Supreme Court Repudiates Obama/Ecologists Deceive us on Fracking

In a rare unanimous 9-0 decision the US Supreme Court dealt a severe blow to Barack Obama’s arrogance in using so-called “recess appointments” to fill key posts at the powerful National Labor Relations Board. This ruling could undo as many as 430 NLRB cases including a decision to protect workers from being fired for complaining about their companies on internet sites.

This one case speaks volumes about how Obama has used NLRB to upset our private economy. Imagine that you owned a company and that one of your employees was maligning your company on the internet. Don’t you think that you should have the right to fire that employee, that that employee indeed serves under your rules as company owner?

Of course. But this is just one of myriad ways that Obama’s radicals on NLRB and throughout the federal government have sought to undermine our successful economy. In another significant case NLRB sought unsuccessfully to prevent the aircraft maker Boeing from re-locating one of its major manufacturing facilities to South Carolina to escape the labor unions that have repeatedly disrupted Boeing for decades at its base of operations in Washington state. South Carolina is a “right to work” state where union power is severely curtailed.

The Supreme Court decision centered on Obama’s use of so-called “recess appointments” to NLRB, which are temporary appointments that can be made without US Senate approval. Republicans and business leaders had charged that Obama far overstepped his power as president to use the “recess appointments” by defining in his favor when he could make them. Normally they can only be made when the Senate is in an official recess, but Obama widened the definition of a “recess” so that he could appoint more of this political cronies to NLRB.

Another NLRB decisions struck down employer policies barring workers from discussing private matters involving other employees; while another decision told employers to give unions a chance to bargain before imposing certain disciplinary actions.

Now here is a second editorial.
Ecologists Use Deception about ‘Fracking’ in Oklahoma

The environmental movement has been employing “junk science”, fearmongering and outright lies for decades. The latest fabrication involves “fracking” or hydraulic fracturing, a method of pumping water and chemicals under pressure into underground oil and gas wells to fracture the rock around them and to produce large quantities of oil and gas that were not available before fracking.

Environmentalists want to stop fracking because it is contravening their end-of-the-world theory that the world is running out of oil. This is false. The world has hundreds of years’ worth of oil, coal and natural gas, and the estimates are increasing rapidly with fracking. One Saudi Arabian official lamented that fracking is going to destroy the OPEC cartel by multiplying oil supplies worldwide. Good.

Environmentalists also want to de-fund the petroleum industry and force us to use super-expensive ‘green energy’ sources like windmills and solar panels. This can only be done if fracking is halted and if the price of carbon energy is driven up through scarcity, making solar and wind power seem reasonable in comparison.

These ecologists are seeking to create controversy over fracking at every opportunity to try and turn the public against the process. Now there is a controversy being ginned up in Oklahoma where an increase in minor earthquake activity in the last year is being blamed on the fracturing of underground rock formations around oil wells there. But this claim is full of holes. Here’s how:

First we have nothing to compare this increase in earthquake activity to in order to determine if it is unnatural and tied to fracking. Because the accurate measurement of earthquakes is a relatively new science. We do not know whether Oklahoma had earthquakes before these accurate measurements started to be taken less than 100 years ago. For instance the biggest known earthquake in the history of the Eastern United States happened in 1811 in Missouri, which is next to Oklahoma, centered in the town of New Madrid. The severe nature of the quake was reported by personal accounts of the white settlers there and has since been verified by measurements of the displaced ground.

So how do we know that there was not major earthquake activity in Oklahoma in 1811 like there was in New Madrid? Or in 1776 or 1659 or 1608 or 1564 or 1477 or in any one of the other 1,000 years before white settlers arrived? But we cannot know because there were no accurate measurements or even settlers in Oklahoma to experience the quakes and report on them.

Indeed if the New Madrid quake had happened before white settlers arrived in that region we would not even know about it. Then if there were fracking in New Madrid today and there was a big earthquake the ecologists would say that there has never been such an earthquake in New Madrid before and that it must have been caused by fracking.

See how these ecologists deviously manipulate the facts in favor of their point of view? They are totally dishonest people.

There is no rational reason to believe that these Oklahoma earthquakes are not natural occurrences because earthquakes are widespread and are notoriously unpredictable. They usually come in groups including warning quakes and so-called aftershocks. But that has not stopped the ‘junk science’ manipulators from conveniently and opportunistically linking the Oklahoma earthquakes to fracking.

Second, fracking cannot be causing earthquakes because fracking an oil well can only fracture a small area of rock around the well. Fracking is just water and chemicals pumped into the ground under pressure. It does not have anywhere near enough force to cause gargantuan earth formations to shift enough to cause an earthquake, or even to fracture enough rock to do so. The fracking process simply is not that powerful.

Third, after decades of fracking in Oklahoma why are the earthquakes only happening now? Answer: Because they have nothing do with fracking.

Fourth, there are thousands of places all over the world that have earthquakes every year. And so in this case some very small earthquakes have been occurring in Oklahoma where there happens to be fracking taking place. Big deal. By environmentalist reasoning, we could blame earthquakes in a wilderness area on the hikers and backpackers trampling the ground.

If there is a connection between fracking and earthquakes it cannot just be alleged; it must be proven. But environmentalists are famous for alleging all sorts of crises that don’t exist from ‘global warming’ to “the hole in the ozone layer” (remember that thing?).
Environmentalists are trying to substitute public opinion for science. Beware of their underhanded tactics.

It is also important to notice who is helping the environmentalists to blame the oil industry and the fracking process for the earthquakes. It is two government agencies, the United States Geological Survey and the Oklahoma Geological Survey. And we know that most government agencies in America today are staffed by and controlled by leftist Democrat partisans who support the socialist/enviro point of view and will corrupt themselves and their agencies to support that point of view, like the Internal Revenue Service in the Tea Party scandal. would be willing to bet that most employees at USGS and OGS are anti-fracking and also believe the ‘global warming’ theory too and so would be more than happy to use their positions in government to impugn the oil industry in any way possible.

The anti-frackers also have a nationwide army of liars working for their cause. Phelim McAleer chronicled two of them in his film called FrackNation. In that film McAleer exposed a Pennsylvania couple who claimed that their water well had been contaminated by fracking. They made many public appearances with a glass jar full of dirty water, but they would never let McAleer test their well water on camera. Then federal and state officials tested the well water and found no contamination. Unmasked for their fakery the couple then abruptly left town after creating a big anti-fracking controversy with their claims and using foul language and incendiary rhetoric to defame anyone who challenged them.

So again we see that the hard work of diligent people who cherish the truth, like Phelim McAleer, thwarted this couple in their attempt to disseminate The Big Lie that environmentalists deploy relentlessly. Let us pray that the anti-frackers in Oklahoma are exposed as well.

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