Media Double Standard Flourishes among Liberals

Have you ever heard of the actor/economist Ben Stein?

Actor and economist? you might wonder. What the…??!!

Yes, he is. He is an older gentleman in glasses who sometimes wears a bow tie, and you would know him if you saw him – he became famous in the popular movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Stein has appeared as a conservative political and economic commentator, and in some films and in many promotional advertisements, and he once was a speechwriter for president Richard Nixon. The Japanese company Kyocera, which makes photocopiers, retained Stein to appear in some of its ads but then reneged on the deal. Guess why?

Because of Stein’s stand on so-called ‘global warming’. And not even because Stein doubted the phony GW theory but because he said that he does not believe in GW wholeheartedly. Stein filed a lawsuit against Kyocera for breach of contract.

And thus the trend continues, that any hint of being a common-sense conservative is grounds for discrimination. Because that indeed is the crux of the matter. According to an article by Kurt Orzeck on something called The Wrap on

(In February 2011 … the suit alleged that) "questions had been raised by defendant Kyocera about whether (Stein's) views on global warming and on the environment were sufficiently conventional and politically correct for Kyocera”.

Stein then told Kyocera and Seiter & Miller that he was extremely concerned about the environment but unsure whether humans are responsible for global warming.

"He also told Hurwitz to inform defendants that, as a matter of religious belief, he believed that God, and not man, controlled the weather," the suit claims. (end of The Wrap excerpt)

To sum it up, the dismissing of Ben Stein was an obvious hit job on a conservative. Yet how many people seeing a Kyocera advertisement with Stein in it would have known that Stein was not ‘sufficiently conventional’ on GW in the first place?

The answer is virtually zero. So obviously his dismissal was the work of a tattle-tale environmentalist or a liberal tipping off the Kyocera media department and ad agency (made up of mostly or all liberals) about Stein’s views and having him blackballed on the basis of his beliefs. And since Stein once worked for president Nixon this gave the lefties another reason to hate him.

This is the way that the left works, like a secret police force informing on intellectual dissenters as in Cuba or the Soviet Union. Then get this from The Wrap:

Kyocera then tapped a University of Maryland economics professor to appear in the commercials as a Stein look-alike.

"In an astonishingly brazen misappropriation of [Stein’s] persona, [they] dressed him up as Stein often appeared in commercials (bow tie, glasses, sports jacket)." (end of The Wrap excerpt)

Thus Kyocera apparently has no problem with committing a type of copyright infringement by using a Stein look-alike while engaging in another much more serious illegality– blatant discrimination against Stein simply for his political beliefs. But friends, this is the way that liberals work; the law is whatever they say it is.

So when was the last time you saw any actor pulled off the air for believing in unlimited access to abortion or calling for gun control?

Never. Those are political positions that are likely to get you promoted in the world of advertising.

Why wasn’t TV actor Alec Baldwin fired and barred from further work for calling his young daughter a “filthy pig” in a recorded phone message that was widely publicized after it was recorded by Baldwin’s ex-wife? Didn’t that show him to be a character of low morals? Why did people still watch Baldwin on a television show called 30 Rock when the message was widely known about? Why didn’t NBC demonstrate its disapproval of Baldwin by firing him from 30 Rock?

Answer: Because Baldwin is a liberal and liberals can do and say whatever they wish no matter how awful, like Ted Kennedy allowing Mary Jo Kopechne to drown in 1969 and then running for president in 1980 as if it had never happened. But if Baldwin were a conservative who had screamed at his daughter that she was a fool for believing in ‘global warming’ that would have got him fired, rest assured.

How about the black leader Al Sharpton who has been involved in so much criminality, including inciting violence and murder against Jews and bearing false witness against three white men in the Tawana Brawley case, that he should be unemployed? Instead he is a respected commentator on MSNBC, the most left-wing network on cable TV… and part of NBC. Advertisers like Nabisco finance Sharpton’s show. All conservatives should boycott Nabisco.

Meanwhile the white TV chef Paula Deen had her whole career destroyed because she admitted that she had once had used the word “n****r” decades ago.

Again, the reason is because any horrible behavior or belief system on the left is legitimized in America, while any person who makes a racist statement in the distant past, or who relies on truth, common sense, decorum, rationality and propriety or anything that might be considered “conservative” is discriminated against. It is the classic double standard of the left.

Here is another fact: The longest-serving figure in the United States Senate was Democrat Robert Byrd of West Virginia who once had actually served as a grand kleagle (leader) in the Ku Klux Klan. Why wasn’t this years-long facet of his life used against him, unlike Paula Deen who was ruined for admitting to using a racial slur just once?

Answer: Because Byrd was a Democrat.

Now here is a real estate advertisement that found right on the front page of, the website of the ultra-liberal San Francisco Chronicle newspaper:

This 1956 Mill Valley home has 4 bdrms, big views, many windows. Asking $1.7 mil. (end of excerpt)

A slideshow walk-through of the property was then offered. These types of luxurious residences are featured regularly in liberal publications all over the nation.

Gee, $1.7 million… That sounds like a house for the Top 1% of rich Americans, doesn’t it? And aren’t the liberals like those at the Chronicle opposed to the Top 1%? Isn’t that what the wacky ‘occupy Wall Street’ crowd was screaming about?

Well, in theory yes, unless they are Top 1% Liberals like Al Gore. When he won the Ignoble Prize in 2006 his estimated net worth was reported at a whopping $100 million. He now is worth $200 million after selling his failed TV network, Current TV, to Al Jazeera, the extremist Middle Eastern TV network. Meanwhile “rich Republican” George W. Bush has a net worth of $25 million.

Michael Moore, the anti-capitalist movie maker/propagandist, is said to be worth $50 million although he once denied on CNN that he was even in the Top 1%. And if Moore bought that expensive San Francisco home instead of the lakefront mansion he purchased in Michigan would there be some outcry against him like there would be if, say, Ben Stein bought that home?

No. Because Moore is a radical leftist. He might even be hired to advertise photocopiers made by that private, capitalist company called Kyocera.

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