Hillary Pleads Poverty Despite her $50 Million Fortune

Hillary Clinton is reported to have a net worth of more than $50 million yet she said recently that she is “unlike a lot of people who are truly well off.”

If that statement doesn’t expose the Democrats for who they are nothing ever will. This comment is so repugnant as to border on the psychopathic. Or better yet it IS psychopathic. Perhaps it proves Karl Rove’s allegation that Hillary indeed suffered brain damage in a fall in 2012 when she is reported to have suffered only a concussion.

It also shows that Hillary Clinton has yet another reason not to run for president of the United States. Because she obviously hasn’t got a clue about anything, including her own bank account or about how tens of millions of Americans are struggling just to get by. If a Republican said such a thing he/she would be immediately ridiculed out of the presidential race.

This bizarre statement also blows the doors off of the insistent Liberal Media/Democrat narrative that all the rich people in America are Republicans, which is flat-out false. Because once again we must remind ourselves that the overwhelming majority of rich people in America today are Obama-supporting, Clinton-loving Democrats starting with the three richest men in the United States Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Larry Ellison. Meanwhile most of the richest people in the US Congress are Democrats while far-left liberals like Nancy Pelosi represent 14 of the 15 wealthiest congressional districts.

Today Bill and Hillary Clinton together are reported to be worth more than $120 million. The reason that they have so much money is because Bill Clinton has in his post-presidency relentlessly shilled himself as a “speaker” at $500,000 a pop. He is reported to have earned more than $80 million just from speaking fees over the last 10 years.

How? In short he has ignored every unwritten rule about ex-presidents who are traditionally supposed to retire from public view and remain in the background after being in our faces every day for their 4 or 8 years in the White House. But no, Bill Clinton has been in our faces every single day for the last decade.

Starting a few years after leaving the presidency in 2001 Bill Clinton began promoting himself in a shameless manner that would make a carnival barker proud. And here’s the deal on those “speeches”: You hire Bill Clinton as a “speaker” for half a million dollars and that means that you have paid him off under the table to ‘fix’ a deal for you with one of his billionaire friends or his powerful political cronies. It is pure influence peddling, and reprehensible money grubbing to boot.

That is why Hillary made her outrageous statement. Because most of Bill and Hillary’s close financial supporters are not worth a mere $50 million. They are worth ten times that, or billions, or tens of billions. Most of the bigshots on Wall Street are Democrats. Most of the multi-billionaire hedge-fund managers are Democrats. Most of the big names in Hollywood are Democrats. Most of the urban rich are Democrats, from San Francisco to New York to Seattle.

And while most socialists conveniently ignored Hillary’s bizarre plea of poverty even a few Democrats managed to cringe. But then look at how they did so and you see more duplicity. Liberal partisan and MSNBC commentator Chuck Todd said that Hillary comes off as a “politician who perhaps only hangs out with millionaires and donors and feels poor by comparison.”

Look again at that phrase… “perhaps only hangs out with millionaires”. This utterly deceptive statement actually covers up for Hillary, it does not expose her. No, Hillary does not hang out with “millionaires”. They are too poor for her. She prefers billionaires and multi-billionaires.

That is probably how her daughter ended up with a $10 million apartment in New York City. Because after all poor Hillary doesn’t have that kind of money to throw around. No, Nikitas3.com conjectures that some “friend” of Bill and Hillary’s bought that apartment and essentially gifted it directly or indirectly to Chelsea in some roundabout tax-deductible way that the Internal Revenue Service will never bother looking into. Because Obama’s IRS is too busy chasing down a Tea Party group in Wisconsin with a $300 annual budget. Because this is the way that these Robber Baron Democrats work – they politically pursue anyone who is not one of them while liberals waltz off with the keys to the bank.

Now let’s compare some famous Democrats with some famous Republicans to give you insights into wealth in America. These are generally available and accepted figures, or averages of such:

*George W. Bush, president of the United States from 2001 to 2009, has an estimated net worth of $25 million. His father, George HW Bush, who was president from 1989 to 1993 is worth $35 million. Yet the Bushes are always derided as “rich Republicans”.

*Democrat Al Gore today is worth $200 million. He got that wealth after leaving the vice presidency in 2001, by building political and financial power as a “global warming” alarmist and also by selling his failed Current TV cable channel to al Jazeera, the pro-Muslim TV syndicate from the Middle East, for an artificially inflated price of more than $100 million. This was yet another financial fix for another wealthy liberal.

*After several very successful decades in the business world in which he helped to fund the creation of 130,000 jobs, Mitt Romney is worth $270 million. Yet the entertainer Cher, who is a crackpot left-wing maniac, is worth $330 million while Oprah Winfrey is worth $2 BILLION. But Romney is trashed as a “rich Republican”.

*Ronald Reagan was worth $13 million when he died in 2004 at age 93. Yet Reagan was relentlessly derided as “rich”.

*The Kennedy family fortune would be $2.5 billion in today’s money. Yet the Kennedys have always been portrayed as standing up “for the little guy” when in fact they always are and always were “for the Kennedys”.

*George Soros, a far-far-far-left socialist, has a fortune estimated at $20 BILLION.

*The TV star Jerry Seinfeld is worth $800 million from money made on his single TV series. The hyper-liberal pop stars Sting and Bono are worth, respectively, $300 million and $600 million. Yet they act like they are just two ordinary Democrats who care only about fighting ‘global warming’ and helping the underprivileged people of the world. Bono regularly flies off to a poor country to pose with smiling poor people. Then Bono quickly returns to his mansion and basks in the priceless positive media coverage that he generates through these trips.

Indeed Democrats not only have most of the money but they have endless psychological complexes about their money and extreme ways of thinking about it. For instance they always tell us ideologically that having money is bad but then on the other end they have much more money than Republicans do and then Hillary has the gall to say that she is not well off when she has “only” $50 million.

Will Hillary’s statement come back to haunt her if she runs for president? No, that would only happen if she were a Republican. The Liberal Media will bury this absurd statement as best they can like they cover every day for every Democrat transgression.

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