Eco-Bullies Use Agenda 21 Against Rural America

We conservatives know that the crazy people in America congregate on the political left – the irrational, depressed urban whackos; the demented actors and “artists” and playwrights; the average Democrat insaniac who needs a psychiatrist to get out of bed in the morning. And on and on.

Meanwhile we conservatives talk about working hard, keeping a balanced budget, abiding by the Constitution and creating jobs. You know, rational stuff. Because conservatism is not an ideology but it is simply rational thinking.

Yet crazy liberals point fingers at us conservatives and say that WE are crazy. Here is an example. There is a ‘global warming’ alarmist from Oregon named Kari Norgaard who has presented a paper in which she argues that “cultural resistance” to accepting ‘global warming’ must be “recognized and treated” as an aberrant sociological behavior. She even equates us ‘warming’ skeptics to slaveholders.

OK, so there you go. Ecologist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has even called us “traitors”. We are called many, many names. Yet Norgaard is saying that we conservatives are “aberrant” for, among other things, pointing out that the Medieval Warm Period (roughly 900 AD to 1300 AD) was 400 YEARS of really hot weather in Europe. It was much hotter than today, and that was long before the burning of any coal or oil which the alarmists claim is causing ‘warming’ today.

This Medieval warming is believed to have been global. This is why Greenland, which is covered in much ice and snow today, is called Greenland. Because when it was discovered around 1000 AD it was much greener than today because the climate was much hotter. That is why the Norse settlers even stayed there.

These facts alone blow the doors off of the ‘global warming’ theory that the earth is heating up like never before. Which it is not doing anyway; it appears that we currently are in yet another period of global cooling which is why the alarmists altered the name to ‘climate change’.

Yet if you remember the 1970s people like Norgaard were predicting another Ice Age. TIME magazine had two famous Ice Age covers and there even is a documentary about it starring Leonard Nimoy of Star Trek fame. This is all amusing to see if it were not such a serious expose on the danger of these ‘warming’ alarmists.

Another part of the radical enviro itinerary is Agenda 21, an extremist global plan by the United Nations that includes forcing people out of rural areas. This is so that nature can re-take those rural areas so that the environmentalists can feel better.

If you do not believe that this is happening, think again. It is happening every day, particularly in the United States. For instance environmentalists threw 30,000 Oregon loggers out of their jobs in the 1990s over the fake ‘spotted owl’ controversy. Many tens of thousands of other rural Oregonians also lost associated livelihoods in related businesses in small towns. This was intentional. Many of these people end up migrating into suburbs and cities, as planned, while their jobs went straight to Canada.

These actions have the added effect of harming conservative white rural people which environmentalists always want to do. Because environmentalists are left-wingers who hate conservative white people.

Agenda 21 has appeared all over America but it is never called Agenda 21. That would be too provocative. So it is simply called “environmentalism” and it fawns over ‘mother nature’ and it works like this:

Environmentalists, backed by thousands of local, state and federal government officials, by wealthy enviro groups, by Democrat billionaires, by armies of lawyers, by most of the American media, by the universities, by our public schools, and by millions of unpaid and paid activists all over America, are working to strangle rural economies. They target rural and small-town areas because this is the land that they want, this is where conservative white people live, and this is where those people have little political power to combat this wealthy urban/university-based enviro monstrosity.

For instance, if rural people want to see the development of an iron ore mine in their county to create jobs a few local “environmentalists” immediately oppose the mine and then are joined by a local, regional and national network of ecologists and enviro groups that can be roused within hours via the internet. This in fact is happening today in northern Wisconsin. Here is a recent news story from Notice that the “environmentalists” include radical elements involved in violence:

Paramilitary armed guards, death threats, standoffs. It’s not what you might expect amid the peaceful greenery of northern Wisconsin, but it’s that greenery, and what lies below, that has led to an intense battle over land, water and jobs.

It all began when a company called Gogebic Taconite, or G-Tac, got permission to test the soil in northern Wisconsin’s Penokee Hills area for minerals, including iron ore. The company eventually wants to carve a 4-mile open pit mine through the heavily wooded area.

G-Tac has leased thousands of acres of land in Wisconsin’s Iron County, an area which is popular with hikers in the summer and snowmobilers in the winter. Terms of the lease still allow the public to access the area.

…Confrontations between the two sides have been violent and dramatic. Once G-Tac workers went out and began doing the testing, at least a dozen protesters wearing bandanas over their faces showed up ready for action.

The showdown, which is filled with yelling and expletives, was recorded and posted on YouTube. One protester can be seen wrestling with a woman over her camera. That protester was later arrested and charged with a felony. Others face trespassing charges.

“These folks broke into our camp, they barricaded the roads so that law enforcement wouldn’t be able to help us, they held the site for over a half hour, they attacked one of our workers, and they destroyed a bunch of our equipment, and they threatened our people with burning our homes down,” said G-Tac spokesman Bob Seitz. (end of excerpt)

This case shows once again that these “environmentalists” are in many cases professional obstructionists, violent activists and pure anti-capitalists; this is what they do for a living. Some are left-wing eco-lawyers and college professors who earn lots of money as their actions force rural people out of their livelihoods. Do they care? Of course not. They are heartless, as all of liberalism is heartless.

Thus the rural folks and the mining company are up against a web of well-organized national opposition in modern-day environmentalism, the most powerful lobby in the history of the world. This lobby is vastly more powerful than global capitalism because it is aided and abetted by governments, academia and the global media, unlike capitalism which today is generally opposed by all three.

This is the way that environmentalism gangs up on powerless rural people, shuts down their economies and forces them to move out without actually holding them at gunpoint and telling them to go. It also is a strongly anti-capitalist movement aimed at killing capitalist economies. Meanwhile, conveniently, massive pollution in communist China is overlooked as was widespread environmental degradation in the Soviet Union.

We conservatives want economic development for all Americans including those in rural areas.

Do you remember Erin Brockovich? She was a resident of a small California town who detected pollution in some local water wells and fingered a private utility as the source. Eventually she won the case and we are supposed to see her as one brave little soul who took on the giant corporation Pacific Gas & Electric.

Hardly, friends. It is the opposite; Brockovich was a woman in a small town who had the actual and implied backing of the national environmental movement, armies of ‘green’ lawyers and judges, ‘green’ loons in Hollywood, tens of thousands of ‘green’ university professors, the state and national media, many elements in the federal government and in the California state government, thousands of elected federal, state and local officials, and millions of ‘green’ activists all confronting one California utility company. And guess who won? Erin Brockovich. And guess who had a movie made about her? Erin Brockovich. But here is the truth about the case as described on (note italicized sentences for emphasis):

The case alleged contamination of drinking water with hexavalent chromium …in the southern California town of Hinkley. At the center of the case was a facility, the Hinkley compressor station, built in 1952, a part of a natural-gas pipeline connecting to the San Francisco Bay Area. Between 1952 and 1966 PG&E used hexavalent chromium to fight corrosion in the cooling tower. The wastewater dissolved the hexavalent chromium from the cooling towers and was discharged to unlined ponds at the site. Some of the wastewater percolated into the groundwater, affecting an area near the plant approximately 2 by 1 mile (3.2 by 1.6 km). The case was settled in 1996 for US$333 million, the largest settlement ever paid in a direct-action lawsuit in US history.

…A study, released in 2010 by the California Cancer Registry, showed that cancer rates in Hinkley “remained unremarkable from 1988 to 2008.” An epidemiologist involved in the study said that the 196 cases of cancer reported during the most recent survey of 1996 through 2008 were less than what he would expect based on demographics and the regional rate of cancer. (end of excerpt)

So ultimately nobody appears to have been hurt by the pollution because it was yet another case of ferocious environmental hysteria. Meanwhile the pollution was an unfortunate accident by a utility that was trying to fight corrosion in its system. But that is not germane to these eco-vultures. Because they use emotion, propaganda and the courts for one reason – to get money. Period. End of story.

Many of them are not even concerned with the environment. Some of them are outright communists like Van Jones, who worked in Obama’s White House as an ‘environmental czar’ until his communist past was exposed (he now works for CNN, which is no surprise). Many of these “environmentalists” are simply political extremists and profiteers who are out to get rich or to get good jobs out of the enviro movement by sucking money out of the private American economy or out of the taxpayer. It is easier to do than earning an honest living.

Then ‘global warming’ is one of the bases on which they act again and again. For instance there was a proposal 10 years ago by a Canadian firm to build a brand new state-of-the-art cement production plant along the Hudson River in New York state 125 miles north of New York City. The working people of that cement-producing region wanted the plant because they needed the jobs.

The plant finally was killed in 2006 by enviro officials from the state of New York after several years of legal actions by wealthy enviro groups with the backing of the media and eco-activists far and wide including the multimillionaire Robert F. Kennedy Jr. One of the criteria on which the cement plant was defeated was the idea that making cement, which requires the processing of lime, releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which allegedly causes ‘global warming’ or ‘climate change’ or whatever they are calling it these days.

Again the cement company was “the little guy” in this case and the working people of the region were the losers. Yet the plant would have produced cement much more efficiently than the older plants in the region which it would have replaced. So opposition to the plant obviously was not on “environmental” grounds at all; it was simply another anti-rural and anti-capitalist hit job. This case is very revealing about who these “environmentalists” really are.

The defeat of this plant was simply another step in de-funding and de-populating rural and small-town America, step by step, inch by inch, and obstructing private corporations. This is going on all over the United States with some type of eco-restrictions in virtually every town, and land grabs by state governments and the federal government and by wealthy private groups like the Nature Conservancy. Most people don’t notice that it really is a nationwide web of obstructionism being orchestrated by billionaire environmentalists and wealthy environmental groups at the economic top. It truly is a “war” by the rich against the working people of rural America, all run by Democrats, of course.

Indeed most environmentalism usually goes back to ‘global warming’ in one way or another. That is why the ecologists needed to establish and now seek to sustain the ‘warming’ myth in order not only to defeat economic growth and to control our every decision, but to push people out of rural areas. And this is why the United Nations is behind the ‘global warming’ bogeyman. Because it helps to promote the UN agenda which is based on state power that makes people do whatever a “world government” (the UN) wants them to do.

(Note: The folk singer Pete Seeger died recently. Seeger acted like he was just a simple musician but in fact he was a militant leftist and radical environmentalist who lived along the Hudson River. He had many far-left and communist links in his past. His brand of celebrity extremism aided the job killers in that region and around the nation. Working Americans should not be saddened about Seeger’s death.)

Here is another story from a website called in Massachusetts from December 2012 that is typical of what is happening all over rural America every single day:

CHESTERFIELD — After a quarter-century in the timber industry, Berkshire Hardwoods, one of the largest sawmills in Massachusetts, is closing its doors at 73 East St. Berkshire Hardwoods’ 13 employees were notified of the closing on Nov. 1.
According to (Berkshire Hardwoods owner) Poirier, the decision to close the facility was based, in part, on increasing costs of operation, combined with a continued drop in the price of timber. “Fuel costs are going up and that impacts operating the skidder, forklift and log truck. Meanwhile, the price of timber really has gone down. Red oak, for example, is half the price it was in 2004,” Poirier said…. According to Poirier, a moratorium on logging in state forests over the last five years has also taken a bite out of his business. (end of excerpt)

So there was a natural economic force acting negatively on the business – a drop in lumber prices. This is common; all businesses have to deal with fluctuating economic conditions. But this alone did not kill the business. No, then it was the two very significant man-caused forces of rising fuel prices and moratoriums on logging that finally shuttered another rural business. And it is important to remember that increased fuel prices are a result of Obama’s anti-petroleum ‘green’ policies, while the ecologists are intentionally shutting down logging operations all over the nation under Agenda 21. Meanwhile the politically powerless people of rural Massachusetts are the losers. Exactly as planned.

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