Obama Throws Away Iraq Victory/Tobacco Can be Beneficial

It looks as if Barack Obama has thrown away the hard-won American military victory in Iraq. It is a tragedy and a travesty but to be expected from a shameful anti-American president.

We conservatives warned that American troops should not have been withdrawn entirely from Iraq, but that a force of 30,000 should have been left behind to insure security for our costly victory there. We conservatives also said that US troops should have been pulled out of Afghanistan instead. Obama did the reverse, giving us the worst of both worlds. Here is the latest on Iraq from foxnews.com:

Al Qaeda-inspired militants in Iraq vowed Thursday to march against Baghdad after seizing two key cities in the north of the country this week. A spokesman for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) said in audio posted on militant websites commonly used by the group that the fighters have old scores to settle with Iraq’s Shiite-led government. (end of foxnews.com excerpt)

These ISIL are Sunni Muslims. They are from the Islamic sect that controlled Iraq under Saddam Hussein’s relatively secular government. They are vowing to take their nation back from the Shiite Muslims who have taken over the government since Hussein was deposed and executed. Shiites are the numerical majority in Iraq.

Now the elected Iraqi prime minister is appealing to the US military to stop the advancing Sunni militants from taking Baghdad. Yet this whole insurgency would never have gotten to this point if some US military force had been left behind in Iraq that could have put down these insurgents earlier with targeted air power.

Instead Obama pulled out all US troops. At the same time Obama left US troops in Afghanistan, which is an unwinnable conflict that is costing America greatly in lives and treasure. To make matters worse Obama also praised the Arab Spring uprising in Egypt against the pro-American president Hosni Mubarak, which we conservatives warned would be a steppingstone for the rise of radical Islam, and so it was. Obama also has repeatedly praised the “rebels” fighting against the government in Syria when in fact the rebel movement has been commandeered by al qaeda terrorists who want to turn Syria into a radical Muslim state.

The United States should have supported and should now support the Assad family that has controlled Syria for decades. The Assads have kept Syria stable. Muslims, Christians and even some Jews worshipped peacefully under Assad but the Syrian civil war has dispersed most of that nation’s 2 million Christians.

Now here is a second editorial for today:

Health Fanatics Selectively Target Tobacco

For decades we have heard that cigarettes are evil. There has been no dissent in the Global Liberal Media. But since it is generally liberals who have most vociferously waged the War on Tobacco Nikitas3.com has decided that it must be full of myth and distortion. So let’s look into the subject.

First, here is my personal experience. I, Nikitas, knew older people who smoked cigarettes for decades. All of them lived into their 70s and 80s and beyond. Meanwhile none of the smokers of my age whom I have known since my youth, who are now in their 50s and 60s, have died prematurely from cigarettes. Most have smoked for at least 40 years. An acquaintance smoked heavily for more than 40 years and now is an avid tennis player who is in his 60s. By the way, virtually all of the smokers that I have known are or were liberals.

Conversely my homosexual cousin died of AIDS at age 39 and was very sick for years before he died. He contracted AIDS around age 26, within just a few years of going into a homosexual lifestyle in New York city. Yet you never, ever hear the Liberal Medical Establishment or Liberal Media talking about the greatly more malicious health effects of homosexuality like they talk constantly about cigarettes. So right there you know that the focus on cigarettes is biased and distorted.

You never hear liberals talk about the terrible health effects of abortion on women either, both physical and psychological. Why? Because liberals advocate abortion. Yet abortion is a gruesome and invasive process in which a child that is growing as an attached part of the mother is intentionally torn out. This practice has devastated tens of millions of women.

We never hear from the anti-cigarette liberals about the terrible toll, including cancer, of sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs) like gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, human papilloma virus, herpes and hepatitis. Why? Because these STDs are spreading rampantly from heterosexual promiscuity which has been promoted by the Democrat left since the 1960s. The health cost of STDs is staggering and the most frequent victims are women, particularly young women.

Meanwhile the same leftists rail against tobacco. Yet tobacco was a valuable crop that greatly helped the economy of early America and has helped the economies of many Southern states up to the present day. That has been one of the many positive effects of tobacco.

Cigarette smoking in fact is much like ‘global warming’. The story worldwide in the media is that ‘global warming’ is a grim reality, just like the dangers of smoking are touted as unchallengeable fact. But there is another side to the story and since we know that ‘global warming’ is a complete fabrication we can automatically assume that much of what these same enviro/health activists say about smoking also is a lie or is biased, exaggerated or distorted.

Consider that smoking is an appetite suppressant. But since the start of the militant campaign against cigarettes obesity in America has increased dramatically, putting tens of millions at risk. So there you go – cigarettes stop the health risk of obesity.

Cigarette smoking and its nicotine have been long recognized as a stimulant to creativity and hard work. Therefore it is no coincidence that the War on Cigarettes has coincided with a slowdown in the economies of advanced nations in the last 50 years, after centuries of innovation and growth. Meanwhile the heavy-smoking Chinese are now creating great wealth through hard work. This is no surprise.

Now consider the character of cigarette smokers. They often have been known as active, manly “can do” people who get things done. So if you were lost in the mountains would you rather have a cigarette smoker as your partner or a tofu-eating health-food lover? Who would be more likely to help you to survive? I’d take the smoker any day.

Meanwhile we see the statistic over and over that “smoking kills 450,000 people per year” in the United States. This is a classic socialist propaganda tactic. The fact is that 450,000 cigarette smokers die every year, but many do not even die from smoking. Some are very old or old. Many die from unrelated problems. Then again, just for comparison, the disease and death rate among male homosexuals is much higher than cigarettes, and at much younger ages. But that is never discussed. Why not?

Answer: Because the anti-cigarette zealots aren’t interested in health per se. They care about a selective political and health agenda. And for the record, I, Nikitas, have never even smoked a whole cigarette in my entire life and probably never will.

Then remember that the medical establishment is another entity that has been taken over by liberals. That is why they are so selective in their outrage. Thus anyone who wants to say anything positive about cigarettes is going to be criticized and blackballed, just like anyone who says anything negative about blacks, homosexuals or ‘global warming’ is blackballed.

Meanwhile look at how many of these health activists like marathon runners and mountain climbers and long-distance bicyclists suffer ill effects from their extreme endeavors, like the joggers who fall dead or who suffer myriad other maladies. Remember that the guy who made jogging famous, Jim Fixx, died of a heart attack in 1984… shortly after his daily jog. Many studies are emerging that are showing that these intensive exercise regimes are harmful and lead to shorter lifespans. But you won’t read about them in Runner magazine, which is profiting from health activism.

How many of these spandex zombies who take up the whole road on their $5,000 bicycles have heart attacks or other stress-related ailments? How many have been injured or killed by cars? They even suffer frequent physical damage to testicles and other organs around the groin area, but don’t expect the liberals to investigate. I personally have been acquainted with only one avid bicyclist and he almost died from his obsession, from a blood clot. I know of one other bicyclist who was paralyzed in an accident. But you will never catch them smoking a cigarette while their lifestyles are relentlessly touted in the Bicycle Media.

How many ‘green’ mountaineers die or suffer health calamities or from exposure climbing every year, or get lost in the woods or the desert and die, like Randy Udall, the vocal environmentalist? Answer: Hundreds, thousands, who knows what the real toll is. Yet these stories are always recorded as unfortunate tragedies and never as a result of their chosen lifestyle. I personally was friends with one mountaineer, a college classmate, who died in an avalanche. Yet I have been acquainted with hardly any other mountaineers.

How about marijuana, which the socialist left now is seeking to legalize all over America. Here is what has been reported for many years, this excerpt from a website called medpagetoday.com:

WELLINGTON, New Zealand — Smoking a single marijuana (cigarette) may be as carcinogenic to the lung as 20 tobacco cigarettes, researchers here determined.

Those who smoked the equivalent of one (marijuana cigarette) a day for 10 years had a 5.7 times higher lung cancer risk than nonsmokers even after adjusting for tobacco use, reported Richard Beasley of the Medical Research Institute of New Zealand here, and colleagues in (an) issue of the European Respiratory Journal. (end of medpagetoday.com excerpt)

Yet the anti-tobacco forces are silent about marijuana. Amazing. Then just look at the pasty-faced, anti-tobacco weaklings who shop at health-food stores. They look like they are about to collapse, scrutinizing a $5 organic tomato in their bony little hands. I would bet that they have shorter lifespans and more illness than most Americans.

So add up all of these people and you will see a major health crisis. But don’t expect the Liberal Media to connect the dots. Now here are just a few paragraphs about the positive effects of tobacco use from various websites, first from sott.net:

… The most fascinating and widely recognized health benefit of smoking is its ability to seemingly alleviate symptoms of mental illnesses, including anxiety and schizophrenia. According to an article published in 1995 in Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews, schizophrenics have much higher smoking rates than people with other mental illnesses, and appear to use it as a method of self-medicating. The article postulates that nicotine found in cigarettes reduces psychiatric, cognitive, sensory, and physical effects of schizophrenia, and also provides relief of common side effects from antipsychotic drugs.

… A series of very interesting studies from multiple academic sources confirms that the risk of Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease is surprisingly higher in non-smokers than in smokers. Doctor Laura Fratiglioni of Huddinge University Hospital in Sweden states, “Cigarette smokers are 50% less likely to have PD or AD than are age and gender-matched nonsmokers […] cigarette smoking exerts an undefined, biologic, neuroprotective influence against the development of PD and AD.”

Cigarette smoking has also been linked to a decrease in risk of certain inflammatory disorders, since nicotine itself appears to be an anti-inflammatory agent. The department of gastroenterology at the University Hospital of Wales conducted a number of in-vitro studies to confirm and explain the decreased risk in ulcerative colitis (a potentially severe digestive disorder) in individuals who smoke cigarettes.

… one astonishing study conducted in Sweden observed two generations of Swedish children and found that the children of smokers had lower rates of allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma, atopic eczema, and food allergies. The studied groups included 6909 adults and 4472 children, and the findings remained consistent, even when adjusted to reflect other variables.

…A study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology revealed that preeclampsia, an extremely common but potentially deadly (pregnancy) condition, is significantly less common in expectant mothers who smoke cigarettes than in expectant mothers who do not smoke. (end of excerpt)

Here are excerpts from a website called health.howstuffworks.com about nicotine, one of the essential components of tobacco:

Over the past decade, new research has taught us more about how nicotine affects the brain and the body. Some of it is good news — for example, a lower incidence of Alzheimer’s disease in smokers. Research has pointed to a compound called acetylcholine as the reason.

Nicotine is structurally similar to acetylcholine, a naturally-occurring compound that serves as a neurotransmitter. Nicotine binds to nerve receptors and makes nerve cells fire more frequently. In one study, a group of Alzheimer’s patients were given nicotine patches, while another received a placebo. Those with nicotine patches maintained their cognitive abilities longer and sometimes even recovered lost cognitive function. A follow-up study indicated that nicotine may also boost cognitive abilities in elderly people who aren’t suffering from Alzheimer’s but who are experiencing the typical mental decline associated with old age.

The transformation with nicotine happened when the nicotine patch was introduced. Intended to help smokers quit, the nicotine patch also opened up a whole new way of studying the drug. Suddenly scientists had a reliable delivery system — one without the numerous carcinogens found in cigarettes — that could be standardized across various studies. A 1982 study revealed that patients with ulcerative colitis had fewer flare-ups when taking nicotine.

…In 2000, a study performed at Stanford revealed surprising results about nicotine’s effects on blood vessels. Contrary to popular opinion, the study showed that nicotine actually boosts the growth of new blood vessels. The discovery may lead to new treatments for diabetes. Many people with severe diabetes experience poor circulation, which can lead to gangrene and ultimately, limb amputation.

Researchers from the Scripps Research Institute published a study in 2002 that revealed a connection between nornicotine — a chemical found in tobacco and also created when the body breaks down nicotine — and a reduction of Alzheimer’s symptoms. However, nornicotine is toxic, pointing to the need for a nontoxic substitute.

…In 2006, Duke scientists found that people with depression who were treated with nicotine patches reported a decrease in their depressive feelings. The results were perhaps not surprising for a drug associated with imparting a “buzz.” However, the research also showed a direct link between nicotine and an increase in the release of dopamine and serotonin, two vital neurotransmitters. A lack of dopamine or serotonin is a common cause of depression. (end of excerpt)

Readynutrition.com reported:

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, those that suffer from mental disorders such as ADHD/ADD, schizophrenia and other disorders may experience positive effects from smoking. Apparently, doses of nicotine have a short term normalization effect on the EEG (electrical activity in the brain).

Those that suffer from Alzheimer’s can also benefit from doses of nicotine. According to studies, patients cognitive abilities slightly improved. (end of excerpt)

Here is an excerpt from the Wikipedia.org page called ‘Health benefits of smoking’ in the areas of:

Digestive system: Risk of ulcerative colitis has been frequently shown to be reduced by smokers on a dose-dependent basis …Smokers are less often affected by aphthous ulcer. Cotinine, a nicotine metabolite, helps defend against parasites.

Reproductive/breasts: Smoking is well-known to reduce the risk of Endometrial cancer… breast cancer among women carrying the very high risk BRCA gene. Pre-eclampsia

Smoking may also reduce rates of uterine fibroids. Some preliminary data from 1996 suggested a reduced incidence…

Miscellaneous: The majority (80% in Australia in 2001, 88% in England, 85% in the US in 2007) of people with schizophrenia smoke, apparently to self-medicate. Smoking is also known to reduce the incidence of sarcoidosis.

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