Democrats Obliterate Key Senate Rule with ‘Nuclear Option’

Always remember this adage: Conservatives thrive on freedom while liberals thrive when freedom is marginalized, minimized or eliminated.

And freedom took a huge blow with the recent deployment of the so-called ‘nuclear option’ in the US Senate. This option – it was a major change to Senate parliamentary rules – was rammed through by Democrats and upsets a historic Senate procedure that 60 votes are needed to approve certain presidential nominations, including to the crucial US Court of Appeals in Washington, which reviews federal laws. After the ‘option’ only a majority (51 votes out of 100 US senators) is now needed.

Democrats claim that Republicans were using the 60-vote rule to obstruct judges. So what? Obstruction has been going on in American politics since the founding. But to today’s Democrats anything that they do not like can be remedied by changing the law. It would be like Democrats changing the rules because they lost an election.

Woah, woah, woah… Where have we seen this recently?

It happened in Maryland. In an early November 2013 election the first Republican was elected mayor of Annapolis since 1997. And rather than accept the will of the people – which Democrats try not to do unless it goes their way – the Democrat-run city council is seeking to have mayor-elect Michael Pantelides stripped of his power and made into a figurehead. You can rest assured that this would be reversed the next time a Democrat is elected mayor.

Amazing. This is brutally UNdemocratic. But hey, it is being done by the “Democratic” party which is the most UNdemocratic institution in America.

And don’t think that “moderate” Senate Democrats are shocked at this ‘nuclear option’. In the final analysis virtually all Democrat US senators are radicals and they support the ‘nuclear option’ – they are all left-wing except perhaps for Manchin of West Virginia. Meanwhile the Republican party has liberal Republicans, moderates and conservative Republicans, i.e., it represents many more Americans than Democrats do.

What about this ‘nuclear option’? What is this about? Why is it called the ‘nuclear option’?

It is because it is such a dire political action that it is going to figuratively blow up any decorum left in the US Senate by angering the Republicans. It means that the ‘minority party’ (Republicans in the US Senate right now, with 46 out of 100 votes) now have drastically less power.

Historically any truly free society provides protections for the minority party, which is why 60 votes are needed for some actions. Our Constitutional system provides the minority with protections that the minority can use to stop legislation. This is designed to prevent the majority from steamrolling over the minority at every opportunity and radically changing the country at will. If there were no minority-party protections the country might shift dramatically every time the opposing party takes the majority in the Senate.

But steamroll is what the Democrats want. This ‘nuclear option’ changes longstanding Senate rules.  So the only Republican retaliation now is to use every other minority tactic available – and there are many – to stall almost any part of the Obama agenda. And that is a good thing. It is about time these Washington DC Republicans stopped being nice and realized what the Democrats are really doing to this nation.

This ‘nuclear option’ is crucial because it affects nominations to the US Court of Appeals in Washington in which challenges are heard to the increasingly extremist Obama agenda including EPA rules. That court is called the most powerful in the country after the Supreme Court and it is now split evenly Republican-Democrat. If Democrats pack that court, which they will with the ‘nuclear option’, it will be a free ride for any rules that Obama wants to apply and the country will be drastically changed without congressional approval.

See what happens when minority power is marginalized?

And then if the Republicans use their anger over the ‘nuclear option’ to stalemate future legislation and, say, the stalemate leads to a government shutdown, the media and the liberals will blame the Republicans and the public will get mad at the GOP.

But they never will blame the Democrats for the thoroughly UNdemocratic ‘nuclear option’ which is infinitely worse than any government shutdown. It is, in essence, part of a slow-motion coup by Democrats to destroy the Republicans and to destroy our liberties bit by bit.

Friends, the very Constitutional basis for our nation is at stake. Democrats use every sleazy, unconstitutional tactic in the book to get political power. In fact the very passage of Obamacare in March 2010 was based on the fact that Democrats had 60 votes in the US Senate at the time of passage. That is considered a “magic number” that allows “supermajority” control and allows great power. But three of those Democrat senators were fraudulently elected in the first place. Here are the three:

 In South Dakota Democrat Tim Johnson won his seat in 2002 by only about 500 votes as significant voter fraud was noted on the state’s Indian reservations. In Minnesota in 2008 Democrat Al Franken won the seat from incumbent Republican Norm Coleman after several hundred Democrat ballots “magically” turned up when the race seemed very close. This is a standard Democrat fraud tactic. In Alaska incumbent Republican US senator Ted Stevens was called up on bogus legal charges in Summer 2008 that caused him to lose his re-election to Democrat Mark Begich bid by a razor-thin margin that November, as Stevens proclaimed that it was a political prosecution. Those charges were dropped after the election for being egregiously unreliable.

If any one of these three races had been legitimate Obamacare would not have passed in the first place. So the Democrats continue to use sleaze tactics and bully tactics and anti-democratic tactics, including the ‘nuclear option’, to keep and expand their power.

Obama has praised the ‘nuclear option’. But will the Democrats savor their ‘nuclear option’ victory at the expense of the rest of Obama’s agenda?

Let them savor. The Republicans are finally mad. This is going to cost the Democrats in the long run. Meanwhile the Republican-controlled US House of Representatives should use this ‘nuclear option’ travesty to block all Democrat legislation, especially “immigration reform” (amnesty for illegals).

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