Arts: Recent Drawings by Nikitas

Regular readers of this site know that I, Nikitas, am an artist as well as a conservative activist. I have been making geometric paintings for more than 30 years, and have been drawing for more than 40 years. Below is a group of large-scale pencil drawings that I made recently. They demonstrate the knowledge that I have built up through decades of drawing. I believe that they represent the human form and the human portrait in terms that few artists today know anything about since “modern art” rejects the historical discipline of drawing. There also are two very conceptual drawings, of the candles and the cut-glass object. The bottom two are drawings of Jesus Christ and St. Sebastian, two Christian images that have appeared repeatedly throughout art history, often in the most famous paintings. Thus I thought that I should try them. I intend to expand upon these historic images in the future.

Drawing to me is a more expressive and descriptive medium than painting, which is cumbersome and limiting. While drawing lacks color it more than makes up for it in detail. To my eye, form is the most important aspect of art while color is cosmetic and emotional.

The images below are best viewed with high-speed internet. You can click on each one and it will appear as a screen-sized image. They run the gamut from Lady with a Chrysanthemum, a light-hearted image that refers to classical European painting, to Archimedes Sitting on a Cube, where the human form is distorted in space, just as Archimedes’ theories challenged our perception of the world. (Caption is below each image.)

Cut Glass Object 20 inches tall, pencil on panel
Lady with a Target, 38 inches tall, pencil on panel

Archimedes the Mathematician Sitting on a Cube, 38 inches tall, pencil on panel
Two Candles, 34 inches tall, pencil on panel
Hercules, 38 inches tall, pencil on panel
St. Sebastian at His Martyrdom, 38 inches tall, pencil on panel
Jesus Christ in the Crown of Thorns, 38 inches tall, pencil on panel

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