Marijuana and Electric Cars: What’s the Connection?

A website called reported:

WELLINGTON, New Zealand — Smoking a single marijuana (cigarette) may be as carcinogenic to the lung as 20 tobacco cigarettes, researchers here determined.

Those who smoked the equivalent of one (marijuana cigarette) a day for 10 years had a 5.7 times higher lung cancer risk than nonsmokers even after adjusting for tobacco use, reported Richard Beasley of the Medical Research Institute of New Zealand here, and colleagues in (an) issue of the European Respiratory Journal. (end of excerpt)

OK, we know that this has been suggested over and over by repeated studies, and it sure sounds right. After all these pot-heads hold this smoke in their lungs for long periods to get the most “high”. And this is harsh marijuana smoke with many toxins in it. Reported

In this new study, researchers compared marijuana smoke to tobacco smoke, using smoking machines to simulate the smoking habits of users. The scientists found that ammonia levels were 20 times higher in the marijuana smoke than in the tobacco smoke, while hydrogen cyanide, nitric oxide and certain aromatic amines occurred at levels 3-5 times higher in the marijuana smoke, they say. (end of excerpt)

Now if marijuana were being promoted by WalMart or by the oil companies the health fanatics would be going crazy trying to stop it. But as expected people on the socialistic left who promote marijuana smoking and who are the most radical and activist when it comes to the ill effects of tobacco cigarettes are typically being hypocritical once again by turning a blind eye to the dangers of marijuana.

If any doctor or other health-care professional in America is not foursquare opposed to marijuana in any application then that is a fake doctor or professional. And there are millions of these fakers in our nation today. They are liberal doctors, nurses, therapists etc. We all know who they are.

Remember that there are two standards in the world – one that liberals impose on everyone else and one for themselves. At the same time we conservatives oppose all marijuana use and the legalization of medical marijuana, which is simply a back-door route to overall marijuana legalization.

Liberals want you stoned, friends. It is just another way to weaken our society and to make people soft for government control. That is why they have been promoting marijuana use since the 1960s. Virtually all pot-heads are liberals.

And don’t think that marijuana is “harmless”. Not only are there toxins in the smoke, but marijuana use can lead to severe psychosis. Marijuana has driven millions of people insane but the Liberal Media never report on it because marijuana is a liberal drug.  Just look at all the crazy ‘hippies’, now adults, who smoked pounds of dope in their lives. Many are nuts, and for a good reason.

Now look at another story that shows how wrong the liberal approach is about another subject – electric cars:

Tesla, the California-made electric car which sells for at least $101,000, is seeking to build stations where owners can swap out the car’s battery quickly so that they don’t have to spend 8 hours charging the battery.

And get this – the swap-out stations will need to have a special hydraulic lift built into the floor. So you drive your Tesla over the lift which has a computerized rig that simultaneously unbolts the 39 bolts that hold the battery in. This obviously is a very expensive and complex machine that has to align and function perfectly every time or it is useless. Then the lift lowers the 1,300 lb. battery out of the car and replaces it with a fully charged battery.

OK, so what is wrong with this?

Everything. First, a V8 automobile engine weighs about 475 lbs. Throw in an average 75 lbs. for the weight of gasoline, and thus the electric Tesla with a 1,300 lb. battery is hauling around 750 lbs. of extra dead weight compared to an internal-combustion V8 and gasoline load. That 750 lbs. uses up a huge amount of energy that is consumed every single mile, without exception.

How is it ecologically wise to carry around all of that extra weight? How does it save energy or help the environment?

It doesn’t. Because it is important to always remember that nothing these environmentalists ever say or do makes sense or is good for the environment.

Guess what else? If you swap out the Tesla battery at a station far from home and cannot swap back to your original battery at the same station, the article says that you must pay to ship your original battery back to your house!

That is stunning. And my theory is that batteries are so temperamental that Tesla wants you to keep your original battery because you are responsible for its condition. Because if batteries are not properly charged and maintained they can quickly become inoperable, which is another potentially huge cost of the electric car.

Do you know how much it costs to ship a 1,300 lb. battery, or about half the weight of a Toyota Camry? Do you know how much fuel it takes to ship that much weight? And how much pollution goes into the air burning up that fuel?

In addition, electric cars actually pollute much more than internal combustion cars. Know why?

Because electricity is “the wrong use” for powering cars. Electricity is an expensive, refined energy type that is inefficient for running a car, just as using electric heat for your house is inefficient and expensive compared to an oil burner or gas burner. Electricity should be conserved for operating our refrigerators and light bulbs and computers. The internal combustion engine is a vastly better way to power your car and today’s IC engines are super clean and efficient.

You get the idea. The electric car is more environmentalist stupidity. And then these same ecologists want to halt oil production and are proposing dozens of other “solutions” for our economy.

Actually these people masquerade as environmentalists but they really are hard-left socialists who are doing all of this to get rich off of endless subsidies from the taxpayer. That is what their entire scam is about – making money. It is pure socialism. Because everything that says “green” or “solar” is taxpayer-subsidized including solar panels, windmills and the $101,000 Tesla automobile.

So as you suffer with falling wages and job cuts and insurance losses in the Obama Depression you can rest comfortable that you are paying taxes to subsidize a Democrat billionaire to drive around in his Tesla.

But, hey, sit back and smoke a joint! The liberals want you stoned so that you don’t care that they are stealing all of your money.

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