Prescription for Conservative/Republican Victory, the website of The Des Moines (Iowa) Register newspaper, reported recently:

Former vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan thinks Republicans need to take their limited-government message to voters who are “unfamiliar with hearing us.”

 “Go into inner cities, go into minority communities,” Ryan, who speaks in Iowa tonight, told The Des Moines Register in a telephone interview on Monday. “Go into communities that have not seen or heard from Republicans in a long time.” (end of excerpt)

OK, so what is wrong with this? Ryan is a pretty nice guy and a good Republican from small-town Wisconsin.

Well, imagine that you are a white Republican. Are you going to go into a dangerous black neighborhood recruiting voters?

Are you kidding? You and what army? If you start promoting Republican ideas in those neighborhoods somebody will target you. That is why conservatism is so rare in black America – because it is targeted, censored and eliminated. Even black conservatives are marginalized, harassed and intimidated. This comes despite the fact that the Republican party was founded in 1854 on the platform of ending slavery; that Republican president Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves; and that virtually all black Americans up until the 1960s were Republicans.

Thus what are we to make of Ryan’s call to introduce Republican ideals anew to people who are “unfamiliar hearing us”?

Well, we conservatives, including black conservatives, have been espousing those ideas in black America for decades (marriage, family, school vouchers, self-reliance etc.) yet the people “unfamiliar with hearing us” are simply becoming more and more radical to the left. Because no matter what rational conservatives say the left-wing megaphone in black America drowns us out and calls us every name in the book.

We should ask Ryan to do it himself. Go ahead Paul! Go into the Bad Side of Milwaukee with your ideas! See how long you last on a street corner talking about tax cuts and reductions in government spending. You would be threatened in the first 10 minutes. You might even be physically attacked.

Unfortunately Paul Ryan is a classic Washington DC Establishment Republican. These Republicans think that the GOP needs some utopian “outreach” scheme to liberals and that conservatism is harming the party. They never say the opposite, that perhaps Republicans should more boldly and unequivocally express conservative ideas like self-reliance, school vouchers, law and order, lower taxes and economic growth, and work to get out the message not among a small number of black voters but among a huge swath of white voters in the suburbs and in small towns and in rural areas.

Look at the disaster of Obamacare. We conservatives warned about it and it is going to get much, much worse. Are we conservatives now going to get credit for opposing it?

Of course not. The liberals will simply move on to another subject to trash us about and Establishment Republicans will never recognize that we were right. They even have intimidated Ryan into predicting that there will not be another government shutdown, that spending will continue at existing levels to avoid it. You know… the levels that are dragging the nation into apocalyptic debt.

Meanwhile the prescription for GOP/conservative victory is simple:

First, we can win elections easily by convincing millions of white people to stop voting Democrat. It is just amazing how many whites who might be good Republicans think that Obama is not so bad or is a good guy. This is part of the guilt over the First Black President, that we must love Obama because he is (half) black.

And Republicans don’t even have to wade into dangerous neighborhoods to win over these white voters. They live next door to us. We work with them. And polls now show that many of them already are turning against Obama and the Democrats over Obamacare like they did in 2010. All they need is a little shove and some courage and common sense from the GOP.

Second, Republicans should stop praising and elevating Obama and Hillary Clinton as some Establishment Republicans like John McCain have done. Every Republican should start referring at every opportunity to “the Obama Depression”. This term will slowly become part of the public lexicon if it is repeated enough. Because we indeed are in a depression.

Meanwhile Jeb Bush, who is as ‘establishment’ as Republicans get, even said that Hillary Clinton would be a “formidable force” for president in 2016.

Formidable force? Why this happy talk? People listen to what Jeb Bush says. He should have said, “Hillary Clinton is an incompetent left-wing extremist who will give us more of the Obama Depression. Anyone who wants a decent job in America should vote for any Republican who runs against Hillary, and it may be me.”

When Jeb Bush said that Clinton would be a “formidable force” he was simply reinforcing the fabricated media image of her as a heroic, competent leader, which she is not. If Bush had slammed her and touted himself as an alternative his quote would have been like the shot heard ‘round the world, and he would be the #1 candidate against her in 2016. And he would have been on every news show in the nation and asked about his strong comment. And then he could have elaborated and torn down Hillary some more and built himself up as a potential president.

But no, the GOP has lost its spine. People like Jeb Bush think that we must be “nice” as the Democrats walk all over us with the most vicious tactics imaginable. Wussy politicians like Jeb Bush and Paul Ryan already are blowing it precisely when the catastrophe of Obamacare will hand future elections to the Republican party.

Republicans should boldly say over and over and over to all Americans: “Are you happy with Obamacare so far, and with the Obama Depression? You minorities are being hurt most. Why are you continuing to vote for Obama? Ditto women. The unemployment rate among women is a disaster. You gays, are you happy with the unemployment rate and with falling home values? Are you hispanics glad to be sitting home all day instead of working? You young people, do you want jobs or do you want to continue to live with your parents for the rest of your lives? If you all want jobs you obviously are not getting them with Obama.”

This is how real conservatives like US senator Ted Cruz of Texas are speaking. Instead Ryan is talking about another nebulous “outreach” and using as an example the success of Republican governor Chris Christie’s election in 2009 and his recent re-election in the liberal state of New Jersey.

Again this is more Establishment Republican thinking. Christie is popular because he is a brash, outspoken New Jersey guy who said he would turn the state around after Democrat policies had undermined it. And he has succeeded, and not because he played footsie with the Democrats in some sort of “outreach” but because he confronted the thieving public-employee labor unions in Jersey like a good conservative would.

This is what we conservatives urge all Republicans to do – get tough, ignore the media attacks, speak clearly and act decisively and rational, productive people will gravitate to our message. This is how GOP governor Scott Walker of liberal Wisconsin easily won a recall election when Democrats went after him; because he stood tough against the state’s public-employee union thugs and didn’t wimp out.

Now Ryan and others Republicans are seeking to push through GOP approval for “immigration reform” (amnesty) for illegal aliens. This is another Establishment Republican miscalculation that will ultimately kill the GOP. Many Republicans think that GOP support for amnesty will get hispanics voting more Republican. Nonsense. Not one single hispanic will change his/her political persuasion if Republicans get behind amnesty and if it is passed. This comes despite the fact that today there are more elected hispanic Republicans than Democrats.

No, hispanics will register to vote if they get amnesty, and they will vote about 70% hard-left Democrat as they do today, which will ruin the Republican Party. Yet this amnesty push is also coming from Establishment Republicans in the business world simply because they want cheap labor. This is why George W. Bush did nothing to stop illegal immigration.

So what should the GOP do to win elections? Go into black neighborhoods? Seek amnesty for illegals? Praise Democrats and pray timidly for victory?

No. It is simple. Here are the bullet points (#2 and #3 are the most critical):

1) Talk unequivocally and boldly about growth, jobs and opportunity over and over and the lack thereof under the Obama Depression. Talk repeatedly about the collapse of Obamacare.

2) Reach out to millions of independent white voters who are now voting Democrat with a clear agenda of jobs, spending restraints, tax cuts, the repeal of Obamacare and law and order. These voters can flip elections to the GOP all over the country like they did in a big way in 2010. And Republicans won’t get mugged or threatened in the suburbs and in small towns and rural areas where these white voters live. Republicans can use existing networks (2nd Amendment groups, private-property groups, Tea Parties, conservative Christians etc.) to reach independent white voters.

3) Establish voter registration drives for white voters who may not be registered in the suburbs, small towns and rural America. They are more than likely conservative people and there are surely millions who are not registered. The Democrats have been running voter-registration drives for 50 years and they still are winning by slim margins in many cases. New conservative-leaning white voters can easily tip the scales to the GOP.

4) Point out the fact that most of the good jobs are being created in the conservative American states like Texas and that younger, productive, skilled and educated people are moving by the millions out of liberal states and into conservative states.

5) Take on the Liberal Media. Point out media lies and deception and bias like Sarah Palin courageously is doing with NBC. These media hate Republicans anyway. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain from slamming the media and further exposing their radicalism and their bias. These media are very unpopular already. Most Americans don’t believe them.

6) Point to failures like Detroit as an example of Democrat treachery and then point to Republican successes like Rudy Giuliani reforming New York City and governor John Kasich eliminating an $8 billion Ohio state debt inherited from his Democrat predecessor, without raising taxes. Or governor Rick Perry’s success in Texas as the #1 job creating state.

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