Only the Middle Class Can Save America

The word “bourgeoisie” is a term used to describe the middle class. It is a corruption of the word “burghers” which referred to a population which rose up to economic power through business activity during Europe’s Middle Ages and Renaissance. This “bourgeoisie” challenged the authority of the landowners and others in the privileged political and economic classes.

Today the terms “bourgeois” taste and “bourgeois” power are applied dismissively by the Democrat left and the university intellectuals to a group that they despise – an independent, prosperous middle class like the Tea Party that has no need for government help and that actively works against government control of their lives.

Socialism, on the other hand, is an ideology of weakness and government dependency for people who cannot, will not, or are not smart enough to rely on themselves and their own hard work. This refers to both the people who are chronically dependent on government programs and also to the people who work inside government bureaucracies including those administering the programs. In general neither group can prosper in the independent, private sector. They are routinely described as “stupid” and “lazy” and “unambitious” while the bureaucracy itself (excluding the military, national security etc.) is often described as “incompetent” or a “blob” or an “octopus” that wastes money and labor and does everything inefficiently.

So if you wonder why the rich and privileged Democrats, including the pampered government bureaucracy, hate the Tea Parties today think no further than the term “bourgeoisie”. This started in the 1960s when the ‘hippies’ were told to hate their middle-class parents. And if you ever have wondered how so much anger can be directed at people who take care of themselves and ask for nothing from others think no more.

Yet what does an independent middle class really represent?

It represents the only hope that a society can have for two things – freedom and prosperity.

Socialists scoff at that concept and say that the middle class is just a bunch of selfish shopkeepers and nickel counters. But if you look more closely you will see that the middle class is the only group that can save us from economic and political tyranny.
Think about the alternatives to the middle class – a society of the rich and the poor, which we are predictably getting under Obama. Then consider that neither cares much about liberty. To wit:

Most poor people don’t care about freedom. They could care less about the Constitution or the checks and balances of our federal government or the genius of our Founders. They are mostly obsessed only with day-to-day life and make no connection between freedom and prosperity. They usually don’t care about prosperity itself because they are not part of it and think that there is no way to become part of it. And even though they suffer when prosperity shrinks, as in America today, they do not necessarily make the connection. They are detached because they are often living on handouts and do not understand or care about the link between economic decay and their own living standard. After all, they can blame Bush and the Tea Parties for their problems because the socialist elites tell them to do so.

Meanwhile most rich people don’t care about freedom. Obama’s billionaire friends don’t worry about what the Constitution says. They create their own freedom through their wealth. The socialist rich don’t care about general prosperity and freedom for all of the people.

That is how they can drive past poor people in their limousines and then claim that they “care about” the poor. Because they are detached from “the poor” and they think that “the poor” are taken care of by the government programs that they favor. That is how a socialist like Bill Gates, with a $75 billion fortune, can call for tax increases on a small business that earns just $200,000 a year, i.e., because he thinks he “cares” about everyone.

That is why socialism always produces a society of rich and poor, the middle class shrinks – as it is doing under Obama – and freedom fades away. Because with just the rich and the poor any yearning for freedom, both political and economic, is replaced by a Dictatorship of the Poor and a Dictatorship of the Rich. Then the broad, independent middle class is generally obliterated and replaced by a much smaller middle class of privileged government workers like public school teachers and other well-paid city, state and federal employees.

The Dictatorship of the Poor is manifested in a powerful lobby in America dedicated to one thing – taking taxpayer money from the middle class and giving it to the poor and to the government bureaucracy that services the poor. This is why the middle class is shrinking; not only does its wealth disappear into the pockets of “the poor” and the government, but that money represents lost investment capital that could be funding private jobs and growth for the middle class and the poor.

This lobby is one of the most powerful in history and this is why “the poor” are living high on trillions in handouts; because the money is simply being taken by their dictatorship led by Obama and belligerent and greedy blacks like Sharpton, Jackson, Maxine Waters and others. Greedy socialistic whites like Nancy Pelosi and other liberals join the fray. Because it is easier to “take” the wealth of others than to “create” that wealth yourself like the middle class does. These “takers” are at the heart of socialism. Meanwhile the middle class simply wants the freedom to “create” its own wealth, and can and will do it.

The Dictatorship of the Rich is manifested by Obama’s billionaire cronies like George Soros and Warren Buffett and hundreds of others, all the way down to multimillionaires and millions of other well-to-do socialists who may even live in your town. The two biggest figures on Wall Street, Lloyd Blankfein and Jamie Dimon, are huge Obama supporters. Eight of the ten richest people in the US Congress are Democrats. 14 of the 15 richest congressional districts in the US are represented by far-left Democrats. Even the socialist bible, the New York Times, carries countless advertisements for elite, expensive clothes, apartments, houses, artworks, jewelry etc.

Wealthy elite Democrats don’t care about the Constitution. They care about their billions and millions. If their fellow citizens are ruined by the bad Obama economy, as they are being, these elites don’t care. They have their yachts and their mansions to retreat to just as the rich landowners and their elite political allies had their castles and manor houses in the Middle Ages.

The middle class, however, creates its own wealth and opportunity which emanates from one thing… freedom, both political and economic.

That is why the middle class cares about, needs and cultivates liberty. When the middle class expands, as it has expanded all over the world in recent decades with the spread of freedom, capitalism and Western technology, two things increase – liberty and prosperity. And those are two very, very good things.

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