We Must Face Death with Courage, not Cowardice

Remember how the culture of sexual permissiveness took hold in the 1960s? And how we were told that sex is just a natural desire, and that sex is fun and not harmful to anyone? This was foisted on young people who knew no better. And it happened at a time of national prosperity when everything was great. Oh, yeah, it was just one big party.

But what has been the ultimate effect of the ‘sexual revolution’? Has it all been pleasure and good feelings?

No, friends, just the opposite. The ‘sexual revolution’ has produced and continues to produce massive pain and chaos – more than 40 million abortions since 1973 with many millions of women devastated from killing their unborn children; widespread illegitimacy and its consequent poverty and despair; rampant adultery leading to broken marriages and emotional betrayal that has devastated millions, particularly women; serious sexually-transmitted diseases spreading like wildfire; anger between the sexes; big increases in illegal behavior like rape, date-rape and sexual molestation etc.

A recent survey about “hooking up” for sex reveals that millions of young people are finding casual sex completely unsatisfying, especially the women who are being exploited like they have been since the 1960s. Because remember that ‘sexual freedom’ largely has meant ‘sexual freedom for male predators like Bill Clinton’.

Now look at this just to show that the liberal baby boomers are at it again with another instant-gratification answer to the ultimate reality – death. This is from Bloomberg.com:

Claudia Burzichelli doesn’t want to die like her dad. Nine years ago, her father, already afflicted with Parkinson’s, killed himself with a gunshot to the head days after his release from a hospital where he had been treated for a heart attack.

Burzichelli, 54, now suffering from kidney and lung cancer, is haunted by her father’s violent death, even more so as she contemplates her own mortality. She hopes to find a more peaceful way to end her life, if it comes to that.

“On those days when I’ve struggled to breathe, when I think about the stresses on my family, I would hope that I might have more options than starving myself or taking my life in a violent way,” she told a panel of New Jersey lawmakers during a hearing in February (2013) on a bill to legalize assisted dying. “It comforts me to think there could be a process, a way to offer options that would not hurt my family.”  (end of bloomberg.com excerpt)

OK, so here we go again. The ‘hippie’ baby boomers of the Woodstock Generation are now hot on the issue of assisted suicide, just like they were hot on the issue of permissive sex and unlimited access to abortion in the 1960s.  It’s just the other end of the line.

Because assisted suicide is the instant-gratification route of people who do not want to face reality, just like easy sex and easy abortion and drugs were a way for the ‘hippies’ to pursue pleasure and escape reality rather than facing the responsibilities and tough choices of life in a mature manner.

So now their answer to death is to take a pill to kill themselves. This sounds like the drugs and pills that they told us all to take in the 1960s that ultimately destroyed millions of people in return for a temporary ‘high’.

Unbelievable. But what else would you expect from the most narcissistic people in history? Bloomberg.com also reported:

Baby boomers like Burzichelli, a former education manager at Rutgers University, are at the forefront of a new movement. …In states across the country, including New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermont, graying baby boomers have been lobbying lawmakers in recent months at hearings, in letters and by phone, pushing to make it legal for doctors to prescribe life-ending drugs to terminally ill patients. Advocates and opponents say there is more support this year than in past attempts with five states considering such legislation. (end of Bloomberg.com excerpt)

Yes, the cowards are at it again, refusing to respect life itself or God’s course for us. Now look at this sentence again from the earlier bloomberg.com excerpt:

Claudia Burzichelli doesn’t want to die like her dad. Nine years ago, her father, already afflicted with Parkinson’s, killed himself with a gunshot to the head days after his release from a hospital where he had been treated for a heart attack. (end of excerpt)

The question is: What kind of person was her father that he would shoot himself in the head? This is a brutal, ugly way to end your life that will deeply hurt your family and cause nightmares forever.

Suicide itself is an utterly selfish act. Her father was a bad man because doing it with a gun is the worst way to go. That most likely is why this woman developed cancer – because her father traumatized her. Because your mind often controls the diseases that your body suffers. And now these baby boomers are using the example of the gun to say that they don’t want to use a gun, no, that they want to kill themselves with pills.

Amazing. What phonies. Suicide by any means is a sin. You still are disrespecting the life that God – along with your parents – gave to you.

This new crusade shows who these people really are. And we conservatives have been warning about them for millennia. They have evil intentions. Forget about the altruistic reasons that they give and look deeper and you will see that their real agenda is one of death, just like abortion and drugs destroyed tens of millions of lives.

Reported Bloomberg.com:

“The baby boomers are aging, and we all have witnessed or are about to witness the death of our parents or people very close to us,” said Barbara Coombs Lee, who runs the advocacy group Compassion & Choices, which lobbies for so-called aid-in-dying laws. “There is an attitude difference about the boomer generation. There is an expectation that we can be empowered and we can impact our fate.” (end of excerpt)

Oh, please. This is more ‘hippie’ baloney…. “we can be empowered and we can impact our fate”.

This is more feelgood crap from the 1960s. These people have been empowering themselves from the start, taking everything they can get their hands – sex, drugs, money, pleasure. These are the most selfish, materialistic people ever with more “stuff” in their homes than any other generation in history.

And then they are ultra-critical of America, never thankful for our prosperity and even less so for the freedom that they have enjoyed, freedom that they themselves could never give us with their selfish personas. Because freedom is about giving, not taking; it is about selflessness not selfishness.

So of course now they are confused and angry about dying because for decades they have considered themselves to be immortal, and the smartest people who ever lived.  What fakers. It is just like the advocacy of abortion, i.e., have as much pleasure as you want and if the result is a pregnancy then just kill the baby. It is all self-obsession with these people. And they don’t even see it because they are so wrapped up in their own sense of superiority.

Bloomberg.com reports:

In Oregon and Washington (state) today, patients wishing to end their life must go through a series of steps that can take over a month to complete. Two doctors must determine a patient has fewer than six months to live and is of sound mind to decide to take the drugs. If patients show signs of depression or dementia, they must be evaluated by a psychiatrist. Patients must be able to self-administer the drugs, which are mixed with water to become a milky drink. Minutes after the drugs are taken, the patient falls asleep and, within a few hours, dies. (end of excerpt)

So what is wrong with this?

Well, if you only have 6 months to live why don’t you just die naturally and with dignity? Because this assisted suicide movement is being deemed as “death with dignity”, which is a lie. It is quite the opposite. Suicide in any form is the ultimate indignity and it remains your legacy for eternity. Reports Bloomberg.com:

In both states, those who chose to end their life with the aid of a doctor were predominately white, urban and college educated. … The most common reasons cited for ending life in Washington were a loss of autonomy, dignity and the ability to participate in the things that make life enjoyable. (end of excerpt)

There you go, classic liberals – white, urban and college educated. And they just can’t stand to have life without “things that make life enjoyable”. This, of course, is the 1960s all over again, but at the other end of the line. No suffering, no giving, no sacrifice, no pain. Just take, take, take, and obsess about the pleasures, needs and desires of one single person – yourself. Bloomberg.com further reports:

… wanting to die for those reasons (being limited or not being able to fully enjoy life) is offensive to the disabled, many of who live for years without being able to walk, bathe or go to the bathroom on their own. (end of excerpt)

So millions of disabled people have actually been thankful for life itself. But not the white, educated baby-boomer elites. No, they even have to offer a cynical, selfish response to death itself. Bloomberg.com reported:

The experience in Oregon and Washington has turned bioethicist Art Caplan, director of the division of bioethics at New York University, from a strong opponent of assisted suicide to a supporter. Before the law in Oregon was enacted, he feared there would be a flood of patients making snap decisions to end their life. Instead, Caplan said he has been shocked by how small the numbers have been and that most people are interested in having a death option in case their illness becomes unbearable. In Oregon last year, about a third of the patients who received a prescription for the drugs never took them. (end of excerpt)

Yes, of course, “shocked” that the numbers have been small. Imagine that… most people in the final analysis actually treasure life. This is very disturbing to the anti-life left. But the more you legitimize this assisted suicide the more people will kill themselves. It is like any instant gratification solution. That is why the Democrat left continues to promote this idea; it is to induce more people to try it because that it the way these things grow. They start out small.

But in the end, it is self-destruction. And don’t forget that suicide itself, whether assisted at death or otherwise, is much more common among liberal Democrats than other groups. So they now want to attract others to their dark world, just like they do with abortion. Bloomberg.com said:

… opposition from doctors, religious organizations, anti-abortion groups and disability advocates hasn’t been swayed. They are waging their own campaigns at the state level against legalizing any form of aided dying.

The Washington, D.C.-based anti-abortion advocacy group National Right to Life takes the position that all life has value and the priority should also be trying to improve the quality of life for patients with terminal illness, said Jennifer Popik, legislative counsel for the organization. The group helps its state affiliates lobby against the measures.

“You don’t fix the problem by killing the patients,” Popik said. “We want the focus to be on saving as many lives as possible and having people’s quality of life be as high as it can be.” (end of excerpt)

Good for Jennifer Popik and her group. That is the rational approach. Bloomberg.com reported:

The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, an Alexandria, Virginia-based group for hospices and their employees, said it opposes expanding the states where physicians-assisted dying is legal. The organization said many of the issues that cause people to want to end their lives, like concerns over pain or being a burden to their families, can be addressed by hospice care and counseling. They would like efforts to be focused on getting more terminally ill patients enrolled in hospice sooner and educating doctors about better pain management.  (end of excerpt)

Yes. Face life and death with courage, friends. That is what we conservatives say and practice every day. And that, or course, is the best way of all.

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