Electric Car is Now Powered by Gasoline Engine

We’ve all seen the disaster of the Chevy Volt, the battery-powered electric car. It has largely disappeared from the market after we rational people warned that it was a lemon. The only consumers who have bought Volts are generally upper-income or wealthy liberals who are taking full advantage of big taxpayer subsidies, i.e, you as a taxpayer subsidize your neighbor’s Volt.

If your neighbor were buying one, that is, which he isn’t. Which is why the Volt’s sales record is so dismal. Few consumers want it.

Because the Volt costs more than $40,000. It is dangerous too – it can catch fire after a crash or its batteries can shock a fireman or EMT who is seeking to extricate passengers after a crash. Because its powerful batteries are full of electricity and that electricity can be transmitted through the car’s metal body if the connections are cut in a crash.

The Volt also has an abysmally low driving range of only about 45 miles before it needs recharging. And if you use heat or air conditioning this takes large amounts of power out of the batteries, reducing your driving range. So… no heat in winter! We need to save the planet!

During the winter the driving range also falls further because batteries do not like the cold. Batteries are notoriously temperamental even after decades of trying to improve them. The Volt batteries can leave you stranded at the worst time of year and you can’t just jump-start them out on the highway; you need to tow the car and get a full charge from an electrical hookup. Look at this from the American Automobile Association about your standard car battery:

Batteries can die at any time of year but it’s more likely in winter when cold temperatures hit car batteries with a triple whammy: power output drops; ability to accept a charge drops, so the battery doesn’t recharge as quickly when you’re driving; load increases – lights, blowers, wipers, heated seat, rear-screen heaters etc all are used more. Add in the fact that many cars stand unused over the Christmas holiday and it’s no surprise that the first day back to work after New Year is always one of the busiest of the year for (car service assistance calls). (end of AAA excerpt)

This Chevy Volt is a huge fraud. Soon it will be gone. But this is what we get when the government, via the environmentalists, dictates what to produce, rather than allowing the market to rule. Because the market has spoken and it does not want the Volt.

The whole idea of an electric car is flawed even in its core concept because it is the “wrong use” for electricity. It is way too expensive. Try heating your house with electricity and you will find out what the “wrong use” for electricity is. Electricity is a highly-refined and valuable resource that should be generated in efficient nuclear power plants and conserved for applications for which there is no alternative like light bulbs, computers, refrigerators, radios, water pumps etc.

Meanwhile the modern, efficient internal combustion engine is the best way to power automobiles. Its design and operation are highly refined and it produces maximum power with minimum pollution. And if environmentalists do not like the IC engine then they should simply drive less.

Which they will never do. Rest assured that liberals and environmentalists do MORE discretionary traveling using MORE discretionary energy than any other Americans. Rich liberals love to drive their gas-guzzling Hummers and Mercedes and BMWs. They travel widely, even on their private jets. Environmentalists love to drive dozens or hundreds of miles to go backpacking or fly thousands of miles to watch birds or go hiking in the mountains. But then somehow they justify it because they are, well, environmentalists…

Meanwhile if I stay home on the weekend and watch the NASCAR race on television I am using 100% less energy than they are. In short, I am the real environmentalist.

Chevy then came up with a solution to the Volt’s low driving range: They installed a small (83 horsepower) internal combustion gasoline-powered engine that spins a generator to make more electricity while the car is moving. So that when the battery runs low the IC engine kicks in and generates more juice and gets you where you need to go.

So let’s see – the ecologist response to the shortcomings of the electric car is to install an internal combustion engine. Which the electric car was supposed to supplant in the first place. Does this sound like crazy logic? Yes, of course. Because it is environmental logic which is for deranged people. Environmentalists are insane. Call them “environ-mental-cases”.

What else does this sound like? How about when the environmentalists screamed hysterically about ‘global warming’ for years but then when they saw frigid weather all over the planet they suddenly altered the name overnight to ‘climate change’. Yet ‘climate change’ is what we conservatives have always said exists, i.e., the climate changes and is not predictable.

So now the advertisements for the Volt are touting the new internal combustion engine by saying that you can drive hundreds of miles in the new Chevy Volt -which you could do in your 1977 Gremlin anyway.

These environ-mental-cases are literally a menace to mankind in their thinking. Consider these paradoxes:

*Enviros have fought for decades to install windmills for electrical generation. Yet now the same enviros are opposing windmills everywhere.

*Environmentalists demanded for years and years that we burn clean natural gas in power plants and in our homes for heat. Yet now the same enviros are opposing natural gas extraction in New York state, Vermont and many other places all over America and the world.

*Enviros claim that electric cars produce no emissions. This is a lie; the emissions are produced at the power plants that generate the electricity. These are the power plants that enviros are seeking to shut down all over the place because they are alleged to create too much pollution.

*Environ-mental-cases told us that we need to produce ethanol fuel that is made by distilling corn into alcohol. Yet it never even has been proven that the ethanol energy produced from one acre of corn is more than the energy it took to plant that acre of corn, harvest the corn, transport the corn to the distillery and power the distillery. Which is why all ethanol production requires government subsidies.

*Enviros say that we should produce electricity from the sun. So I visited a solar dealer and found out that my house would need a $35,000 solar system to replace $600 a year worth of electricity from the utility.

Conclusion: Environmentalists are kooks. When they say something you should think the opposite and you will have the best solution for America.

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