US Liberals Extol Islamic Al Jazeera TV Channel

Look at these Liberal Media praises for a certain new cable TV channel:

“The news is the star” said USA Today. “Serious, straightforward news” claimed the New York Times. “Welcome back real cable news” opined The Daily Beast.

What source are these people breathlessly applauding? Fox News? Of course not. I don’t think so. No, they are extolling the newest big cable TV station in America, Al Jazeera America, which is an arm of the pro-Islam Al Jazeera TV network from the Middle East, a satellite channel owned by the government of the oil-rich nation of Qatar. And how did Al Jazeera get into the US market?

It bought the cable news flop called Current TV that Al Gore started in 2005 and was a prime investor in. The price was $500 million. Al Jazeera is using the Current TV platform as its base.

So first Gore lies to us every minute of every day about ‘global warming’ and then he sells out his failed TV station to Middle East extremists. Gore is a deceitful radical, friends. Don’t ever soft-soap who this guy is as he rests comfortably on a $200 million fortune while millions lose their jobs as a result of Gore-backed enviro policies. Here are some excerpts from about Al Jazeera:

In 2011, said Al Jazeera’s coverage of the 2011 Egyptian protests was superior to that of the American news media. Hillary Clinton stated that the US was losing the information war as “Al Jazeera has been the leader in that [they] are literally changing people’s minds and attitudes. And like it or hate it, it is really effective,” she said.”

…While Al Jazeera has a large audience in the Middle East, the organization and the original Arabic channel in particular have taken criticism and been involved in several controversies. Following the Arab spring revolutions, Al Jazeera have been accused of supporting the Muslim brotherhood and dissimulating realities about their violence and assaults. (end of excerpts)

Yes, right, so the liberals are saying over and over that a pro-Islam and pro-radical-Islam network is wonderful. Why?

Well, heck, they have another biased anti-American news source in their circle, just like the rest of the Liberal Media.

Why does Hillary Clinton repeatedly praise Islam, for instance when she said glowingly that Muslims have played an important role in American history(??!!) Are not these radical Muslims out to destroy America? Is not Islam repressive toward women? Shouldn’t this all upset America’s liberals and feminists like Clinton?

No, you have to understand the dynamic here. First and foremost we must remember the old adage: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. And while radical Islam and American liberalism may seem like strange bedfellows and opposite from one another, they are cooperating politically these days. Why?

Because radical Islam hates American conservatism, Christianity and capitalism, while American socialism hates American conservatism, Christianity and capitalism, i.e., the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Just look at Obama’s slavish obeisance to Ramadan, the Islamic holy period. He openly celebrates it at a dinner at the White House every year with an Islamic audience. Because Obama is at heart a Muslim since both his biological father and his stepfather were radical Muslims who hated the Christian West and since Obama was educated in Islamic schools in Indonesia. Otherwise Obama’s mother was an atheist and so he had only one religion in his life growing up – Islam.

At the same time Democrats are courting the Islamic vote in America no matter how radical and anti-American Muslims become. And Muslims are becoming more and more militant every year as the extremists in American Islam move increasingly to the forefront, just as the Democrat party has become more dominated by extremists with every passing year. And extremists often gravitate to one another when they have common interests.

Now look at this. Washington Free Beacon reported on September 18, 2013 about the militant Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt:

A senior Muslim Brotherhood official who, until recently, had been employed by the William J. Clinton Foundation was arrested in Cairo on Tuesday and charged with inciting violence.

Gehad el-Haddad served as one of the Muslim Brotherhood’s top communications officials until Egyptian security forces seized him as part of a wider crackdown on officials loyal to ousted former President Mohamed Morsi.

Before emerging as a top Brotherhood official and adviser to Morsi, el-Haddad served for five years as an official at the Clinton Foundation, a nonprofit group founded by former President Bill Clinton.

El-Haddad gained a reputation for pushing the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamist agenda in the foreign press, where he was often quoted defending the Brotherhood’s crackdown on civil liberties in Egypt.

He was raised in a family of prominent Brotherhood supporters and became the public face of the Islamist organization soon after leaving his post at the Clinton Foundation. (end of Free Beacon excerpt)

Meanwhile reported:

What was El-Haddad’s role with the Clinton Foundation? According to his LinkedIn profile, he set up its office in Egypt, supervised policy-making workshops, and presented Foundations views. He was also in charge of the …Clinton Climate Initiative in Egypt. (end of excerpt)

Unbelievable. Notice that this guy was involved not only with Clinton’s foundation (i.e., used Clinton’s foundation as an income source while promoting radical Islam) but also with the Clinton Climate Initiative, which is part of global anti-American, anti-capitalist enviro-socialism. Meanwhile Islam worldwide today is largely ruled by something called Islamic Socialism under which religious Islam allies itself with socialistic/communistic government control of the economy for total control of a nation politically, religiously and economically. At the same time offers this information that supports the Free Beacon claim. Here is Wikipedia’s excerpt on El-Haddad:

Gehad El-Haddad (born c.1981) is an Egyptian political activist for the Muslim Brotherhood. He has acted as media spokesman for the Brotherhood since May 2013.

The son of Essam El-Haddad, a member of the Brotherhood’s Guidance Bureau, Gehad El-Haddad grew up in Alexandria. He studied marketing and filmmaking in the UK on a Chevening Scholarship, at one point working on Amr Khaled’s television series Life Makers. He returned to Egypt, working for the Industrial Modernization Centre and then Clinton Climate Initiative. Afterwards, he volunteered for the Muslim Brotherhood Renaissance Project (Project implementation started while Morsi was in office). (end of Wikipedia excerpt)

So there you go; yet another American Democrat – Bill Clinton and by association Hillary Clinton – linked to radical Muslims. These ties are everywhere, as in the Current TV sale and in Obama’s celebration of Ramadan. In short the American left will ally itself with anyone who is anti-American but never with the Tea Parties or conservatives or patriots or anyone who actually works hard and cares about our nation as a free and prosperous entity.

Then remember that 9/11 happened because Bill Clinton ignored Middle East extremism during the 8 years of his presidency even after the first terror bombing of the World Trade Center in February 1993, at the start of the Clinton presidency. Clinton thus provided the Bush administration with virtually no information on terrorism when it should have provided a library-full. Bush started immediately ramping up against terrorism in Spring 2001 but was far behind the curve by September 11, 2001 which was just 8 months into the Bush presidency.

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