SPECIAL: More Proof that ‘Green Energy’ is Fake

Every aspect of ‘green’ energy is fake. The only reason that ‘green’ energy exists is not to produce energy but to enrich people who support it, just as all of socialism rewards people who believe in socialism with money, political power and jobs. But then the ultimate outcome of socialism is scarcity as we are seeing that scarcity is the result of ‘green’ energy which is severely harming our economy.

There is a vocal eco-minority, echoed free of charge all over the Liberal Media, that has been telling us for decades that solar panels and windmills are going to save us. But then we notice that that eco-minority is made up of the same people who are conveniently benefitting politically and economically from solar energy – environmentalists and their groups like the Sierra Club, makers and installers of solar panels, solar panel salesmen, media/university advocates of solar energy, etc. In fact if you do not believe in solar energy and its corollary ‘global warming’ you very well can lose your job in today’s universities and media. It is a witch-hunt atmosphere against those of us who see the truth.

Now look at the past to see what is really going on. In the late 1970s, when the first solar energy craze was first in flower, there were two home solar energy installations that quickly became fashionable. First there were solar collectors to heat your home’s hot water, and second were solar “greenhouses” which were attached to the south side of a home. These greenhouses were not for growing plants; they were simply glass rooms that trapped the Winter sun’s warmth and channeled it into the house.

The ecologists assured us that these systems were going to work perfectly but they never really worked at all. Both were very expensive; today they would each cost $25,000 or more. They have largely been dismantled or abandoned, or have been covered over. Their shortcomings were readily apparent. Solar hot water collectors produce plenty during the Summer, when we are away from home a lot and use less hot water, but during the rest of the year they produce little or no hot water. Because solar systems are always out of whack with our needs, including the greenhouses which produce some negligible amounts of home heating in Winter but are hotter than blazes during the warmer months and need to be shut off with blinds.

Another inconvenient truth: Solar hot-water systems have to pump constantly during every sunny hour. The electricity required to run that pump is a huge amount of energy that substantially pushes up the electric bill of solar panel owners. That electricity alone could heat large amounts of hot water without even using the solar system which is a system of pipes, tanks, collectors and pumps that is very complex and expensive to install and that requires large amounts of energy to manufacture, transport, install and operate.

These ‘green’ systems required big taxpayer subsidies and were by far the most inefficient and costly investment that homeowners could make to improve energy efficiency. Homeowners could spend much less money and produce much more efficiency per dollar by buying a new and more efficient oil burner, more efficient windows, more insulation, a new and more efficient hot water heater, etc.

On the other hand every gallon of gasoline and heating oil that we purchase does precisely what its makers claim. Ditto natural gas. Yet the ‘green’ partisans have relentlessly trashed our oil companies and our natural gas companies while offering only a hugely expensive and totally ineffective alternative.

The environmentalists told us that these solar hot-water and greenhouse installations were cutting-edge technologies that would save us all money and energy. They have not because they are primitive technologies that have cost us tons of money and harmed our energy supply by producing energy extremely inefficiently. They were installed in the late 1970s and early 1980s with big taxpayer subsidies under a program called PURPA.

I, Nikitas, even lived in a total solar house in Vermont in the late 1970s. Oh the owner-builders were so proud. But today all of the original owner-builders have moved out because the systems never worked. Yet they are still promoting solar power!

These systems worked perfectly in theory, of course, just like all of socialism works in theory but fails miserably in practice. Because we rational conservatives know that when the taxpayer is forced to subsidize something like ineffective solar energy that we will end up with more ineffective energy production, i.e., less energy and, as a result, higher energy costs.

If these solar hot-water systems and solar greenhouses really worked then homeowners would pay full price for them and they would still be sold widely today. But they are not being sold today except with giant taxpayer subsidies to unwitting people who do not know about the disaster of PURPA.

Windmills are the same dead-end technology. In fact you can prove to your ‘green’ acquaintances that wind energy is fake with a simple challenge. You tell them that next time that they travel to Europe or Asia that they should take a sailing ship instead of an airliner. Tell them that their theory about wind power obviously indicates that the sailing ship is the superior alternative. And after a month of sailing see if they still believe in wind power.

What this challenge will prove is that ‘green’ energy certainly has a theoretical basis – that there is energy in the wind and that the ship indeed will get there – but that it is a miniscule amount of energy and not anywhere even vaguely adequate for a modern standard of living.

Our abundant energy supply is buying one thing… speed. Our state-of-the-art computer system works faster than ever as it uses more electricity than ever. Our airliners fly us across America in 6 hours. Our individual cars get us directly from Point A to Point B in record time. On the other hand ‘green’ energy is primitive and it operates on a primitive schedule that does not fit a modern way of life.

Now we have PURPA all over again with another type of solar energy that is in fashion today. Solar-generated electricity is being promoted relentlessly and is as equally inefficient as PURPA energy, producing little or no power at very high cost. At the same time those of us who do not have solar panels pay for this solar electricity in many underhanded ways that many of you do not even know about. Here is an explanation using general figures for the state of Massachusetts USA:

*A solar electricity system, with panels installed on a home roof, costs $35,000 for the average house. Yet that home may only use $1,200 a year worth of electricity or much less.

*The owners of these systems can subtract $20,000 from their federal and state tax bills. This means that those of us who do not have solar panels directly subsidize those who do have them with both our federal and state taxes.

*Those with solar panels on their roofs never disconnect themselves from the utility grid (unless they are extreme “off the grid” homes) because their solar system can never produce electricity to power a house around the clock, i.e., no solar electricity is produced at night or on cloudy days, with most of it produced during the middle of the day and only when the sun is out and high in the sky. So after trashing the utility companies solar power advocates then rely on the utilities to keep their houses running.

*The enviro movement has rigged the laws in most states such that utilities have to buy excess electricity from solar panel owners (it is “fed back” into the utility grid from solar homes) during peak solar production. The utilities are forced to pay a premium price for that solar electricity. This high cost is passed along in utility bills in the form of higher prices for electricity. So non-solar homeowner are subsidizing solar panel owners in yet another way.

*Every kilowatt-hour of utility-generated electricity that we consume has an extra cost added to it to account for the “fixed costs” of the utility beyond power generation, primarily maintaining the power lines. Thus if you have solar panels and use less overall electricity from the utility then you pay less of those fixed costs. In California alone it is estimated that non-solar homeowners pay $1.2 BILLION every single year to cover the fixed costs that are not paid for by solar panel owners, which is another subsidy.

*Mounting these solar systems on your roof is a terrible idea. They require as many as 40 big holes to be drilled into your roof for the mounting posts. This is 40 opportunities for water to get into hour house. You should never, ever breach your roof unless it is absolutely necessary.

*Most significantly the day-by-day siphoning off of investment capital for solar-electric energy is leaving us with less and less capital to invest in the efficient source that we should be using – nuclear power. And it is important to remember that the enviro hysteria over nuclear power is also completely fake. Not a single American has ever been killed by nuclear power and not a single Japanese has died from the Fukushima accident. This years-long frenzy over Fukushima is the same as the frenzy over the Three Mile Island nuclear accident in the USA 1979, where not a single person died or was hurt but the media madness would make you think otherwise.

Solar energy is fake from top to bottom. It is simply socialism – a transfer of wealth from people who don’t have solar panels to those who do. If we continue on this path our energy grid will collapse after reaching a “tipping point” where too many people are on the receiving end (getting subsidies with solar panels) and too few are on the giving end (paying the taxes to subsidize solar panels.)

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