Good News – Union Organizers Fail in Tennessee congratulates the employees at Volkswagen in Tennessee USA for rejecting unionization. These workers know that unions destroy jobs and spread strife, and they did not want that in their lives or in their workplace.

At the Chattanooga, Tennessee plant the workers recently voted against unionization by a 53% to 47% margin. The vote actually was expected to go the other way, however, and to favor the United Auto Workers (UAW) union because Volkswagen itself had tacitly endorsed the union and even had allowed organizers into the factory to make the appeal. “This vote was essentially gift-wrapped for the union by Volkswagen,” said one disheartened activist.

The vote is a major defeat for efforts by UAW to expand in the American South where foreign automakers have 14 nonunion assembly plants. “If this was going to work anywhere, this is where it was going to work,” said one observer of the Tennessee vote.

This is great news for the American economy because the unions have ruined us. They destroyed the American auto industry and have wanted for decades to move into the nonunion “transplant” companies in the South like Volkswagen (from Germany), Hyundai (from South Korea), Toyota (from Japan) and others.

Always remember that unions are not acting “for the workers”. Labor unions are acting as money machines for the Democrat party in America, for international socialism and for rich union bosses. Any good that unions do “for the workers” is incidental.

So we see a company like Volkswagen actively aiding the unionization of the company’s own workers. This happened because socialists are everywhere in the world economy. Everywhere. They are in the media, the universities, the arts, the public schools, the churches and even in the corporations. Many billionaires and corporate executives are socialists. Executives at Volkswagen supported the unionization of Volkswagen. Does this make sense?

Of course not, until you look carefully at the situation. Remember that Volkswagen is a German company and that socialism rules in Europe. So you might expect even businesses in Europe to be socialistic. In fact the Tennessee Volkswagen CEO is pro-union and labor interests make up half of the supervisory board at Volkswagen. Thus unionization seemed likely to happen for two reasons:

First, of course, the unions seek to insinuate themselves into any successful company and often they bankrupt it. This happened many, many times in the decades following World War II when hundreds of companies including many American freight railroads and the whole American steel industry were driven out of business by the greedy unions acting as if they were in favor of “the workers”. Those workers then lost their jobs.

Who could forget the case of Hostess Bakeries, maker of Wonder Bread and Twinkies, that was struggling for economic survival in Autumn 2012. But rather than seeking to help the company the bakers’ union went on strike and the company immediately closed with 18,000 workers losing their jobs nationwide.

General Motors and Chrysler needed their 2009 bailout because the unions had drawn huge amounts of wealth away with outrageous wage and pension demands and work rules. The average assembly-line worker in 2009 at GM and Chrysler was making $73 an hour in total compensation. Meanwhile these non-union car plants in the South have never needed to be bailed out and have never had years of unsustainably high wages, outrageous union demands, strikes, violence, intimidation, strife and labor actions like the American companies have.

In the Volkswagen case, we see a second force at work – the company executives themselves who favor the unions. This is part of a pattern where socialists go into the private business world even though they are by ideology anti-business. Then they get inside an industry or a bank or a corporation, enjoy the good life that such employment offers, and subvert that company from the inside. And you can rest assured that the unions on the supervisory board at Volkswagen used their power to put their most pro-union cronies in the executive ranks.

This is reminiscent of the American economic collapse of 2008. That happened for three reasons, all a result of socialist ideas infiltrating our economy:

*Poor people were given trillions in loans guaranteed by the federal taxpayer including so-called NINJA loans when the poor person had No Income, No Job or Assets. The collapse of guaranteeing agencies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac was the root cause of the whole national economic collapse.

*This came on top of the fact that Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan set interest rates too low following 9/11. This fueled a private housing “bubble” while we conservatives and capitalists warn over and over that the government, in the person of Greenspan, should never set wages or prices. Greenspan in effect was setting the “price” of loan money and he guessed wrong.

*Meanwhile college-educated and college-indoctrinated socialists have been infiltrating our private banking system since the 1960s and have torn down the traditional lending safeguards, like the requirement for a 20% downpayment on a home loan. They have brought into banking their idea that banks should be institutions for social engineering, not lenders. This allowed millions of questionable loans to be made in the private sector.

Then trillions in loans, both public and private, went bust by 2008, which we conservatives have always warned will happen when you offer “easy” loan money, which is a socialist concept.

To see another way in which socialism has infiltrated and undermined us look at our Christian churches in America and in Europe. Today many of them have become left-wing and secular, more interested in promoting political issues like “global warming” or homosexual rights than preaching the Gospel.

This happens in the same way that socialism infiltrates corporations and banks – people who in fact are secular and liberal become faux-Christian pastors, they get into positions of power in the churches and then subvert the churches from the inside. Obama’s black former “pastor” Jeremiah Wright is Example #1. He used his position to promote not Christian ideals but black supremacism and hatred of America, all while enriching himself. (Then, at his retirement, Wright moved into a million-dollar home in a white suburb of Chicago.)

Many of these liberal churches today have a multicolor ‘gay flag’ out front which essentially says that if you are not pro-homosexual that you should stay out of that church, i.e., a sign of exclusion not inclusion. They also have a strident political tone that excludes anyone who does not agree with that agenda.

This all happens because socialists are focused on doing everything in their power to overtake our economy and our society using any tactic possible. They do not “build” anything. They simply seek to take over what already has been built, like labor unions that take over a company only after it has become successful or these left-wing preachers who take over churches that have been in existence for centuries. They have done the same in the universities.

On the other hand you will never see us conservatives becoming labor-union activists and then seeking to subvert unions. It is not in our belief system to do such a thing, nor in our hearts. We would rather spend our time building up a company or a church of our own. You will never see pro-life Christians secretly becoming active members of pro-abortion groups to try and steer them away from abortion.

If you ever have been a victim of union activity you know the story. Many, many cities, towns and companies have been destroyed by the unions like Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo, Toledo and other Northern industrial centers. This is why 53% of the workers at Volkswagen voted against the unions; because they know what unions do. And if Volkswagen had not used its power to actively influence workers in the favor of the union the vote against unionization would have been much higher.

These union tactics explain why only 7% of the private workforce in America today is unionized compared to more than 40% after World War II. After all, if the unions kill the companies that they work for then unionism is going to lose out.

The Volkswagen vote shows that Americans increasingly understand that unions do not stand “for the worker”. In fact unions have thrown many millions of American workers overboard in the last 50 years while the union bosses live in luxury as the Democrat party has prospered on union money. In the long run, the workers are irrelevant.

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