Eco-Myth of ‘Rising Seas’ Easily Disproven

(I forgot to mention that yesterday, April 22, was “earth day”. And it is important to remember that the very first earth day was April 22, 1970 which just so happened to have been the 100th anniversary – to the day – of the birth of the genocidal communist dictator Vladimir Lenin of Russia. This is not a coincidence. Now here is today’s editorial.) recently spotted a headline in an ultra-liberal newspaper that said ‘Rising Seas, Rising Rates’. The first line of the article said: “(Massachusetts) ocean waters and insurance rates are rising.” Then there was not one single word of discussion or explanation for rising sea levels anywhere in the article but only a discussion of flood insurance rates. In other words we are simply supposed to accept the premise that sea levels are rising, just like we are supposed to accept the theory of ‘global warming’ or ‘climate change’ or whatever they are calling it these days.

Friends, the seas are not rising. Remember after Al Gore won his Ignoble Prize in 2006 that he said that the seas were going to rise 17 feet and swallow all of the world’s coastal cities? Then a short time later he said that the seas were going to rise only 12 inches?

So which is it? By the way where is Al Gore these days? Has he been embarrassed off the public stage by his outlandish claims, like the time he gave a big ‘global warming’ speech on the coldest day in decades in New York City?

Yes… He is off counting his fortune which is estimated at $200 million. Hey, not bad for a pathological liar…

Actual observation shows that the seas are not rising. This wild claim is part of the ongoing con game of ‘global warming’ alarmism. There is no evidence anywhere in the world that the seas are rising beyond normal fluctuations due to lunar forces which create tides, along with other minor and natural fluctuations. No cities are being swallowed up. Because if cities indeed were sinking it would be all over the world media every day, wouldn’t it?

Of course. Second there are no panicked plans to build walls around New York City or Boston or any other cities. Because if the seas really were rising the environmentalists would have demanded tens of billions in government money to build the walls to keep the seas out. But they are not building the walls. Know why?

Because the seas are not rising. Period. End of story.

OK, so do you want to prove before your own eyes that the whole concept of “rising seas” is fake?

If so, first you must understand what this claim is all about. These “rising seas” are attributed to ice melting in the Arctic region (the North Pole) which it apparently has done periodically throughout history, as all of the earth had been through long and short periods of natural warming. There apparently was melting in recent years but that appears to have reversed. Much of the United States and Canada just had a record cold winter.

The theory is that the melting ice was supposed to add water to the seas and cause them to rise, inundating coastal cities. Now here is how to prove that this is all fake using a simple grade-school experiment.

First here is the key to understanding the experiment: The ice at the North Pole is not on land; it is ice floating in the ocean.

Therefore if it melts the ‘warming’ alarmists claim that it will add water to the oceans and cause the sea levels to rise. But it does not appear to be doing so even after melting in recent years. Why not?

To prove what is really happening, fill a water glass halfway with ice cubes. Then fill it right to the very brim with water. Then put it into your microwave oven and zap it until the ice melts. What do you notice?

You notice that the water level remains exactly the same. The melting ice does not add water to the glass and cause the water in the glass to overflow the sides of the glass like the ‘global warming’ alarmists are claiming that the melting of the floating sea ice is causing sea levels to rise.

But don’t you think that these so-called “climate scientists” would have figured this out before making their ridiculous claim?

Yes, they would have if they were real “scientists”. But they are not. They are fake “global warming” scientists, which means that they are just political activists masquerading as scientists. That is why none of the ‘warming’ fearmongering should be believed.

This is how to debunk enLIARmentalism over and over and over. You can debunk any of it easily. So why are these ecologists continuing to make all of these crazy claims?

It is because enLIARmentalists must stick to their end-of-the-world story in order to get money, power and jobs for themselves. After all, the only response to ‘global warming’ – if it existed – would be for governments to tell everyone what to do, i.e., socialism, like putting up windmills and restricting energy use and telling everyone how to live their lives. And since most top environmentalists are really just radical socialist sheep in ‘green’ clothing, this obviously would benefit them. And that, by the way, is why they chose the 100th anniversary of the birth of a communist tyrant for the first earth day… to celebrate what environmentalism really is all about.

Remember the Climate-Gate e-mail scandal when top “climate scientists” around the world were furiously e-mailing each other to try and develop an explanation for all of the holes in their ‘global warming’ theory?

Yet those of us who have doubted their outrageous claims have not had to e-mail one another over our side of the story. In fact we can prove our version with a simple grade-school experiment with ice cubes in a glass of water.

It must be awfully stressful to have to go out in public day in and day out and try to prop up a theory that fewer and fewer people believe any longer. Remember that a huge percentage of Americans believed Al Gore at the beginning, but that that number has been steadily falling.

Good. Because it is all a hoax. They even altered the name from ‘global warming’ to ‘climate change’ for two reasons: A) there was record cold all over the globe and their ‘warming’ claim looked increasingly silly, and B) they wanted to make any change at all in the climate or the weather fit their template, that we are in a planetary “climate emergency”. Meanwhile we conservatives have been saying all along that the climate changes and is unpredictable, and that we should not see droughts or floods or temperature shifts or hurricanes as anything outside the normal.

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