Liberal Columnist Maddow Ignores GOP Stars for 2016

Rachel Maddow is an ultra-liberal MSNBC host who recently wrote a column in the Washington Post about how the Bush administration failed to nurture any bright political stars as future presidents. Here are excerpts from the column with a Nikitas3 rebuttal after each:

Maddow writes: In the eight years of the George W. Bush administration, no hearty saplings were ever able to take root in the shade of that big tree. Nikitas3 comment: No, the GOP political stars were not in Washington but were out in the country working hard building up their cities and states, like governor Perry of Texas, and governor Romney of Massachusetts who reformed that state’s economy with honesty and integrity during his one term. Or Sarah Palin, who rooted out corruption in Alaska, even in her own party, and finalized a natural gas pipeline deal that had been stalled for 30 years. Or Rudy Giuliani, who was credited with “saving” New York City from corruption and collapse. Maddow’s view is typical liberalism – that only a big central government begets more government leaders. And who did we get instead in the 2008 election? A Democrat community organizer from Chicago with zero record of accomplishment who only had been in the federal government (not in the White House but in the US Senate) for two years when he decided to run for president. But hey, he’s (half) black! That’s good enough for liberals, i.e., style not substance.

Maddow writes: But by the time the Bush era was winding down, the whole administration, including the president, was stewed in terrible, Cheney-level disapproval ratings. Nikitas3 comment: Yes, precisely where Obama’s approval is today, several years ahead of where Bush went down in his presidency.

Maddow writes: And now, almost no one who played a significant role in (the Bush) administration is anywhere to be found in electoral politics, beyond the tertiary orbits of Punch-and-Judy cable news and the remains of what used to be the conservative “think tank” circuit. Nikitas3 comment: ‘Punch and Judy cable news’ refers to Fox News of which Maddow is bottomlessly envious because Fox is trouncing Maddow’s MSNBC in the ratings. In fact Fox has infinitely more credibility on a vastly wider political spectrum than far-left MSNBC which is drowning in charges of bias, corruption and slander. One of MSNBC’s biggest stars amazingly is Al Sharpton who came to national prominence in 1986 lying about the rape of a black female by three white men. Another MSNBC host recently resigned after slandering Sarah Palin. A third MSNBC host named Ed Schultz recently was found to have taken $252,000 in payoffs from labor unions in return for favorable coverage. This is blatant ‘pay-for-play’ corruption.

Maddow writes: Unlike the Reagan administration, the first Bush administration and the Clinton administration, the George W. Bush presidency elevated precisely no one to the ranks of national leadership who wasn’t there before. Nikitas3 comment: So Maddow admits that the Bush administration itself had seasoned national figures, unlike the Obama administration which is all political hacks that has elevated nobody of presidential stature. That Joe Biden, he’s really George Washington in disguise! Who can forget when Biden said… “a three-letter word: jobs. J-O-B-S, jobs…” And how about that Anita Dunn, the White House communications director who said that the most genocidal maniac in history, Mao Tse Tung of China, was one of her role models! There are dozens of non-achievers like them like Kathleen Sebelius. Hey, that Obamacare rollout is a real gem, Kate! What about Eric ‘Fast and Furious’ Holder, the most corrupt attorney general in the history of the United States? The list goes on. Not one single Obama administration official is presidential material in any way, shape or form. Even Hillary Clinton is a shell figure (see next excerpt).

Maddow writes: The Obama administration’s ability to nurture and support the next round of national leadership in the Democratic Party is going to be a big part of its long-term legacy. Unless Vice President Biden’s presidential hinting suddenly takes a turn for the serious, former secretary of state Hillary Clinton is the obvious inheritor of the party’s mantle. Nikitas3 comment: OK then, after 20 years in the national spotlight name one single accomplishment of Hillary. Not her inflated name recognition but a serious accomplishment. In 1993 she was laughed out of Washington for proposing national health insurance as first lady. She was wrong then and is being proven wrong now. She then degraded herself for years covering up for her husband, the president, as she has done for her entire adult life. She was elected to the US Senate from New York state in 2000 under a cloud as president Bill Clinton pardoned 16 Puerto Rican terrorists from jail in order to get the Puerto Rican vote for her. In 8 years as a US Senator she did zero that showed any leadership. As secretary of state she did nothing but express niceties and platitudes and then stood by as the Middle East burned. Her only record is name recognition and that is built only on her husband’s name recognition.

Maddow writes: The unpopular presidency of George W. Bush has proved to be a blackball on the résumés of a generation of Republican leaders. Maybe Cheney’s daughter Liz will break the pattern next year with a successful Senate bid in Wyoming, but if you made it through that sentence without spitting coffee out your nose, you’re in rare company. Nikitas3 comment: The only reason it is a blackball is because the Liberal Media, led by people like Maddow, relentlessly trash everything Republicans do. Yet when their favorite president produces a major change in the nation like Obamacare has, and when that change already is failing miserably in just its first few months these Maddow types… attack Republicans! This strategy is intended to appeal to the imbecile class that votes Democrat in every election in exchange for its welfare handouts.

Maddow writes: The fascinating turmoil in the Republican Party since 2008 is not just a personnel problem — it’s also ideological. If you were putting together a legacy to inspire the next generation of conservatives, you wouldn’t pick the Bush administration’s trailing ends of land wars, budget deficits, torture, a crusade against gay rights and a financial collapse to rival the Great Depression. Nikitas3 comment: The financial collapse came as a result of trillions in bad loans guaranteed and securitized by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, both brainchildren of the Democrats. Bush, McCain and other Republicans warned repeatedly about both agencies for years before they fell apart while major Democrats like House banking committee chairman Barney Frank said just two months before they disintegrated that they were fine. Meanwhile Obama opposed Fannie/Freddie reforms when he was in the US Senate. Friends, it is the dependent welfare class that keeps the Democrats in power and that has brought on the collapse. That is why the nation is suffering under Obama. Without the welfare vote the Democrat party would disappear overnight.

Maddow writes: The collapse of national leadership prospects for the Republican Party is one of the greatest political failures and most important legacies of George W. Bush. Nikitas3 comment: This is abjectly false. There are currently 29 sitting Republican governors with superb executive records in running and reforming their own states even as Obama ruins the national economy. Some of them will run for president in 2016 and any one of them could turn America around from the Obama Depression. This is traditionally how good presidents are cultivated – in governorships where they guide their states and make executive decisions (have “executive experience”) that affect their state and can be measured. Here are just nine GOP governors who have had measurably positive results who are most likely to run in 2016: John Kasich in Ohio, Scott Walker in Wisconsin, Rick Snyder in Michigan, Jan Brewer in Arizona, Rick Scott in Florida, Sam Brownback in Kansas, Rick Perry in Texas, Nikki Haley of South Carolina and Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania. Maddow ignores them because she knows that their actual accomplishments will appeal to a majority of Americans after the failure of Obama.

Maddow writes about potential Democrat candidates for president in 2016: The crescendo of attention to Elizabeth Warren is a healthy part of that process, as is the growing national interest in such diverse Democrats as Sherrod Brown, Claire McCaskill, Cory Booker, Wendy Davis, Martin O’Malley, Deval Patrick, Andrew Cuomo and Amy Klobuchar. Nikitas3 comment: OK, this is what liberals think is White House material. Here is a little sketch of each: Elizabeth Warren (US senator from Massachusetts, no executive experience, was an anti-business “consumer activist” and Harvard professor); Sherrod Brown (US senator from Ohio, no executive experience, one of the most liberal US senators in a far-left Democrat party); Claire McCaskill (US senator from Missouri, no executive experience, had major corruption questions in 2012 re-election); Cory Booker (Indeed he has executive experience; he was mayor of Newark, New Jersey when he was elected to the US Senate. Newark is one of the poorest, most dangerous and corrupt cities in America. This is the classic definition of Democrat “achievement”. But hey, he’s part black!)

Wendy Davis (no executive experience, state senator from Texas who came to fame filibustering in favor of abortion. Boy, there’s real White House material. That’s what liberals think America needs – not jobs but abortions.); Martin O’Malley (sitting Maryland governor, whose state is thriving only because hundreds of thousands of overpaid Washington, DC federal bureaucrats live in the suburbs of Maryland. The other end of the scale is the city of Baltimore which is one of the most dangerous cities in America.); Deval Patrick (ultra-liberal sitting Massachusetts governor first elected in 2006 who is presiding over the rapidly declining economy there. Younger, productive people are leaving Massachusetts in droves because the Democrats who control the state have ruined the state. But hey, Deval’s black!); Andrew Cuomo (sitting governor of New York state, from which almost 2 million younger, productive, skilled and educated people have fled in the last 15 years because New York is so liberal, so corrupt and so hostile to business. New York’s statewide sales tax is 8.25%); Amy Klobuchar (Who? Oh, right, US senator from Minnesota, no executive experience.).

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