Disabilities Laws vs. The People

If you are a happy and content person then you must always be prepared for a Liberal Attack.

How does it work? Well, just look at successful people in America. The liberals often say that Americans who have become successful through their own hard work (i.e., the conservative model) must be taxed heavily and should be envied, and even maligned and caricatured. This takes advantage of the most powerful emotion of all – jealousy. This is how the successful and happy middle class in America has been defamed as a cartoon character after decades of relentless attacks starting with the ‘hippies’ of the 1960s who said that even their own middle-class parents were idiots.

If you have a happy family or you are a successful person liberals will inspire the most angry, unsuccessful and unhappy people to say that there is no reason that you should be happy and successful, that somehow you do not deserve it. These attacks are sometimes done overtly but it often is done backhandedly in the media, for instance with families relentlessly portrayed as unhappy, crazy, dysfunctional or non–existent. Happy and normal people are rarely portrayed any more on TV, even in comic situations, like they were on the old Andy Griffith Show or many other shows in the 1950s and 1960s.

There are many types of joy-killing efforts from the liberals. Today, for instance, they are trying to legalize marijuana everywhere which is going to lead to major social disruption as it already is doing in two states where it has been legalized – Washington state and Colorado. We law-abiding Americans then must devote time and energy just to fight legalization. This diminishes our very joy of living.

We recently have had a joy-killer experience in my city in Massachusetts. I live in a beautiful neighborhood. I inherited the house from my father and mother, maintained it well after they passed away, and then sold my interest to my brothers. I still live in the house but will probably move soon, and I still care about the street that the house is on. I have many wonderful memories here.

My neighborhood is one of the best in my city and my father worked very hard to own the house. The neighbors today work to keep up their properties and are all very nice, quiet, productive folks who never complain about anything. So what did the social-worker joy-killers do? They bought the only vacant house on the street – out of just 16 houses on a dead-end street with little traffic on it – and turned it into a little nursing home. They have put four brain-damaged ladies into that house.

This is a commercial operation on a residential street. But we found out that we can’t protest it because it was put on our street under various federal and state “disabilities” laws that say that you can’t discriminate against disabled people. This was bad enough, but the question remains: Why did they pick our street?

Answer: Because it is the nicest street in town, that’s why. Because liberals must always seek to inflict harm on successful people. This is how socialism works; elevate the lower people by bringing down those who are higher up and successful. This happened despite the fact that these brain-damaged ladies don’t know if they are in a house on my nice street or elsewhere. And all this has happened despite the fact that some of the people on my street are well-to-do Democrats who surely voted for Obama and for Democrats on the federal, state and local level. And to them I say, “Too bad. You voted for this stuff.”

Then if we homeowners say that we don’t want this mini-nursing-home on our street the liberals claim that we don’t care about the disabled. This is simply a piece of their deceitful propaganda. We do care, and the disciplined and hard-working people on my street contribute greatly to our economic stability and prosperity and also to our social programs through a lot of taxes. We just don’t think that a commercial operation should be located on a residential street. Just like I would object to a gasoline station on my street even though I am in favor of free enterprise. But that objection does not mean that I don’t want people to have gasoline. I just think that they should go to a commercial zone to buy it.

Indeed, the joy-killers are hard at work in my neighborhood. They tried to sneak this facility in without our even knowing anything about it but we found out. So we demanded a meeting to know what was going on. And the guy who runs the local agency overseeing this project was very defensive at the meeting because our homeowners were angry. But he also was somewhat arrogant because he knew that he had the law behind him.

Even our Democrat state representative came to the meeting and told us that we could not do anything but that everything was going to be fine. And so far it has not been fine. It is about 50/50. This facility is generally quiet but it definitely adds to the traffic on the street; there recently were seven cars and one van parked in front. Its wheelchair ramps are garishly lit at night, harming the sleep cycle of a lady across the street with Alzheimer’s. The delivery trucks go beep-beep-beep when they back up for a delivery, which is more often than we would like. We even had a police visit just a few days after the facility opened. The police hardly ever come down my street … until now, that is. Worst of all, we don’t know what is coming next. This could be just the start.

There are other very negative aspects. For instance, we know that this house could easily have been sold to a family for its selling price of $350,000 and would have remained on the city tax rolls. This would have retained the residential character of the neighborhood. Now the house will pay no taxes and the residential character has been disrupted. The city loses both ways and in a third way too; the good residents of my street feel that they have been mistreated.

Meanwhile we know that the city owns many houses, probably hundreds of them, from tax defaults since my city is in an economic tailspin. There are abandoned houses all over. We know that the city could have given one of these houses to the agency for free.
That would have been a quadruple win for everyone: It would have saved the agency $350,000 for the cost of the house on my street (money that could have gone for care of the women or other disabled people); the house on my street then could have remained a residence and would have remained on the tax rolls; my neighborhood would not face any disruption; and a tax-default house would have been put to good use. Otherwise most of these tax-default houses remain vacant and decaying because people are leaving my city in droves and vacant houses are everywhere.

But rather than do what is right for the common good the liberals have put this mini-nursing-home in a nice residential neighborhood in order to hew to the socialist agenda, i.e., put a stick in the eye of the prosperous and happy people on my street who have worked hard for what they have. It is like their egghead socialist theory of putting a low-income housing project in a nice neighborhood in order to scatter the poor people around evenly so that they won’t concentrate in bad areas. This facility surely is bringing down the property values on my street. And rest assured that this delights many liberals.

To accommodate the patients carpenters worked for several months to make major renovations to the small house, including the installation of two massive wheelchair ramps. These specific renovations make the house virtually unsellable as a residence in the future. This is the way that socialists always work – they plant themselves in your community in such a way that you can’t get rid of them.

Is this The Nursing Home from Hell? Well, not that we have seen… yet. It appears to be a so-so proposition, neither as bad as we might have anticipated, but it still does not belong in our neighborhood. The local agency has assured us that they have a 9-year lease on the property and that it will remain a home for only the four women. But we are concerned because we don’t know what is really going to happen; they could put 10 more people in it next year with a big expansion and we could say nothing. These four women could very well be just the start. This is the way that socialism usually works – it starts out small and then expands.

Then after 9 years they could turn it into a drug treatment center or a homeless shelter. Don’t think that they wouldn’t try that. Because these joy-killers are extremely aggressive people with a hard agenda and they use government power to enforce it. That is why the disabilities laws must be changed and why we need to vote these Disabilities Democrats out at every opportunity.

Now here is a second editorial that is just right for the coming of Summer:

Free Air Conditioning for All!?

According to a 2003 study from the Heritage Foundation called Understanding Poverty in America, 76% of “poor” people in the United States have air conditioning. And while air conditioning makes us comfortable in hot weather, billions of people around the world survive without it today. And throughout most of human history, everyone has survived without it.

The question is: Who should get air conditioning? And why should we even be debating personal choices?

Answer: Because this gives us insight into a wider question about “entitlement” and about the out-of-control tax system that is used to fund entitlement.

So theNikitas3.com proposal is this: That no person or household that receives any government funding for food stamps, welfare, housing subsidies, medical care or any other service should be allowed to have air conditioning unless it absolutely is a matter of survival.

Consider the facts. First, hot weather kills a small number of Americans every year, primarily very old people. Second, poor people on government assistance who use air conditioning could better be using for food and rent the handout money that they spend to buy and operate an air conditioner, and thus could be cutting their dependency on taxpayers by shutting off the AC. Third and most importantly, however, many millions of hard-working people in America who pay taxes and accept nothing from the government cannot themselves afford to buy and operate an air conditioner, while the taxes that they pay often go to buy and operate AC for dependent people.

Therefore Nikitas3.com believes that all air conditioners should be removed from the homes of dependent people.

Naturally Welfare State Democrats will object because they have crafted an elaborate social hammock which keeps them in power, and they become hysterical when any aspect of their plan is revealed to the sunlight. They will lash out, accusing those of us backing this air-conditioner removal plan of “mean spiritedness” and all the other usual invectives.

So when liberals refuse this removal plan, conservatives should offer this compromise: Anyone in America who works and pays federal taxes should be offered a federal tax credit to acquire an air conditioner. Under this plan, the air conditioner’s purchase price and operating costs (AC requires a lot of electricity) can be directly subtracted dollar for dollar from that person’s federal income tax payment.

Naturally liberals will oppose this because it equals a “tax cut” for hard-working people, which they always oppose because they wish to control all citizens through the redistribution of wealth garnered through taxation. And second, this tax credit plan will benefit productive people who pay taxes, who are not a solid voting bloc for the Democrat party.

But this plan is only fair, is it not? This would put taxpaying people on equal footing with the dependent poor (having air conditioners paid for by the federal government (the taxpayer)) but with one huge difference: The working citizens are contributing to this nation and paying the taxes while the dependent poor usually are not working at all and often are not paying any taxes at all.

So who deserves the luxury of air conditioning more?

If Democrats reject this tax incentive plan for AC, then all the dependent poor should have AC removed from their homes. And if “the poor” object to removal, all government assistance to that person or household should be ended.

This is economic justice for the people who are working every day to make America a better place.

Free air conditioning for all!?

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