Dem Blowhard Slams Great UPS Christmas Work

Democrat US senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut is demanding in a big public show of indignation that United Parcel Service offer refunds to customers whose packages arrived late after Christmas.

This comes after the fact that UPS and FedEx do an amazing job every day of the year and particularly at Christmas (275 million packages handled between Thanksgiving and Christmas). But boy, a few packages are late and a US senator gets involved!

Meanwhile the utterly failed United States Postal Service, which still is administered under government/union rules although it has been privatized, has been falling on its face every day for the last 30 years. And do you hear Blumenthal complaining one syllable about it?

Are you kidding? Not about the post office, the one-time government agency that is tens of billions in debt, that is a joke, that people have been calling “snail mail” for decades, that is one of the most inefficient bureaucracies in America.

No, like all Democrats Blumenthal actually wants to give the post office taxpayer money to bail it out of its debt crisis. This comes after decades in which the PO has been relentlessly jacking up its rates in order to give its unionized employees the plushest pay/benefit/pension packages imaginable precisely as its service has gone down the drain. USPS is a crippled organization. Who does not think of the PO as a national joke?

Well, Blumenthal doesn’t, for one…

There even was a proposal two years ago to end Saturday mail delivery – Canada stopped Saturday delivery in 1969 – in order to save money but the liberals scotched that plan. Halting Saturday delivery would be a huge step to stopping the downward economic spiral of USPS by cutting its delivery costs by 16% (one day out of six) right off the top. And rest assured that nobody would miss Saturday delivery. Except that The New York Times and CNN would find one deadbeat in New Jersey who missed her welfare check and who had to go for a day without her Dunkin’ Donuts pumpkin cappuccino supreme.

Oh, sure, the post office has made cutbacks in the last decade to account for its dismal non-performance. It should have made many, many more. In fact the PO should declare bankruptcy and be allowed to negate all of its union and pension contracts and start over. It should be reconstituted with 50% of its current budget and workforce and with a much smaller role in delivery of mail and packages. UPS, FedEx and other private companies can easily pick up the slack.

Just look in your mail box. How much crucial stuff comes in the US mail anymore? It is mostly junk mail and a few bills for people who have not bothered to put their bills on credit cards or on that newfangled thing called the internet. So big deal if you have to wait an extra day for the occasional bill coming on Saturday; all bills have a grace period anyway. And junk mail is just advertising that can be done on radio, TV, internet etc.

And who should take over running the post office?

Well, how about Fred Smith, the guy who founded FedEx, one of the most efficient companies in the world today. He could reorganize the post office on a Monday morning before lunch and then retire. In fact could do the job. I have been recommending for years that postal delivery be limited to 3 days a week.

Huh!? My bills will be late! says the socialist blabbermouth in his unending defense of the post office blob.

Really? The mail will be late? So then why haven’t you been protesting the relentless deterioration of postal service over the last three decades as its price has skyrocketed?

Here is a question: Why have the liberals given the post office a pass on its service?

Answer: Because the post office is not a private company that liberals can rail against and take cash out of in refunds and through lawsuits. The PO is like government-run Amtrak which has the worst on-time record of all forms of US transportation. Yet when a private airline is late the “consumer activists” scream for refunds and create a frenzy. But never with Amtrak.

Under the plan postal delivery would be limited to three days a week – one side of town would get its mail on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and the other side of town would get it Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. That would roughly halve the number of people needed to deliver the mail, a huge money saver.

But this labor reduction is precisely why the liberals would fight any sensible reform, even a simple one like ending Saturday delivery. The 3-day plan would eliminate several hundred thousand union jobs (i.e., Democrat voters and campaign contributors) in the bloated post office workforce of roughly 600,000 today.

Are there good people working for the post office?

Yes, of course. But that is not the point. The point is that the PO has been run for decades by its labor unions which have driven USPS into inefficiency and sky-high costs, just like public-employee unions have driven many states into steep debt. This comes after private-sector unions decimated the entire American economy in the last 50 years by killing the freight railroads, the steel industry, the auto industry and hundreds of other employers big and small, destroying millions of good jobs and tens of trillions in wealth.

The General Motors and Chrysler bailouts of 2009 were simply taxpayer bailouts of unionized workers. The average unionized assembly-line worker in 2009 at GM and Chrysler was making $73 an hour in wages, pension and benefits. No wonder they needed the taxpayers to bail them out.

Now think about these unions. In December fast-food workers in cities across the nation went “on strike” demanding higher wages. It was a one-day thing. It had no effect but was symbolic. And the unions were behind that one too. But think about it… if 100,000 fast-food workers complained that they were not making enough money there are one million unemployed people who are ready to take those jobs immediately even at the wages that are being protested.

Because the Obama economy has pushed up unemployment to such levels (unemployment in America today is really 12% to 20% depending on how you measure it, much higher in some places) that there are millions of surplus workers who would do anything for any wage.

After all working for $8 an hour and making $16,000 a year is better than doing nothing all day for year after year as happens in socialist economies. The unemployment numbers in Europe have been horrible for decades.

This is because “the free market” in America properly sets wages for fast-food workers according to natural economic forces including the labor supply. These workers are unskilled and the job requires no education. And “the free market” in America today has millions of surplus people who will gladly take such jobs. Because “the free market” has been ruined by Obama-Nomics.

Did you ever wonder why McDonald’s allows you to serve yourself your own soft drink and napkins and ketchup?

It is because it is cheaper than paying workers to do it. This is how PRIVATE companies like McDonald’s keep their costs down – by innovating and eliminating labor when it is not needed. But if McDonald’s were operated like the post office they would have a $15 an hour minimum wage, a greeter at every door and a free shoe shine for every customer. And cheeseburgers would cost $3 instead of $1. And McDonald’s would go out of business.

So how does that help “the workers”?

This is why even Euro companies like BMW, Mercedes and Airbus have opened factories in the non-union South of the United States – to get away from their own nations’ unionized workforces and their absurd wage demands and work rules. And everyone is happy down South in the good ol’ USA. Neither the workers nor management want the unions because both know precisely what unions do.

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