Is Education the Key to Income Equality?

In a recent editorial in The Wall Street Journal Mortimer Zuckerman wrote that the solution to “income inequality” is education. And of course we are all supposed to bow down to the Mighty Zuckerman because he is a big liberal and he is so rich and famous and lives in New York City.

But let’s get real – “income inequality” can be addressed in many ways, first and foremost by economic development and economic opportunity. Because even the best educated people will not have jobs in a bad economy while even the least educated can better themselves in a thriving economy.

Is education important?

Of course. But the way that Democrats present the case is a canard. Obama is constantly promoting “education”. But we have millions of college graduates in the United States today who cannot find jobs. So if “education” is so important then why can’t they find work? Shouldn’t the market be magically providing them with jobs since they have their degrees?

If only it were so. And the reason that these jobs have disappeared is because Obama and the same Democrats, including people like Zuckerman, are undermining economic opportunity and development with their anti-business and Welfare State agenda, pushing up the price of energy with ‘green‘ policies and otherwise harming the economy through relentless taxes, restrictions and regulations, environmental and otherwise. Meanwhile their Liberal Media allies constantly trash capitalism, business and our corporations.

Democrats focus on education in the first place because education is largely in the hands of the socialist left that has taken over most of our colleges and universities (both public and private) and our K-12 education system (both public and private). So naturally Zuckerman and Obama and the Democrats would say that education is the key because it empowers and enriches their political allies.

Yet what do kids learn in our public schools and in our colleges and universities these days? Many of them learn nothing at all that is valuable. Subjects like math, science, history and English along with communication and business skills are often marginalized or ignored. Corporations are maligned. Hard-working taxpaying Tea Partiers are called every name in the book. But the kids sure do learn everything there is to know about radical environmentalism, feminism, discrimination, multiculturalism and homosexuality.

This is one of the principal reasons that good jobs have disappeared from America. Because while our so-called education system has downgraded rational, productive, useful and critical thinking the schools in other advanced nations are turning out millions of highly-skilled, informed and well-educated graduates who are knowledgeable about business, math, science, engineering and advanced technologies. Most even know communication skills in English – the official language of international business – better than many American students do!

Just drive past any public high school in America today, or take a walk through a college town, and you will see what is going on. Education is a joke for far too many of the kids. They are often stoned out because the Democrats are seeking to legalize and legitimize marijuana everywhere. Drug use on college campuses has been flourishing since the 1960s with not a peep of protest from the administrators. This has had a hugely negative effect on education. But, boy, if you try to smoke tobacco on campus, watch out!

These academic socialists have an agenda to incessantly insult and censor conservatism, to radicalize students with drugs, easy sex, useless diplomas and left-wing propaganda, and to tell them that only Evil Republicans want them to learn things like math and science and history and business, subjects that actually require hard work and clear thinking and that are most likely to lead to good jobs after college.

This agenda is undermining America student by student by student. Then when graduates end up with no jobs or lousy jobs with their useless Sex-Changer Studies degree the Democrats bleat about “income inequality” and hand out billions in government dole to the unemployed.

Can we have the economic development and the economic opportunity that wants without education?

Well, we certainly need education, but not the kind that the socialists are giving us. We need total education reform and much higher standards. But just as significantly we need the schools to embrace and disseminate an entrepreneurial, pro-capitalist ethos that we conservatives always have supported and always will support. After all Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard and became the richest man in America in the most advanced field of all – computers.

Now think about computers. They are a critical part of our technological infrastructure. And who is best at computers? Answer: White men like Bill Gates who invented them and have improved them again and again and again.

Yet who is marginalized and often kept out of our universities by affirmative action while “minorities” and “women” are ushered in? Who is insistently maligned as “old fashioned” and “figures of oppression”? Answer: White men.

Yet who are the smartest and most entrepreneurial people in the world? Answer: White European/American men who invented every modern technology that powers the world today from electricity to the internal combustion engine to modern medicine to plastics to modern metallurgy to the telephone and light bulb, and on and on. These technologies are a result of millennia of gradual advancement in thinking from Ancient Greece to Silicon Valley.

Yet who in America has had their business opportunities shut down repeatedly, either through taxes and regulations in anti-business states like California, or through environmental laws which halt logging, mining, ranching and manufacturing?

Answer: White men. In fact Intel, the “grandfather” of the Silicon Valley computer industry, founded by three white men named Robert Noyce, Gordon Moore and Andrew Grove, is moving many of its operations out of California because the Democrats who control California have made the state so hostile to business and to wealthy people (the top state tax rate on wealthy Californians is 13%). At the same time unskilled and uneducated illegal aliens have flooded into California by the millions, welcomed with open arms by those same Democrats.

Meanwhile the environmental movement is doing everything in its power to shut down economic opportunities for tens of millions of people in rural and small-town America. And who lives there?

Answer: Primarily white people, many of whom are not even highly educated. But they have something just as good going for them; they are hard workers and are entrepreneurial, optimistic and creative in their outlook and they have something that all businesses absolutely require… common sense.

Common sense, however, is another commodity that is in short supply in our schools and universities. While the students are radicalized about ‘global warming’ they ignore the facts before their eyes that they could see if they had common sense – that the world is experiencing record cold all over the globe.

This is why “education” as manifested in much of America today is not the key to income inequality. Good education is certainly important and we conservatives want that more than anyone. But it is not the only ingredient. We also need economic opportunity and the entrepreneurial spirit under which to apply that education.

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