US Middle East Policy has Failed

The Wall Street Journal reported on December 5, 2013: “The European Union doesn’t ban membership in Syrian groups affiliated with al Qaeda…”

This is stunning and it comes from an article about Muslims who live in Europe who are going to Syria to fight on the side of al Qaeda terrorists against the Syrian government. Then they are returning to Europe and now are suspected of plotting terror attacks there.

Folks, this is “caring” and “tolerant” Europe at its socialist worst. And sure, Euro security officials are surveilling these Syrian returnees. But wouldn’t it be easier and safer and cheaper to ban the memberships and then jail or deport anyone who joins these terror groups in the first place, or simply prevent them from returning to Europe?

Of course. But this policy is touchy-feely multiculturalism mixed with leftist national security stupidity and laxity.

This is part of the failed Euro/socialist and American/Democrat approach to the Middle East that has aided and abetted the spread of radical Islam and terrorism. The most recent manifestation was Obama’s appeasing nuclear deal for Iran.

Another example was Obama and Hillary Clinton praising the 2011 Egyptian ‘Arab Spring’ uprising that deposed the pro-American president Hosni Mubarak. But the result has been chaos in Egypt. Obama and Clinton should have said that they sided with Mubarak. Instead they took the easy way out and glowingly praised the Egyptian “liberators” who we conservatives knew were largely Islamic radicals.

Hillary then literally chuckled about the murder of Libyan dictator Moammar Ghaddafi by “liberators” in his country. This was abhorrent, amateurish behavior. Ghaddafi was no Thomas Jefferson and had had a history that had been at times very dark. But Ghaddafi had reformed himself and was keeping Libya stable and out of the hands of Islamic radicals. Now since its “liberation” Libya has tumbled into economic and political chaos and its oil output has plummeted. Libya now has become yet another staging ground for Middle East terrorism.

Meanwhile Obama has repeatedly said that the US sides with the Syrian “rebels” who are seeking to overthrow the Assad government. This is another mistake; the US should side with Assad. Because we all know that this “rebel” movement has been taken over by al Qaeda terrorists and is nothing more than an attempted terrorist takeover of another Middle Eastern nation.

The Syrian civil war has been another disaster for the region as the Global Liberal Media cheer the “rebels”. And while Syria certainly has not been a beacon of democracy under Assad it has been stable for many decades under two generations of the Assad family. Its economy has been steady and Christians, Muslims and even Jews had worshipped in peace side by side by side.

Since the rise of the “rebel” insurrection two years ago, however, Syria has fallen into chaos. More than 100,000 Syrians have been killed, many cities and towns have been destroyed and Syria’s Christians, many of whom have held high government positions under Assad, have been killed or displaced by the hundreds of thousands.

Violence is now spilling over from Syria into Lebanon. In the meantime Iraq is stable but its future is uncertain while rest of the Middle East lives in chaos, in an uneasy peace or under Muslim totalitarianism. This is all happening because bad policies have been allowing instability and terrorism to flourish in the Middle East and even in the US and in Europe. Here is the sequence of events:

*In 1953 the United States helped to bring the Shah of Iran to power to displace a communist. This was a good thing. The Shah was authoritarian but the alternatives were worse – either communism or radical Islam. The Shah became a dependable American ally in the region and was moving Iran slowly toward democracy and modernization.

*In 1979 US president Jimmy Carter intentionally abandoned the Shah who was then run out of his own country. Extremist Muslims took over under Ayatollah Khomeini.

*In the 1980s violence tore apart a stable and prosperous Lebanon and caused much of its Christian population to disperse. This was part of the Muslim plan to drive Christians from the Middle East. In 1983 a temporary US Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon was destroyed in a terrorist truck-bomb blast, killing 254 US military personnel. That attack happened because the barracks had little protection and the guards were not armed. This is typical pacifist military practice because America was not supposed to appear overbearing in its presence. It would have taken one day to surround the barracks with concrete barriers and no time at all to arm the guards and lookouts.

*In February 1993 the first terrorist bombing of the World Trade Center in New York City took place. Six people were killed and 1,500 were injured. And rather than treat it as a terrorist incident the Clinton administration treated it as a civil crime and then ignored terrorism for its 8 years in power.

*During the mid-1990s the Clinton administration intentionally as a matter of liberal policy set up the famous “wall” between CIA and FBI to prevent sharing of information between the two agencies. This was classic Democrat soft-on-terrorism policy in the same vein as the Democrats’ domestic soft-on-crime policies, i.e., always give the bad guys the institutional advantage and the benefit of every doubt. This policy alone allowed 9/11 to happen; otherwise CIA would have given FBI lots of information that it had gathered overseas on some of the terrorists who did 9/11. This “wall” was just like the soft-on-terrorism European policy not to ban membership in terror groups out of respect for some nebulous political freedom.

*This accumulation of lax policies allowed terrorists to plan the September 11, 2001 attacks within the United States over several years without being discovered. 9/11 then happened 8 months into the Bush presidency because Bush received little intel about terrorism from Clinton while FBI vigilance had been undermined by years of complacency.

*Bush got false intelligence about weapons of mass destruction from slack international agencies and went forth with the invasion of Iraq in Spring 2003, with the overwhelming support of the US Senate. This war ended up being a disaster not only for our dead and wounded Americans but for the people of Iraq. The Iraqi economy was destroyed in this war and 1 million Iraqi Christians have been displaced or exiled by Muslim terrorist violence. Christians had worshipped in relative peace under dictator Saddam Hussein.

*In Spring 2011 the ‘Arab Spring’ uprising deposed Mubarak and Qaddafi. This led to violence against Egypt’s Coptic Christians and economic disaster for Egypt and Libya. Islamists were voted into power in Egypt and began to implement a radical Muslim regime. They were deposed by the Egyptian military in Summer 2013. Meanwhile Libya has become a lawless region ruled by scattered militia and terror groups.

*In early 2012 the “rebels” in Syria, aided by terrorist groups sponsored by Iran, stepped up a civil war that has decimated that nation. Obama has sided with the “rebels” who have made steady progress. There is now fear that these terrorists could take over Syria and set up a beachhead to start attacking Europe.

*In November 2013 Obama announced a sweetheart deal that will strengthen the nuclear capabilities of Iran, the Great Aggressor in the Middle East that has been the originator and/or financier of most of the region’s violence, and much of the world’s terrorism.

*Obama has pulled US troops out of Iraq, risking the gains that our military made there at great cost. But Obama is keeping US troops in Afghanistan where they are dying and being injured for no reason at all. They should have been pulled out long ago because Afghanistan is ultimately lost. Even Bush was wrong to go into Afghanistan. He could have killed bin Laden with cruise missiles and avoided the huge cost in military lives and treasure of the Afghan war. Why didn’t he? Because there was fear that members of bin Laden’s family might be killed by those cruise missiles, i.e., fear of a political frenzy from the world media over the deaths of a few innocent people. So instead thousands of US and NATO military members have paid the ultimate price instead and hundreds of billions of dollars have been wasted.

American policy in the Middle East is in a shambles. America acted well in supporting the Shah of Iran and Mubarak. But slowly our policy worldwide and here in the US has been undermined by pacifist, anti-American and anti-Christian forces. Now even Europe is afraid to confront the terrorists traveling to Syria. It is a clumsy, reprehensible policy.

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