Washington Post Columnist Wants Drugs Legal

There was a recent commentary by columnist Eugene Robinson in The Washington Post about the drug death of an actor named Philip Seymour Hoffman. Here are excerpts from that column with a Nikitas3.com comment about each:

Robinson writes: Oscar-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman is yet another victim of the war on drugs. Nikitas3.com comment: OK, so in the very first sentence Robinson claims that Hoffman is a “victim”. This is the standard liberal boilerplate, that we are all “victims”. To liberals, however, nobody is ever a victim of their own bad habits, stupidity or arrogance like Hoffman was. And this is going to be an increasing mantra from the Democrats – that drugs are no problem and that if we legalize them then we won’t have any more “victims”.

Robinson writes: Hoffman, 46, was found dead in the bathroom of his Manhattan apartment Sunday morning, apparently the victim of a heroin overdose. … Hoffman had lived through a familiar pattern: experimentation, addiction, rehab, abstinence, relapse, more rehab, more abstinence, another relapse. Nikitas3.com comment: Maybe Hoffman had lived through another familiar pattern like entertainment-industry narcissism, insecurity and weakness. Did you ever notice how many of these left-wingers are drug addicts, psychotics and manic-depressives? It is because liberalism is an ideology of weakness that then blames everyone else for their problems.

Robinson writes: Why would a man (Hoffman) held in such high esteem, a man with so much going for him and so much to live for, risk it all by buying illegal drugs from a criminal on the street and then injecting them into his veins? For the same reason any addict uses drugs: to get high. Nikitas3.com comment: No, he got on drugs because he was living the empty celebrity life that is part and parcel of Democrat America. Drug addiction, alcoholism and psychosis are very common in our cities and particularly in our liberal media culture. Hoffman lived amidst the New York City arts/theater culture and so was surrounded by liberals all the time; this is enough to drive anyone to drugs. Go to YouTube and look up a series called Mysteries & Scandals. It exposes time after time the drug-addicted, alcoholic insanity among actors in Hollywood for decades on end. We know many of these stories yet there are millions nationwide that we don’t know about.

Robinson writes: Perhaps this (addiction) was a moral failing on Hoffman’s part. Perhaps its origin lies buried in his personal history, with some trauma having triggered it. Perhaps it was written in his genetic code. I doubt we’ll ever know for sure. Nikitas3.com comment: Perhaps it was because Hoffman was a loser while the media portray people like him as winners whom we are supposed to emulate and envy. We should not.

Robinson writes: We do know that this need to get high is beyond some people’s control. Our drug policy of prohibition and interdiction makes it difficult and dangerous for people like Hoffman to get high, but not impossible — and it makes these tragic overdose deaths more common than they have to be. Nikitas3.com comment: Difficult and dangerous? Is this guy kidding? Have you ever seen our military heroes and Navy SEALs living luxurious lives like Hoffman in his New York City apartment and then running like scared children to the corner drug dealer? No, our heroes walk straight into enemy fire and often have died defending OUR collective freedom. Because they are real men not spoiled brats like play-actor Hoffman. This guy Hoffman should be a subject of ridicule, not pity.

Robinson writes: The obvious problem is that when an addict buys drugs on the street, he or she has no way of knowing how pure the product is and what else it might contain. In recent months, according to health officials, 37 people have died in Maryland, 22 in western Pennsylvania and several others in Ohio and New York from injecting heroin adulterated with fentanyl, a synthetic opioid that can be up to 100 times more potent than morphine. Nikitas3.com comment: Notice that he says the names of the states but he fails to mention that most of America’s drug addicts are in our cities where the liberal mindset prevails.

Robinson writes: As long as this (drug) commerce is illegal, it is totally unregulated. Since we know that addicts will continue to buy drugs on the street, we also know that some will die from drugs that are either too potent or adulterated with other substances that could make them lethal. Is this really the intent of our drug policy? To invite users to kill themselves? Nikitas3.com comment: OK, here comes the pitch for drug legalization. So this apparently means that legal alcohol has defeated alcoholism, right? No, that is just the liberal theory. And as we know all liberal theories backfire when applied and they produce the opposite result. Drug legalization will vastly increase drug addiction and drug deaths. Just look at the out-of-control marijuana consumption already in Colorado since it was legalized just one year ago. And now decent people in Colorado can’t keep their kids away from the marijuana smoke coming from next door.

Robinson writes: In the 1990s, when I was The Post’s correspondent in South America, I watched as U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents played Whac-A-Mole with the cocaine industry. They’d harass the coca growers in Peru, only to see more acreage planted in Bolivia. The agents would go to work in Bolivia, only to see coca plantations sprout up in Colombia. By the time the DEA had marshaled its assets in Colombia, the fields were lush and green once more in Peru. Nikitas3.com comment: Indeed Democrats cannot imagine a government actually trying to stop drug production. Instead communist and left-wing governments like Castro cooperate with drug dealers and then take a cut of the profits. This is one of the reasons that American liberals want drugs legalized – so that liberals can make billions making and distributing drugs and taxing them… as America descends into a drug stupor. This is where Democrats want us so that they can further control us.

Robinson writes: A couple of times, authorities in these countries flew me out to see fields of opium poppies they had discovered — the drug lords were diversifying into heroin. But the epicenter of poppy cultivation is Afghanistan where U.S.-backed officials turn a blind eye. Nikitas3.com comment: Yes, blame America again. This is classic liberalism. Actually our military in Afghanistan has been busy fighting terrorists, a fight that many liberals also oppose.

Robinson writes: For marijuana, we should follow Colorado and Washington toward legalization. Addiction to harder drugs should be considered a medical problem, period — a chronic illness, like diabetes, that might not be curable but can be managed. Nikitas3.com comment: This is classic socialism – marijuana gets legalized in two states and the Democrats use it as an excuse to seek to legalize it everywhere. Pretty soon it will be heroin, prostitution, child porn and then adult-child sex. You just watch. After all, we never could have imagined ten years ago that these sex-changers would be considered “normal” in many places or that all of these states would have homosexual marriage.

Robinson writes: There would be times when managing addiction means prescribing to addicts pharmaceutical-grade heroin and other drugs and then medically monitoring them. There would be other times when it means treatment to get clean. Philip Seymour Hoffman had tried and failed, tried and failed. But who knows? Next time, he might have made it. Nikitas3.com comment: Remember that drug addicts always have in the back of their minds the idea that people like Eugene Robinson are doing everything they can to blame Everyone Else instead of Philip Seymour Hoffman for drug addiction. Because that blame is very comforting to the weak drug addict. It is part of his/her persona and actually encourages addiction.

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