Conservatives Value Truth, Honesty Above All

The Founding Fathers of the United States from George Washington to James Madison were rational, conservative men. They believed in God and they believed in a rare thing called freedom and they knew that freedom is possible only when truth is prized above all. They knew that if the truth is twisted or even shaded in any way that freedom dies. “Honesty is the best policy” is a famous phrase coined by Benjamin Franklin.

Good people know that once you tell just one little lie that you open the doors to telling a lie every time you speak. Criminals do it every day and Democrats are experts at lying.

Global warming’ is a perfect example. The radicals who concocted this ‘warming’ theory did so in order to twist reality and the truth. To be true, however, ‘warming’ cannot be just a theory; it must be established as a scientific fact. Yet the facts have contravened the theory so dramatically – with cold weather all over the globe, for instance – that the alarmists altered the whole name of their crisis to “climate change” sometime back around 2010.

Did this switch bother them? No. They just flipped their beliefs without batting an eye. It is frightening when people do this. Because you know that they will lie about everything else, and usually do.

Then don’t forget that “climate change” is just the latest fabrication of these alarmists. They started with dozens of end-of-the-world predictions at the first ‘earth day’ in 1970 (none of which came true) and have segued into crisis after crisis including “the hole in the ozone layer”. Remember that thing? Where is it now? It is gone, forgotten, just like everything else they warned us about. How about the dire warning that there is dangerous radon gas in every basement in America? False…

If you want to see how the media deceive us just look at the case of this reprehensible US Army deserter Bergdhal who was being held captive in Afghanistan. Obama traded five top terror leaders in American detention for Bergdahl’s freedom, and then a liberal columnist named Dana Milbank said that that trade showed that Obama was proving how much he cared about American prisoners of war (POWs).

This is the glaring opposite of the truth. Milbank’s statement is completely deceptive and malicious. By rescuing a bad US soldier and freeing five evil terrorists in return Obama showed that he cares not at all about genuine POWs or about our national security or about our military. One US soldier even died looking for Bergdahl.

If Obama genuinely cared about our soldiers he would be working to free Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi from Mexican detention where he has been held for two months after accidentally wandering over the Mexican border in his truck on a personal, nonmilitary outing. Obama has done nothing for Tahmooressi because Milbank is lying – Obama is very selective about whom he really cares about. He rescued this weasel Bergdahl in order to spring five evil Islamists into the world. This was a double hurt to the US.

Now look at the flip side. As millions of uneducated, unskilled illegal aliens pour into America, some of them criminals and gang members and even terrorists, Obama’s Justice Department sought to deport a white, law-abiding, devoutly Christian family that came to the United States after the German government threatened to take away their children over the issue of home schooling. (That family now will stay here despite Obama. Good.) Shame on Obama… again.

Look at how Obama used the Internal Revenue Service to stop the Tea Parties from participating in the 2012 presidential election. This threw the election to Obama and the Democrats. Stealing elections is dishonest in the most despicable way because it repeatedly has altered the fabric of the nation under false pretenses. Do Democrats care? No, because they are doing the stealing. They have stolen many federal elections, including the famous theft of the 1960 presidential election for John F. Kennedy. For those of you too young to know about it, look it up on your search engine. It is well known.

Then in 1962 Kennedy had a sexual relationship inside the White House with an East German communist spy named Ellen Rometsch at the height of the Cold War with the Soviet Union. Look up this female on the internet; this story is also well known. This liaison put our whole nation at risk, but Kennedy did not care. Because the Kennedys are a dishonest and selfish family that always puts itself above our national interest.

How about another Democrat president Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Democrats worship him too. He came from a very wealthy family, and that wealth came from his maternal grandfather Warren Delano who made his fortune in a most devious manner, by shipping opium into China.

We conservatives believe in honesty and integrity. We believe in earning an honest living and sacrificing for the common good. Just think about a genuine hero like George Washington who gave up a leisurely life as a wealthy landowner to fight for freedom for six-and-a-half years in the American Revolution. It is said that during that time that he only spent one night at home at his estate, Mount Vernon, Virginia. Amazing.

Our great Republican president Ronald Reagan made his way up from a humble kid in a small Illinois town to be one of the great presidents of the United States. He didn’t start out pampered with a fortune like the Kennedys or Roosevelt and he won two elections honestly, both by landslides. He revitalized the American economy and defeated the Soviet Union without firing a shot, and never gloated about his accomplishments. President Reagan earned his money honestly and is listed as having had a net worth of just $13 million at his death. Yet liberals trashed him as “rich” when his net worth was piddling compared to Kennedy or Roosevelt or today’s super-rich liberals like George Soros or Larry Ellison whose fortunes amount to tens of billions of dollars.

The Kennedy family fortune came from the family patriarch Joseph P. Kennedy who executed many stock market swindles in the 1920s. In short many of the dollars in the $1 billion Kennedy fortune are dollars that were lost by a “little guy” investor to Joseph Kennedy’s fraud. Yet for decades the Kennedys have claimed that they care about “the little guy”. What phonies.

Now look at the repetitive and serial media deception on another subject – wages. For decades now the liberals have been saying that “women only earn 77 cents for every dollar that men earn” or that “women earn much less than men”. This is a total deception.

So allow a conservative to tell you the truth, because I have actually studied the issue. First, in cases where men and women are qualified to have the same job like college professor or broadcaster or company spokesperson or restaurant manager it has been shown statistically that women today often earn MORE money than men.

Second, the rational reasons that men do indeed have higher average incomes than women are these:

A) Men in general have higher and more valuable educational skills like an electrical engineer or petroleum geologist. B) Men often are successful independent businessman like a construction contractor, or they own a computer software company or a manufacturing firm. C) Men have always made the big fortunes in the world even after 40 years of feminism. Women have been free to make fortunes but have not been able to come close to men. D) Men take harder and more valuable and higher-paid everyday jobs than women like truck driver, heavy equipment operator, railroad engineer or track worker, electrical power lineman, pipeline worker, coal miner etc. These jobs often require long and arduous apprenticeships. In fact women simply cannot physically do these jobs. Often these jobs require men to travel widely and spend much time away from home. D) Men work more hours than women so their cumulative income is automatically higher. E) Women often choose lower-paying jobs so that they can have lives with less risk and stress and with regular schedules, for instance so that they can be home every night, often to take care of the kids, which is a good thing (which feminists call a bad thing). F) Women usually take care of their children, cutting into their lifetime earnings potential and bringing down the average of women’s earnings. G) And finally feminists never want you to know a brutal reality about this so-called wage gap between men and women – that men suffer the vast majority of on-the-job injuries and deaths.

So indeed honesty is the best and only policy, and only honesty can explain how the world really works. Thus you can always ask a conservative if you need to know the truth on any issue because we conservatives know that the truth is always on our side.

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