Conservatives, Hispanics are Natural Political Allies

We hear over and over about “immigration reform”. But immigration reform today really means open borders and amnesty for illegal immigrants, maybe more than 15 million of them.

And don’t think that these illegals are just coming over the border from Mexico. Liberals don’t want you to know that illegals today include millions of people from all over the world who fly into the US on temporary visas on a round-trip airline ticket and then never go back. They come from places like Africa, Pakistan, Egypt, Indonesia and many other poor nations. They are desperate to escape their impoverished homelands. They simply stay in America knowing that their chances of being found out and deported are slim to none.

But we tend to focus on hispanic illegals since hispanics are the fastest-growing population group in the United States and are the largest modern-day immigrant group. Ronald Reagan said decades ago that “Hispanics are Republicans but they just don’t know it.” He meant that American hispanics in the 1960s and 1970s embraced family, their Christian faith, hard work and self-reliance but may not necessarily have realized that those are Republican and conservative traits.

Reagan was right in his time but today this is less true. Hispanics in 2014 seem to be less religious than they were when Reagan said what he said. Meanwhile their embrace of family is more tenuous than it was 40 years ago, as many Americans are less faithful and family-oriented than they once were. Meanwhile increasing numbers of hispanic illegals have become dependent on government handouts, although hispanics in general are industrious people who have worked hard and contributed to our economy in many fields.

At the same time the Democrat party has had 40 years to radicalize hispanics with the promise of open borders and an open treasury, and millions of hispanics have fallen for this socialist bait. So what appeal do Republicans and conservatives today have to hispanics?

Answer: Much more than our Liberal Media will ever let on. Because these media repeat over and over that Republicans will never get more than 30% of the hispanic vote because Republicans believe in secure borders while opposing amnesty and the Welfare State. But if hispanics really thought about the issues clearly then they would vote 75% Republican.

Immigrants typically prefer Democrats because Democrats nurture the Welfare State. This is a historical fact. But today the Democrats are aggressively courting immigrants not only with the Welfare State but with incendiary rhetoric about our borders.

But here is a question: What do hispanics, both legal and illegal, really want? If illegals, for instance, had to choose between jobs or citizenship, which would they choose? Because that in fact is what their choice is becoming. believes they would choose jobs. And if hispanics in general have to choose between the Welfare State or self-reliance and opportunity, which would they choose? Because that in fact is what their choice is becoming. believes that they would choose self-reliance and opportunity.

If they had to choose between the Anything Goes culture of the 1960s that the Democrats promote including drugs, pornography, sexual promiscuity, open homosexuality and unlimited access to abortion or a restrained, orderly and conservative society based on faith and the family, which would they choose? If they had to choose between the Democrat party that routinely defends criminals and the Republican party that wants law and order, which would they choose? believes that hispanics, if well-informed on the issues, would naturally side with conservatives and Republicans on most issues. But hispanics are ruthlessly propagandized by the Democrats and so are not making clear decisions. Let us now take the big issues one by one to see what the real bonds are between hispanics and Republicans/conservatives:

Under Obama, jobs are disappearing and poverty is growing. The government-dependent population, and the population of poor people, has expanded rapidly under Obama. So it seems that hispanics should prefer another path. In fact hispanics are much more likely to find productive work in our conservative states like Teaxas. But they are propagandized not only by the Democrats but by their own left-wing media like Univision, the TV channel, which tells them to support Obama. And often they are not able to see that Obama and the Democrats really are doing them great harm because many don’t speak English and are at the mercy of outfits like Univision.

Republicans and conservatives believe in self-reliance. This type of self-reliance has always helped American immigrants from the Swedish farmers of Minnesota in the 19th century to Asians of today. Welfare handouts keep immigrants poor and in a dependent state. Hispanics don’t want to be dependent. They are generally hard-working people who seek to advance themselves, but they must have economic freedom in order to enjoy economic opportunity, while freedom and opportunity are an integral part of the conservative agenda.

Militant environmentalism is badly harming the economy. Do hispanics want jobs or are they obsessed with a pristine environment like the American intellectuals are? Because we can have perfectly clean air, water and land if we simply shut down the economy. Environmentalists are incrementally shutting down our economy, particularly in rural America, with obstruction and zealous regulation. Conservatives and Republicans know that economic growth requires oil, coal and natural gas and resources like copper, steel, aluminum and titanium. If hispanics continue to support the Democrats and their environmental cronies they will end up with less and less opportunity.

By restricting supply, environmentalists are pushing up gasoline and heating oil prices to sky-high levels. How is it good for hispanics to have these high prices? They should be siding with Republicans and conservatives to have abundant and affordable energy for all, including nuclear power. Solar energy and windmills do not work; they are causing energy prices to rise because they are grossly ineffective.

Our violent and dissolute media culture is bad for our whole society including hispanics. Yet this media culture is produced by entertainment-industry Democrats. Is it in the interest of hispanics to have this degraded culture, like all of these violent movies and TV shows? No, of course not; they should naturally side with conservatives on the issues of culture and media.

Open borders are bringing even more illegal aliens to the US. This Democrat policy is producing an oversupply of cheap labor and is suppressing wages for everyone already here, including an older generation of illegals and even millions of legal hispanic citizens/workers. Yet these open borders are an integral part of the Democrat agenda. How does this policy help hispanics who are already here? It does not. There are many very negative aspects to open borders. We need to stop this flood of illegals. It is harming America in many ways but hispanics are propagandized into thinking that open borders are a good idea.

The federal Department of Homeland Security and the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency under Obama recently released from detention tens of thousands of criminal illegal aliens, including 116 murderers. These criminals are going to return to hispanic communities where they speak the language and can blend in. How does this help hispanics? It does not. It makes their communities much more dangerous. But somehow illegals and even legal hispanics ignore this reality and continue to support Democrats. Conservatives and Republicans would deal much more rigorously with these detainees and criminals and create a safer environment for all Americans, including hispanics.

Americans are fleeing high-tax liberal states. So if younger, productive, educated and skilled Americans are fleeing these states like Massachusetts, California, New York and Vermont by the millions, it shows that liberalism does not work. So why are hispanics thinking like liberals? Do they want jobs? Because they are not going to get them under these Democrat regimes. Meanwhile corporations and their jobs also are fleeing liberal states too. Intel, the “grandfather” of the Silicon Valley computer industry, is moving many of its operations out of California because the Democrats who control California have made the state hostile to business. Toyota is moving 1,000 headquarters jobs out of Southern California to Texas. Thus hispanics suffer like everyone else when the Democrats undermine the economy from the corporate suites right down to everyday jobs like construction that will go where the population goes.

Today there are reported to be more elected hispanic Republicans in America than elected hispanic Democrats. We have two sitting hispanic Republican governors, Susana Martinez in New Mexico and Brian Sandoval in Nevada, but no hispanic Democrat governors. We have two hispanic Republican US senators, Rubio of Florida and Cruz of Texas, but only one hispanic Democrat US senator, Menendez of New Jersey. This formula is generally true down to the local level. This could not possibly be true if Democrats truly represent hispanics as they claim they do, but really do not at all.

Democrats want low in-state tuition charges for illegal immigrants at our state universities. Yet it is the left-wing American academic culture that has jacked up tuitions at the universities to astronomical heights. College costs have risen three times faster than inflation in the last 35 years, but then the same liberals come along and tell the hispanics that they will give them lower tuition costs and scholarships. The hispanics should side with us conservatives who want to keep down education costs from the start, on every level.

Finally, conservatives and Republicans believe in Constitutional freedom and economic freedom. So if hispanics want to live in an America with long-term freedom and prosperity then they should vote Republican. If they want to live in another socialist nation with limited freedom and shrinking opportunity, like Mexico, then they can vote Democrat. Mexico has been dominated since 1929 by the far-left PRI party, which is the Mexican equivalent of the Democrat party in America. This is one of the main reasons that so many Mexicans are fleeing to the US – because PRI has ruined Mexico with socialism.

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