Boston Marathon Anniversary Farce

The first anniversary of the Boston Marathon terror bombing is coming up on Monday, April 21, when the 2014 marathon will take place. And the buildup to this farce started as soon as the smoke cleared last year.

We have heard ‘Boston Strong’ and other slogans. We have had countless memorial services and sanctimonious newspaper editorials while the marathon this year itself will be used to milk every possible emotion out of that terrible event. They will wave the American flag all along the marathon route, rest assured. Who knows what other imagery they will exploit in 2014 – how about a “missing runner” formation to commemorate the dead?

Baloney. This bombing was yet another terror attack that never should have happened but did happen because of Obama/Democrat negligence. And now it is being manipulated for base political reasons, i.e., to make us forget that Obama policies are responsible. The 2014 Marathon should be used as a vehicle to protest increasing law-enforcement incompetence on the local, state and federal level but it never will be.

To recap the attack: Two Muslim brothers from Russia, Tamerlan and Dzhokar Tsarnaev, built bombs in their apartment not far from Harvard University in Boston. On April 15, 2013 they smuggled the bombs in bulky backpacks into the Boston Marathon crowd under the eyes of hundreds of police officers and detonated them, killing three people and injuring more than 250 people. And if you remember the immediate reaction, the Liberal Media speculated that the bombing surely could have been the work of white, conservative, anti-tax Americans since it happened on April 15, tax deadline day.

Friends, one of these terrorist brothers, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was known to national and international authorities for having visited terror enclaves in Russia. He even had been interviewed by FBI. But then he was able to build bombs in his apartment just blocks from Harvard and detonate them in a public crowd. The pictures taken in the moments after the attack are laughable if they were not so tragic. In one photo, seven cops are seen surrounding a fallen marathon runner. Yet 30 seconds earlier those same cops were oblivious to two Muslims with big backpacks waltzing into the crowd with evil intentions.

(But when you had 76 Christians worshipping peacefully in Waco, Texas the federal authorities under Democrat president Bill Clinton in 1993 sure dealt with them with an iron hand. Killed every one of them… Meanwhile legitimate gun owners across America are threatened with more and more laws and sanctions while evil people move freely among us.)

These terrorist attacks were and are preventable. For instance the Islamic Fort Hood terrorist who killed 13 people in 2009 was working within the US Army itself. He was well-known as a fanatic but our politically-correct, multicultural US Army was afraid to confront him so as not to upset his Muslim sensibilities under Obama’s pro-Muslim policies. Meanwhile the May 2009 murder of Army private William Long in Little Rock, Arkansas was also carried out by a radical Muslim. The killer was Carlos Bledsoe, a black American convert to Islam who was known by the name Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad. Bledsoe was well known to American intel officials.

The attempted bombing of Times Square in New York City in May 2010 would have killed and injured hundreds except that the truck bomb luckily did not go off. Why did our law-enforcement agencies not pick up on Muslim bomber Faisal Shahzad assembling this bomb in Connecticut?

Good question…

In the Beltway Sniper case in 2002 two black males, one a Muslim convert, shot and killed 10 innocent people and critically injured three others in the area around Washington, DC. In that case the black Montgomery County (Md.) police chief Charles Moose believed what a criminal “profiler” told him and announced publicly that the snipers were probably white males with military experience. Then when the actual black snipers were stopped/investigated by the cops twice during the killing spree, they were ignored because the cops were supposed to be looking for “white males”. This is our incompetent, multicultural law enforcement agencies at work. (Moose was reported in 2012 as retired at age 59 and living in Florida. He should have been kicked out of his job and had his pension taken away for his incompetence in the sniper case that certainly led to some of the 10 deaths.)

Then remember that 9/11 happened because Bill Clinton ignored Middle East extremism during the 8 years of his presidency even after the first terror bombing of the World Trade Center in February 1993, at the start of the Clinton presidency. Clinton thus provided the Bush administration with virtually no information on terrorism when it should have provided a library-full. Bush started immediately ramping up against terrorism in Spring 2001 but was far behind the curve by September 11, 2001 which was just 8 months into the Bush presidency.

Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev was killed by authorities and after his brother Dzhokar was captured, Boston and the entire country cheered. Oh, they were so relieved! Hooray for the police!

Nonsense. This all happened in an ultra-liberal city that campaigns reflexively against genuine police power. Then it was incompetent, politically correct and negligent federal, state and local authorities that allowed this attack to happen, just the types of “tolerant”, multicultural cops that liberals adore. The Boston mayor and police chief should have been removed from office for allowing this charade to happen on their watch but since they are liberal they were lauded.

At the same time we see blanket NSA surveillance in the name of national security, and home raids in Wisconsin on law-abiding Americans who support conservatism while bombers, hijackers, snipers, murderers and terrorists roam free across America. This must end now with election of a Republican US Senate in 2014, more Republican governors, and a Republican president in 2016.

The Boston bombing should have become a rallying cry for more security and less political correctness. Instead it has become a shallow farce in defense of Obama and his pro-Muslim policies.

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