Americans Flock to Conservative Texas

Wendy Davis is a Democrat Texas state senator who rose to fame in a famous filibuster against a law to restrict abortion in Texas. Now Texas pro-abortionists are seeking to put Davis in the governor’s mansion next year. Groups like the Lone Star Project and Battleground Texas have helped to organize fundraisers for Davis among rich liberals in Washington, DC and California.

Davis may get the Democrat nomination on name recognition alone and her likely Republican opponent in 2014 will be Texas attorney general Greg Abbott, who made light of Davis’ out-of-state fundraisers and of her one-issue stardom.

Said an Abbott spokesman: “While Greg Abbott makes his pitch to voters about keeping Texas the nation’s leader in job creation, Senator Davis is selling her agenda in D.C., New York and California — all places her ideas seem to be more accepted than here in the Lone Star State.”

Isn’t that the truth… job creation versus abortion.  Now which, friends, is positive and which is negative?

Well, obviously the Democrat focus on abortion is negative, as all of socialism focuses on the negative. But wait! Wendy Davis has had an epiphany! Yes, she told a college audience this:

“I am pro-life. I care about the life of every child: every child that goes to bed hungry, every child that goes to bed without a proper education, every child that goes to bed without being able to be a part of the Texas dream, every woman and man who worry about their children’s future and their ability to provide for that future. I care about life and I have a record of fighting for people above all else.”

OK, so she knows that she cooked her goose with her extremist pro-abortion filibuster and can never get elected governor. So now she is giving us an “I love children” speech so that some uninformed Texans will believe that she is pro-life.

So a liberal like Wendy Davis filibusters in favor of a negative act like abortion and she is a hero to the Democrat left. But a US senator like Ted Cruz filibusters an Obamacare law that already is turning into a major disaster for the whole country and the Liberal Media trashed Cruz relentlessly.

Meanwhile Americans are flocking by the hundreds of thousands into conservative Texas. Shouldn’t they be going the other way, running away from conservatism, as the Liberal Media seem to imply that they should be? Running to states with very easy abortion laws?

Not in the real world. Rational, productive people ignore the Liberal Media and are fleeing liberal states. They want jobs not abortions and Texas has jobs. Meanwhile Texas is well-known for other conservative things like less-strict gun-control laws and restrictions on left-wing trial lawyers that greatly improved its health-care system.

At the same time Intel, the microchip pioneer of Silicon Valley, is moving its operations out of ultra-liberal, Democrat-controlled California because California has such a terrible business climate at the hands of the liberals. Boeing is moving some operations out of Washington state to escape the greedy unions. And Caterpillar, the heavy-equipment maker and one of the standard companies of the world, the 44th largest firm in America, may move its 88-year-old business out of Obama’s Illinois because of the state’s horrible business policies concocted by the radical Democrats concentrated in Chicago.

Caterpillar may move to…. Texas… But boy, Caterpillar might want to think twice about that! After all, Texas has voted to restrict abortion! Gee, where are Caterpillar employees going to get abortions if the company moves to Texas?!

Friends, productive Americans don’t think about abortion. Only the radical left and the feminists are obsessed with the subject. Productive people are much more concerned with having the freedom to create and invent and make products that our economy needs, and to take care of their families.  And they can do that in Texas. And good for Texas. We need more states like Texas.

Now look who came from Texas – George W. Bush, who was trashed ruthlessly by the media, and governor Rick Perry who was ridiculed in his 2012 Republican primary presidential bid. Yet Perry has presided over the strongest economy in America. And still they trash him for being a conservative. This is classic leftist behavior – impugn a conservative while those same Liberal Media have never noticed Obama’s utter incompetence in ruining the entire American economy with almost five years of terrible policies. Or the flight of jobs and productive people from Obama’s home state of Illinois. Amazing.

Meanwhile the Liberal Media call Wendy Davis a hero when her entire agenda is based not on jobs and growth and prosperity for all, but abortion rights for a small number of females who want to kill their babies. This is happening as the economies in liberal pro-abortion states like Illinois, Vermont and California are sinking, denying the basic opportunity to work to millions of people.

Are those millions of unemployed people worrying about abortions?

No, they are worrying about where they are going to work and get money to feed and clothe and shelter themselves. And Texas looks better and better all the time.

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