800 Nuclear Reactors Will Save the US, World

The construction of 800 nuclear reactors within the borders of the United States will sharply spur the economy, give America a brand new set of efficient electricity generators for the next century and reduce world oil prices sharply. These reactors could easily be built in five years. It would be like constructing 800 apartment buildings.

No, no, no! say the environmental alarmists. Nuclear power is dangerous!

Nonsense. Friends, just look at everything these ecologists say and you will see that it is either an exaggeration, a fantasy or an outright lie. Look at what they have said about ‘global warming’ which has been proven to be a fraud as we continually see record cold all over our planet, while a brief ‘warming’ trend ended way back in 1998. The enviros even quietly altered the name of their ‘warming’ crisis to ‘climate change’ after they realized that their ‘warming’ fiction was false and that fewer and fewer people were believing it.

Nuclear power is the safest and most efficient energy source in the history of mankind. Virtually zero people have died in 13,000 reactor-years of operation around the globe. Then when there is an accident, like the Fukushima accident in Japan – which has killed nobody – the media and the enviro alarmists make it a frenzied story for month after month, year after year. Meanwhile they ignore the most malicious killer of all, which is mother nature, which destabilized the reactor in the first place with an earthquake and tsunami that killed 18,000 people, ruined more than 1 million buildings and did $100 billion in economic damage to Japan.

Yet these ecologists worship nature while quaking in their boots about nuclear power plants that have harmed nobody. Amazing…

Think about this: If thousands of people who worked at nuclear power plants were suffering and dying from cancer as the environmentalists seem to think they must be, wouldn’t it be a major story?

Of course; it would be all over the news. But they are not suffering and dying. Even US president Jimmy Carter went right inside the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in 1979 several days after “the worst nuclear accident in history” there and he is still alive and well in 2013.

If millions of military personnel who worked on or around nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and submarines over the decades were dying of cancer, wouldn’t it be in every enviro pamphlet every single day?

Yes. But it isn’t. Because there are no deaths. All of this anti-nuclear hysteria is a panic being cultivated by environmentalists to get money and power for themselves as we suffer with higher and higher energy costs.

So how will 800 American nuclear reactors save the whole world?

Well, consider that 52% of American electricity today is generated in coal-fired power plants. In case you do not know most electricity around the world is generated in such “thermal” power plants where a source like burning coal (or a nuclear reaction) produces great heat that boils water in a steam turbine generator. This makes tremendous energy like a steam locomotive does. That energy then spins a generator that creates electricity.

These coal-fired plants consume 1.2 BILLION tons of domestic American coal every single year mined in places like Wyoming, New Mexico, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. That amount of coal would fill a string of railroad cars stretching across America 35 times. Every single year.

Another 22% of American electricity is generated using natural gas as a fuel. Roughly 8 trillion cubic feet of gas are burned annually in these power plants.

Nuclear energy currently produces 20% of American electricity with just 104 reactors, while the remainder of the American supply is primarily water power (with dams). Meanwhile a tiny fraction of American electricity is alleged to come from solar and wind, but that is false. Wind and solar produce no usable energy but only appear to do so through massive taxpayer subsidies and endless media hype. Wind and solar are grossly inefficient and windmills are extremely labor-intensive, requiring hundreds of times the labor of a nuclear power plant for routine maintenance… all paid for in higher and higher costs by the taxpayer and the utility ratepayer.

But you never hear about this inefficiency and waste because the environmentalists are profiteering on windmills and solar panels.

Here are the advantages of building 800 new nuclear reactors:

*The very construction of 800 nuclear reactors will employ hundreds of thousands of Americans at good-paying jobs, many of them highly skilled. The need for concrete and steel to build the plants will also spur the concrete and steel industries. This all will be extremely beneficial because these would be real jobs building an efficient and crucial infrastructure element for the future.

*These reactors, if they are each standardized at 1,000 megawatts, will replace all of the combined electricity produced at the coal-fired plants and the gas-fired plants, which could then be shut down. We should leave some natural gas plants open (perhaps 50,000 megawatts) as “peak” generating plants, which produce power only during “peak” consumption hours of the day. Gas is good for this because it can be turned on and off quickly, unlike a coal-fired plant or a nuclear plant both of which must be fired up more slowly.

*We would cut air pollution drastically by not burning 1.2 billion tons of coal and 8 trillion cubic feet of natural gas every single year. That sounds like a good idea, does it not? Of course. But we burn all this coal and natural gas and cause all of this air pollution because environmentalists are blocking efficient nuclear power. So in effect environmentalism is harming the environment and making the air dirtier, as Nikitas3.com has said over and over and over.

*Building these new reactors also would be hugely beneficial to the American economy because we would stop wasting all of that coal and natural gas on electrical generation. Then we could convert all of that domestically-produced coal and natural gas into gasoline and heating fuel and automotive fuel, which is easily done. This alone would produce enough energy to eliminate all oil imports (15 million barrels a day of crude oil) into the United States because all of this coal and natural gas comes from American sources.

Thus these nuclear plants will save the American economy hundreds of billions of dollars every single year that we spend on foreign oil. And by ending oil imports we would not be wasting hundreds of millions of gallons of diesel fuel that is now consumed annually to transport all of that oil (2.3 million tons a day of crude oil) across the seas in tanker ships.

See how great nuclear power would be? See how efficient it is?

*Then when America stops buying all of that oil from Saudi Arabia and other foreign sources it will cut global crude oil demand by 20%, causing world oil prices to crash and making energy more available for the whole world at much lower prices. US gasoline prices would fall to $1.50 a gallon or even lower.

All this is NOT happening because of environmentalism.

And where will we build these nuclear plants?

We could build them right at the sites of existing coal and natural gas plants. That way we do not even have to build new power lines to connect them. And if the utilities want to build a nuclear plant near my house, I say go ahead. I am not one of these hypocrites like the environmentalists who promoted windmills for decades but now don’t want them in their towns or near their homes.

If we can get these environmentalists out of the way we can have all of the energy that we want and all of the good jobs that we want. These ecologists are ruining not only our energy supply and our economy, but our environment too.

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