Energy Prices Soar Under Obama; Liberal Media are Silent

In 2006 you may remember a common sentiment all over America just before the mid-term elections of that year – people saying that “I will never vote Republican again” because of the negative tide in the Iraq war. Yet today we have the Obama Depression, economic decay, vast despair and unemployment, sky-high gasoline and heating oil prices, the Obamacare disaster, the IRS scandal, the NSA spying scandal and many others. But strangely we do not see millions of people publicly proclaiming “I will never vote for a Democrat ever again”.

The reason is obviously because the Liberal Media do everything in their power to prop Obama up. CNN is not sticking microphones into people’s faces and asking what they think about Obama because the answers would not be good for the Liberal Media template that Obama is a great president and that Democrats “care about” everyone.

Then think about this: In July 2008 near the end of the George W. Bush presidency gasoline prices spiked temporarily to $4 a gallon and the Liberal Media and the Democrats went bonkers. There were claims flying everywhere that Bush and Cheney and their oil-industry allies were manipulating oil prices to make big profits and that another Big Congressional Investigation of the Oil Companies was necessary. Never mind that a dozen previous investigations had turned up nothing.

The truth about the 2008 spike, which was caused by a convergence of global factors, is explained further down at the end of this commentary.

Meanwhile we had frigid weather in January 2014 which caused a sudden and pronounced increase in the price of propane gas for heating. And as usual there have been calls for an investigation into potential propane industry price manipulation, never mind that the natural law of supply-and-demand almost surely created the spike, i.e., sudden heavy demand for a commodity like propane in frigid weather causes prices to rise, sometimes dramatically, along with reductions in supply under Obama’s anti-petroleum, anti-pipeline policies. But no, the implication again is that the propane industry must be investigated. Here is more on the story from

As more than half the nation has spent weeks in a deep freeze, the price of propane — used for everything from heating homes to powering farms — has skyrocketed, leading Washington lawmakers to question whether producers are manipulating the market.
In Iowa, Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley has asked the Federal Trade Commission for a review of the market to make sure there are no cases of blatant production manipulation, which in turn would cause prices to rise. …Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, also said he’s working to determine the “cause for the rising costs.”

… The national average price for propane climbed this week to more than $4 a gallon, up $1 since last week. Industry and state officials say the price jumps are because supplies were stripped after last year’s harvest when farmers needed to dry an unusually large amount of grain.

Propane is used in operations from drying grain to heating poultry and livestock housing. The hikes hit farmers and agriculture operations the hardest. …Propane supplies across the country fell by 3.39 million barrels to 35.3 million – the lowest level since June 2011. (end of excerpt)

Meanwhile the same politicians and media who are caterwauling about one spike in propane prices are strangely silent about the permanently higher gasoline and heating oil prices for all Americans under Obama.

Yet we know precisely why gasoline and heating oil are so high and have been since Obama took office. It is not a temporary convergence of global factors nor frigid temperatures nor oil industry profiteering. It is a direct result of 5 years of ‘green’ and anti-petroleum policies under Obama including restrictions on oil production on federal lands and opposing the Keystone pipeline. Thus Obama and his environmental cronies are sending the message to world oil markets that America will continue to consume lots of oil (high demand) but will not work hard to produce oil (less supply). This has pushed up prices naturally and gives OPEC yet another reason to hold crude oil prices artificially high, leading to elevated gasoline and heating oil prices.

But no, there has not been a peep of complaint from the Democrat-Media Complex about those prices, no sir. Meanwhile notice the sentence that ‘As more than half the nation has spent weeks in a deep freeze…’ Yet many of the same politicians and media who are calling for an investigation into propane prices have been telling us for years now that we are in the midst of ‘global warming’ which should be leading us to lower propane demand and sharply lower costs, should it not?

Gee, how about a congressional investigation into these environmentalists and their false ‘warming’ claims?

We won’t see that even though it is clear that these claims of ‘warming’ truly are an unspoken conspiracy to commit fraud among hundreds of thousands of politicians, “junk scientists”, journalists, individuals and groups who are getting jobs and political power, and are making tons of money off of this scam, including the Sierra Club. But remember that the truth is irrelevant to Democrats when they can score political points instead. Thus they are pushing this ‘warming’ fiction in order to control us all through radical and restrictive “save the world” legislation which even Japan and Europe are increasingly rejecting.

At the same time these liberals rail against the oil companies while they themselves are some of the biggest investors in the oil industry. Did you know that public school teacher union pension funds are some of the biggest holders of big blocks of oil company stocks?

Why? Because oil company stocks make lots of money for retired teachers. Yet these unions and most of these teachers are aggressively ‘green’ anti-oil Democrats while the public education system aggressively promotes anti-oil environmentalism. So these teacher unions are not only greedy but hypocritical. They should be ashamed but are not. Because liberals have no shame.

Now here are the converging events that actually caused the 2008 gasoline price spike according to a website called Resources for the Future:

Even seemingly small shocks may have large effects. Can they help explain the spike in oil prices in the first half of 2008? It was definitely a time of significant upheavals, some with the potential for sustained disruption of supplies. In February 2008 Venezuela cut off oil sales to ExxonMobil during a legal battle over nationalization of the company’s properties there. … in late March (in Iraq) saboteurs blew up the two main oil export pipelines in the south—cutting about 300,000 barrels per day from Iraqi exports. On April 25, Nigerian union workers went out on strike, causing ExxonMobil to shut in production of 780,000 barrels per day from three fields. Two days later, on April 27, Scottish oil workers walked off the job, leading to closure of the North Forties pipeline that carries about half of the United Kingdom’s North Sea oil production. As of May 1, about 1.36 million barrels per day of Nigerian production was shut in due to a combination of militant attacks on oil facilities, sabotage, and labor strife…. On June 19, militant attacks in Nigeria caused Shell to shut in an additional 225,000 barrels per day. On June 20, just days before the price of oil reached its historic peak, Nigerian protesters blew up a pipeline that forced Chevron to shut in 125,000 barrels per day. Each of these events clearly registered in the spot market. It is not implausible to believe that, arriving in quick succession, they contributed heavily to the rapid acceleration in the spot price of oil. (end of RFF excerpt)

Then remember that gasoline prices eventually sank very low after the 2008 spike.

So now repeat after me: “I will never vote Democrat… I will never vote Democrat… I will never vote Democrat…”

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