Ted Cruz for President

I like Mitt Romney even though I am a conservative. I know that some conservatives strongly opposed him for president including Christians who did not like his Mormonism. But all in all I believe that Mitt Romney is a good man who would have been an excellent president not only in his pro-growth policies but in his personal decency.

Romney was criticized during the 2012 election campaign for being too much of a “nice guy” because that is part of his good nature. He is simply a gentleman. I believe that if he had been much more aggressive against Obama that he would have been elected president.
Yet even after all of that criticism you must remember that Romney jumped to a lead in the polls after the first 2012 presidential debate in early October because Americans finally saw him as a potential president without the Liberal Media anti-Romney filter. But then the Obama goons and their media friends pulled out every stop with a massive negative assault on Romney which led to his loss.

Nikitas3.com has called the 2012 re-election of Obama illegitimate. Because we now know that Obama and the Democrats used the Internal Revenue Service to suppress political organizing by conservative voters like Tea Partiers. Yet if just a few hundred thousand extra votes had come out for or switched to Romney in key states, or less than one-quarter of one percent of all the voters – which easily could have happened if conservatives had been allowed to organize freely – Romney would have won and several Republican US senators would have won races that they lost. So the Obama suppression worked as planned. It is abhorrent.

Now we have to look forward to the 2016 presidential election. And while there are more than a dozen superb Republicans who could be elected to the White House Nikitas3.com has predicted that Ricky Perry, the governor of Texas, will be our next president. I said that for a good reason – because Perry has been governor since 2000 of the most successful American state economically so he can take full credit for the success of Texas and he is talking proudly and boldly about it all over the country. And rest assured that Americans are looking for real answers to our national crisis.

Perry secretly strikes fear into the hearts of Democrats. Because Democrats know that America is suffering under Obama and that a Republican candidate who presents a clear case for economic reform, with a track record to back it up, is going to have wide appeal. Then remember that the Liberal Media got Obama re-elected by downplaying negative news about the economy, for instance, sky-high gasoline prices and the real numbers of unemployed. Perry would not allow that to happen again.

However there is another Texan who may be a better candidate than Rick Perry. That man is Republican US senator Ted Cruz who was elected to that Senate seat in 2012 and since has become one of the most influential people in America. Cruz speaks with absolute confidence and conviction and is unafraid of the Democrats or the Liberal Media. This is crucial for someone who is going to run for president.

No Republican can win the White House without fearlessly exposing the failures of Obama and the Democrats and offering clear solutions. No more Mr. Nice Guy! Otherwise the Democrats, who probably will nominate Hillary Clinton, will simply use their media megaphone to smother America in pro-Hillary propaganda (“The first woman president!”) even though Hillary will continue the failed Obama policies and has zero track record of economic accomplishment.

James Carville was a crucial aide in getting Bill Clinton elected president in 1992 and re-elected to a second term in 1996. Carville is one of the shrewdest political operatives in America and he said about Ted Cruz: “I think he is the most talented and fearless Republican politician I’ve seen in the last 30 years. I further think that he is going to run for president, and he is going to create something.”

So there you go. And what does this mean, that someone like Carville calls Cruz “fearless”? And don’t forget that “in the last 30 years” means that Carville is comparing Cruz to Ronald Reagan.

It means that we should all consider backing Ted Cruz for president.

Oh, no! say the liberal Republicans. Cruz is too conservative! Don’t you remember his filibuster against Obamacare? That was crazy and extreme!

Yes, we all remember. And then look at the disaster of Obamacare already, which is getting worse every day just like we conservatives warned. In fact Ted Cruz was the highest-ranked political figure in American to stand up to Obamacare with his heart and soul in a filibuster on the floor of the United States Senate, to the jeers of millions of liberals, the Liberal Media and many liberal Republicans. Yet Cruz was absolutely right.

If you would like to read Cruz’s biography, look him up on wikipedia.org. His parents immigrated to the US from Cuba to escape communism and so he would be expected to be a conservative anti-communist. His conservatism extends to all of his thinking.

The criticism of Cruz is that America will not elect a committed, principled conservative, that America has become too liberal. But remember that the losses in the presidential elections by McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012 show that America will not elect a moderate Republican who is afraid to go for the political jugular like McCain and Romney would not.

Then if you listen to Ted Cruz you understand that he is indeed “fearless”. He will tell America directly and unequivocally that our nation is failing and can do much, much better. He will offer clear solutions. Cruz does not stumble. He is sure in his words and does not make mistakes and this is no surprise. He was solicitor general of Texas (the state’s chief lawyer) for five years and you have to be smart to do that. He was not just some cheap state politician like Obama was in Illinois.

Many Democrats are saying that they would like Cruz to be the nominee because he is too conservative and could never get elected. But in reality they are very nervous about Cruz because Democrats have one big political fear and that is a confident Republican who is not intimidated by them and their media friends. Cruz is not.

Democrats want the current status quo of decay both economic and psychological and for Americans not to be awakened from their lethargy by someone like Ted Cruz. This is so that they can control the weakened population through socialism while they tell us that everything would be worse under capitalism and Republicanism. Cruz rejects that and is saying it openly. And once Cruz’s message gets out boldly and without hesitation the Democrats would have to go into full smear mode to salvage the presidency for Hillary Clinton. But Nikitas3.com believes that Cruz would beat Clinton because he would not back down and does not make mistakes, which can sink a candidate.

Indeed Democrats have induced more and more Americans to take a “whatever” attitude, that we just can’t create good jobs anymore in the United States (which is false), that capitalism is unfair (which is false), that we have to settle for high gasoline prices (which is false) or that perhaps we all should try marijuana (which is a destructive idea).

We conservatives know that America is in a bad state today and that prosperity, stability and happiness can only come from moral and decent behavior and good capitalist policies under which each person cares for himself or herself. Because the government cannot do it; Obama policies prove it.

The Republican “bench” for 2016 is deep. Which Republican will be nominated for president? Will it be Ted Cruz or Rick Perry? I will take either one and fight for either one, and we must take Ted Cruz very seriously.

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