December Jobs Reports is Very Disturbing

The federal government issued a disturbing jobs report for December. Reported

The U.S. economy added only 74,000 jobs in December, well shy of estimates and dinging hopes of a widespread jobs recovery. The headline unemployment rate fell to 6.7%, the lowest level in five years. But the rate fell primarily because hundreds of thousands of people left the workforce unable to find jobs, according to figures released Friday by the U.S. Department of Labor. With 347,000 dropping out of the workforce, the labor force participation rate, which measures people actively looking for work, fell to 62.8%, a four-decade low. Economists had predicted 196,000 new jobs last month and that the unemployment rate would remain unchanged at 7%. (end of excerpt)

December traditionally has shown a big jobs surge for Christmas. But not anymore – 347,000 people left the workforce while only 74,000 jobs were added. This is a major and disastrous trend under Obama. This is socialism, as we have seen in Europe for decades with its sky-high unemployment rates. Meanwhile the quality of jobs being created under Obama is dismal. Reported about the jobs report for June 2013:

As a reminder: jobs have quantity and quality components. The quantity component was good enough to convince the 10 Year the taper is imminent (if not stocks, which continue to trade dislocated from any and all fundamentals). But how about the quality? In a word: not good. In June, the household survey reported that part-time jobs soared by 360,000 to 28,059,000 – an all time record high. Full time jobs? Down 240,000. And looking back at the entire year, so far in 2013, just 130,000 Full-Time Jobs have been added, offset by a whopping 557,000 Part-Time jobs. (end of excerpt)

You won’t read about this on CNN or in the New York Times. And rest assured that most of the good jobs are being created in the conservative, Republican-controlled Southern states like Texas, Georgia and Arizona where millions of productive, younger, skilled and educated Americans are migrating into precisely as the Democrats and their media friends trash conservatives. Here is more from

There are additional concerns… Notably that many of those seasonal workers hired in December will be laid off after the holiday, which could take additional air out of the job markets’ sails. “I think the January report will be much more telling in terms of what’s really going on in the labor markets,” Roberts said. (end of excerpt)

So let’s fasten our seat belts and watch the January numbers when reported next month. They will tell us much. Here is more from

The December numbers showed mostly weak growth or losses practically across-the-board. Construction employment fell in December by 16,000 likely due to bad weather in many areas of the country. Employment in retail trade rose by 55,000, as stores hired workers for the holiday season. Wholesale trade added 15,000 jobs with most of the job growth in electronic markets and agents and brokers.

Employment in professional and business services rose by 19,000, well below 2013’s monthly average of 53,000 Within that industry, temporary help services added 40,000 jobs, while employment in accounting and bookkeeping services fell by 25,000. (end of excerpt)

Terrible numbers. Republican US senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama added wisely, “(The December) jobs report underscores a deeper problem facing our economy: a large and growing block of people who are chronically jobless and completely outside the workforce. … The President’s immigration plan will only make things dramatically worse.”

Indeed this “immigration plan” would cause even more unemployment by giving citizenship (amnesty) to millions of illegals while having the side effect of drawing millions more illegals to the US for citizenship just as our economy is failing to employ Americans. reported bad news for women in the December report:

The number of employed women 16 and over declined by 20,000 from November to December, according to data released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The number of women employed dropped from 67,882,000 in November to 67,862,000 in December. Additionally, the number of women who are not in the labor force climbed to a record high of 55,028,000 last month. (end of excerpt)

This comes after Obama and the Democrats have claimed that they are all for “women”. Meanwhile one government source said that “unusually cold weather in parts of the country” could have had adversely affected construction jobs in December as the same government officials warn us over and over about ‘global warming’.

This all exposes the fraud of Obama and his Democrat party policies. This is how Obama was re-elected. Because Obama’s media allies have been putting an egregiously false face on this economic disaster.

In 2006 and 2007 when George W. Bush was president and unemployment was 5% and lower, and millions had not dropped out of the labor force, and home values were soaring, and gasoline and heating oil were much cheaper than today some economists were literally calling it “the best economy ever”. But then recall what the Democrats repeated day in and day out, over and over, time after time about the great Bush economy. It was 5 words, that Bush was giving “Tax cuts for the rich! Tax cuts for the rich!” Remember that? Every single day that phrase was inserted into the news to blunt the great economic news.

Yet today as the economy sinks and we freeze with $3.75 a gallon heating oil the wealth of Obama’s mega-billionaire supporters like George Soros is soaring like never before and the Democrats are silent. And we are supposed to look respectfully on our First Black President for the great job he is doing “saving” our nation.

Nonsense. We conservatives have been warning about people like Obama for centuries. “We’re going to have a long-term unemployment crisis for a long time,” said Heidi Shierholz, an economist with the Economic Policy Institute.

This is completely unnecessary. We can have jobs and prosperity easily following a conservative model by, among other things, substantially cutting wasteful federal government spending; removing millions of fakers from Social Security disability, welfare and food stamps; cutting the bloated, overpaid federal workforce; cutting bloated, overpaid state workforces; and replacing the current federal tax system with a National Sales Tax which would collect all of our federal revenue just like a state sales tax does. That would eliminate tax forms, the Internal Revenue Service itself, tax audits, the April 15 deadline and all of the worry, stress and cost associated with the current system.

This system costs large amounts of time and money just for tax compliance. According to the Heritage Foundation in 2007, based on figures from The Tax Foundation: “All taxpayers, not just small businesses, face rising compliance costs. Americans spent billions of hours and an estimated $279 billion filling out their federal income taxes last year alone.”

That is not the taxes; that is just the cost of paying them! This is a huge waste. Instead, everything would happen automatically and we taxpayers wouldn’t have to do a single thing except relax.

Just as importantly for economic growth we must stop the environmentalists from killing millions of jobs all over America with their ‘green’ policies. In Berkshire County, Massachusetts alone in just the year 2008, with a population of only 140,000 people 400 crucial paper manufacturing jobs left the state because ‘green energy’ policies had pushed up the price of electricity. Multiply this by the entire nation over many years and you have one of the principal reasons for this economic debacle.

Obama and the Democrats have been killing our economy for decades. It started in the 1960s when the ‘hippies’ relentlessly attacked our successful capitalist system and our corporations even though the ‘hippies’ never even had been in the workforce or created a single job. This is how socialism has undermined our nation. This dreadful December economic jobs report is the result of decades of propaganda and bad policies coming from the Democrat left.

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