs had several big failures among his successes. Did he ‘plan’ the failures too?

Of course not. Always beware of the deceptive language of the Democrat left and its environmentalist and socialist cronies. They are getting rich as the rest of us get poorer as a result of their policies. We should reject them and de-fund them, starting today.

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