Americans Have Become Eco-Slaves

What is eco-slavery?

It means that most of us pay more and work harder and work more hours to pay for the endless demands of environmentalists. Meanwhile the environmentalists and their cronies themselves get richer and have easier lives and better jobs and more power over the rest of us. Meanwhile environmentalism actually harms the environment and, of course, it ruins the economy.

Eco-slavery is taking place here in America right under our noses and many people do not even know that it is happening. Because it is happening bit by bit. Nobody is being led away in chains. Here are some examples:

*Think about California. Through relentless ‘green’ mandates subsidizing expensive and inefficient windmills and solar panels the cost of energy has gone sky-high in California. Millions of residents are suffering with these higher costs. Thus they have to work more hours just to pay their electric bill.

This is eco-slavery. You would not have to work those extra hours if it were not for ‘green’ energy.

*Businesses are fleeing these high California energy costs. The latest company to move even more of its operations from California is microchip maker Intel, which was the pioneer of the computer industry. Intel really started the whole Silicon Valley computer culture.

So when Intel packs up and takes its wealth and its good-paying jobs with it the remaining California taxpayers have to pay more and more not only for their energy, but to make up for the taxes that the fleeing businesses like Intel no longer are paying to the state.

See the eco-slavery? Again? You need to pay more and more and work more hours because of environmentalism. This is happening in Massachusetts too and other states.

*Meanwhile environmentalists live higher and better than everyone else. They have well-paid positions in universities and in the media. They have high political offices and are favored by the media because of their views. They have solid jobs within wealthy environmental organizations funded lavishly by left-wing billionaires and other rich socialists, and even indirectly by us taxpayers, as they kill millions of jobs for the average citizen, particularly in struggling rural areas.

If you want to know why America today has so many unemployed, one of the main reasons is the environmental movement which has been incrementally killing jobs for decades now. Here is just one item out of hundreds about this phenomenon, this from

A federal audit shows that nearly a half-billion dollars in government funds was spent on training workers for so-called “green jobs.” The only problem is that not enough positions in the growing industry exist. (end of excerpt)

And guess who is working more hours to pay taxes for all of the training for all of these non-jobs?

Answer: You, the eco-slave, the taxpayer.

But remember that not everyone is an eco-slave. For instance poor people on welfare don’t care how much energy costs. They are not working anyway or paying for anything or paying any taxes. They will just get higher welfare payments to pay for more expensive energy as you, the taxpayer, pay more and more for energy and for wasteful training programs and for welfare handouts.

The rich Follywood elite, which is full of environmentalists and which votes overwhelmingly Democrat, doesn’t care about the cost of energy or the cost of enviro regulations or wasteful ‘green’ programs. It does not affect them. Their wealth covers for them. Ditto other rich liberals like the three richest men in America – Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Larry Ellison – who are all Obama/enviro supporters.

And the overpaid, over-benefitted government bureaucracy including public school teachers and public university professors does not care about energy costs. They just get a raise to cover every increase, and the taxpayer pays for it. In short, the taxpayer again is an eco-slave.

At the same time California environmentalists are thriving as they are thriving all over the country. They are getting hundreds of billions in taxpayer money funneled their way by the Democrat party as solar panel sellers and installers, as windmill makers and installers, as “experts” advocating for ‘green’ energy, in enviro groups and in the media while thousands of jobs in the federal, state and local governments in California enforcing the more and more radical ‘green’ laws are all held by far-left enviro partisans.

At the same time, these solar and windmill companies make huge profits, all subsidized by the taxpayers. Because windmills and solar panels would never exist without direct up-front taxpayer subsidies.

And it all ends up being one giant case of eco-slavery as the taxpayer works harder and harder and more and more hours in order to pay more and more in taxes and for energy.

*Just think about solar panels. They are so expensive – about $35,000 for the average home – that the only reason that people buy them is because of the huge federal and state tax credits. So if you don’t have solar panels you are subsidizing people who do have them through your tax payments.

That is yet another case of eco-slavery. And then the homeowners with the solar panels act like they are superior to the rest of us precisely as we pay for their solar panels. It is abhorrent arrogance, like all the people in the fake ‘green energy’ industry who think they are better than everyone else.

*And here is another little-known fact about solar panels: After your neighbor puts them on his house, he generates some power with the panels that you, without solar panels, subsidized in the first place. That means that his average electricity bill from the utility is lower than your average bill.

But all electric bills include a percentage of charges for what are called “fixed costs”. These are costs to maintain the power grid above and beyond the cost of the power generation itself. So if your neighbor has solar panels and uses less electricity from the utility than you do, then that neighbor is paying less than his fair share of the “fixed costs” of the utility, which are spread out evenly among all of the ratepayers. This means that you have to make up for your neighbor’s shortfall. In California it is estimated that this cost alone is $1.3 billion annually for people who do not have solar panels.

This is $1.3 billion in eco-slavery every year in California and increasingly in every state. And this comes after all the intellectuals and fraudulent ‘green’ activists have told us for decades that the oil companies and the utilities are ripping us off. No, friends, ‘green’ energy is ripping us off big time, ripping us off much worse than the oil companies were alleged to be doing. ‘Green energy’ is turning most American into eco-slaves.

*Ever heard those ads on the radio that say, “Improve the energy efficiency of your home – install insulation, seal cracks, use special light bulbs – and take a federal tax credit for the cost!”

This means that you, the taxpayer, are paying to improve the energy efficiency of your neighbor who makes his home more efficient. Or you are paying to improve the efficiency of a home 3,000 miles away.

Why should this be? Isn’t home energy efficiency supposed to “pay for itself” very quickly as the enviros claim? Isn’t it worthwhile to do it at your own expense because of all the money we are going to save?

Answer: It only becomes worthwhile to pay for it ourselves if energy is very expensive. That is why the enviros are doing everything to restrict our energy supply and drive up prices and to make us into eco-slaves with higher energy costs. They are doing that in order to make our traditional energy more expensive and to make solar panels and windmills and home energy improvements seem like a good deal.

In the meantime they make the taxpayer into an eco-slave for home energy improvements. Because those improvements usually rely on direct or indirect taxpayer subsidies.

*How about those “free” energy audits of your home and “zero interest” loans to weatherproof your house and make it more energy efficient? Oh, sure, they say that “the utility companies” pay for the audits. Or the government does.

Folks, those are not “free”. Nothing is “free”. They are subsidized by all of us, either through taxes or through increases in our utility bills. It is eco-slavery. Again and again and again.

*How about recycling? Just think about all that you do for recycling – you separate out the items, you wash them using hot water that you pay for, you put them in the bin, you haul them to the curb, you haul them to the recycling center in your car. This all costs labor, time and energy. In short, eco-slavery. And then it has been shown that recycling is a massive economic fraud that does nothing to help the environment, as said in a recent commentary called ‘Recycling is Another Environmentalist Hoax’

Did you know that recycling costs twice as much as throwing garbage in a landfill? And that you are an eco-slave because you are paying for it? Did you know that recycling actually wastes time, energy, labor, money and resources because it is so inefficient? You are an eco-slave because you are subsidizing it. Did you know that the recycling of newspaper produces a toxic nightmare with hundreds of millions of gallons of inky sludge water produced every year when ink is removed from newspaper in the recycling process? And you are an eco-slave because you pay for the whole thing.

Meanwhile your local ultra-liberal newspaper prints the most radical enviro opinions as its very own product ruins our environment when it is recycled.

*Look at our high gasoline prices. One of the reasons they are so high is that Obama and his enviro allies are restricting the production of oil. This pushes up the cost and we all have to work harder to buy our gasoline and heating oil. This is eco-slavery.

*Then the government forces the oil companies to blend expensive ethanol (alcohol fuel) with gasoline. Ethanol is made from distilling Midwestern corn into alcohol. This pushes up the price of gasoline because ethanol adds as much as 60 cents a gallon to gas prices in California.

This is 60 cents a gallon of eco-slavery, hundreds of dollars every year just for gasoline. And then to top it off, we pay more and more in taxes to subsidize the farmers who contribute their corn to produce ethanol because their corn is a taxpayer-subsidized product.

This is eco-slavery.

*Ethanol production then draws massive amounts of corn out of the food supply, pushing up food prices through supply and demand forces. Because corn is a major feed source for animals to produce beef, pork, chicken and milk. When the price of corn goes up the cost of beef, pork, chicken and milk rise too. We all pay these higher food prices.

Again and again, eco-slavery.  We all pay more for environmental policies. This makes us all poorer as the environmental elite and its friends gets richer and more powerful and have better and better jobs than the rest of us.

*Then we have job losses. This is a major blow to our economy. Through environmentalist actions millions of Americans are losing their jobs, or jobs are not being created, particularly in rural areas. One example out of thousands: 30,000 loggers in rural Oregon lost their jobs in the 1990s over the fake ‘spotted owl’ controversy. This means that those of us who are working need to pay more and more in taxes to make up for those who are not working. And then we need to pay more in taxes for welfare and foods stamps for the people thrown out of work who would happily go to work every day.

Eco-slavery again and again and again. Plain and simple. Meanwhile the people thrown out of work by enviro regulations have nothing to do. They are forced into a life of idleness. This is a form of slavery, where someone else controls your life.

The list goes on and on. Eco-slavery is everywhere.

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