Conservatives Must Strongly Oppose Marijuana has been a frequent critic of marijuana and of marijuana legalization. I understand what the Democrat left is doing and has been trying to do since the 1960s – get more and more people stoned on marijuana and other drugs to make them easier to manipulate and control.

Only a stable and sober society can maintain freedom and prosperity. That is why we conservatives must oppose marijuana in every way.

Anyone who knows these pot-heads (marijuana smokers) – as I have known some of them since my youth – knows that these people are losers. They are precisely the kind of substance addicts that liberals want in large numbers in order to divert our society down the wrong path. They are ignorant, shallow, opinionated, selfish, demagogic and narcissistic, just like the ‘hippies’ of the 1960s, i.e., they are made-to-order Democrats.

The legalization of marijuana in Colorado is leading to both predictable and unpredictable problems. For instance one barber shop owner announced that he would no longer serve customers who reeked of marijuana because he did not want children in his shop to be exposed to them. Good for him. But then his shop was vandalized. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the pot-head tyranny. Much worse is coming. In fact it is already here.

In other cases Colorado parents have protested that marijuana smoke drifts into their yards from nearby yards, and their kids smell it. Do the pot-heads care? Of course not. They care only about their legal marijuana and about their “right” to be stoned, no matter its effect on others and even on themselves. This is classic addict behavior.

In Washington state, where marijuana also has been legalized, downtown Seattle has seen a spike in lawlessness associated with pot. Seattle even has hosted an outdoor festival with open marijuana smoking. This is a sure sign of social degeneracy.

Meanwhile Colorado is seeing the same thing including an increase in arrests for driving seriously impaired while under the influence of marijuana. This is just the beginning. If marijuana becomes more widely accepted it is going to develop into a full-blown, nationwide social crisis… precisely as planned by the Democrat party.

Friends, these pot smokers are not the happy-go-lucky kids that they are portrayed as. They often are mean-spirited addicts, like alcoholics, and vicious partisans who are completely obsessed with their addiction because that is what this issue is largely about – addiction. Legalizing marijuana means that we are simply giving in to another addiction. It would be no different than legalizing prostitution or heroin, which Democrats also want to legitimize. They also want to legalize child pornography and adult-child sex, but that is still on the political fringes… like legalized marijuana was 20 years ago.

There are other problems developing in Colorado that never could have been foreseen. For instance rental cars being returned at the airport in Denver are more and more often being dropped off with marijuana stashed under the seat or in the trunk or in the glove box. Because pot-heads fly into Colorado from other states, rent the cars, buy marijuana legally but then realize that they cannot take it through the airport or transport it out of state. So they leave it behind. This makes for additional expense and time for rental companies to more closely inspect every car. This is driving up the cost of renting a car in Colorado.

What about the smell of marijuana in those rental cars? How about marijuana butts in the ashtray and on the floor? Or what if marijuana is left hidden in the car, is not found, and someone else rents the car and drives to a neighboring state like New Mexico where marijuana is illegal, and they are arrested for it? This indeed could happen. And you can see where a lawsuit could arise over this issue, and how this could turn into yet another legal circus, just perfect for the Democrat strategy of social chaos.

But there is one vastly more significant motive for liberals to want to legalize pot – money. Guess who already is skilled at growing and distributing illicit marijuana and who will profit enormously from legalization?

Liberals will, as an extension of the 1960s ‘hippie’ culture. Small-time growers, operating illegally today, are just waiting to go legal and cash in on a big scale as some already are in Colorado. And then guess which political party will get 100% of marijuana growers’ and dealers’ contributions?

Democrats will, and the payoff will be huge because this could become a big and profitable industry. It already is. Democrats in fact have been getting illicit marijuana profits for decades as campaign contributions.

This all shows that liberals want marijuana legalized for very negative and selfish reasons. This is typical of the Democrat party: Legitimize any terrible behavior in the name of political power. Indeed there are increasing calls all over the nation that “since Colorado has legalized marijuana then we should legalize it here in (Vermont) (New York state) (Connecticut) (Minnesota), etc.”

I, Nikitas, have known pot-heads all of my life. I know how shallow and selfish these people are. They are rarely people who are even peripherally concerned about our general well-being, about the economy, about the Constitution, about morality etc. Here are some of the other pernicious effects of marijuana use:

*Marijuana indeed is a “gateway” drug, i.e., once you start using marijuana you are much more likely to experiment with other harder drugs like cocaine, meth and heroin. This does not even mean that marijuana is any less dangerous than these other drugs. This progression into other drugs happens because a marijuana smoker becomes part of the drug culture and becomes comfortable in it and then will delve further into it. This is a big step away from their non-drug lives. Liberals deny or minimize this “gateway” reality in order to deceive us.

*Marijuana is very addictive. I have known people who have smoked it regularly, often every day or close to it, since the 1960s. Many of these pot-heads are sick addicts who don’t even know it. They cannot stop. And while liberals have a million programs to stop cigarettes there are virtually none to stop marijuana addiction. This is no surprise. It is designed to turn more people’s brains into oatmeal and get them voting Democrat every time.

*Marijuana causes mental problems, some of them very serious. This is an established medical fact; I know people who have been seriously affected. If you wonder about all of the crazy people wandering the streets today many of them are products of marijuana smoking. But you will never hear the Liberal Media reporting on it because these media outlets now are openly supporting marijuana.

*Liberals love to say that “marijuana is no worse than alcohol” or “is better than alcohol”. This is rubbish. Here is just one reason why: I have had a beer or a drink on many occasions in my life and have not become drunk. But every single time that a pot-head smokes one single puff of today’s super-powerful marijuana he/she gets very “high”. Millions of people smoke this stuff heavily, including many poor people and other marginal characters (unemployed people, college kids, drug addicts, screwballs etc.) who are not contributing or are contributing little to society anyway. Marijuana then pulls them further in the wrong direction.

*Children today are experimenting with marijuana at younger and younger ages. This is no surprise. They see older kids smoking it and then they hear that it is legal in some places. So they start with it and they are becoming lifelong pot-heads. Legalization will speed this trend along.

*Smoking one marijuana cigarette is reported to have the damaging effect on the lungs of smoking an entire pack of cigarettes. Yet the health fanatics who have been warning us hysterically about cigarettes for 50 years now are silent about marijuana. Why? Because they are not really concerned about health. They are concerned about implementing a left-wing agenda which includes marijuana legalization but which opposes things like legal ownership of guns and the oil industry.

*When people are “stoned” on marijuana they cannot work or concentrate or be productive. It is like being drunk. This gives the socialist left another way to degrade our economy and our society and to make more and more people nonproductive and dependent on the taxpayer, i.e., to increase Democrat power.

*By legitimizing marijuana the Democrat party is building a new political base of pot-heads that will mindlessly accept and promote other Democrat issues without thinking clearly about them. You can already rest assured that most pot-heads are environmentalists, i.e., their minds are all fogged up so they believe everything that the ecologists tell them.

*Marijuana dealers in the 1960s were often devious ‘hippie’ thieves who sold marijuana at huge profits to enrich themselves, all the while criticizing the corporations and wealthy people who made their money legitimately. They never for one second acknowledged the hypocrisy of their ways. Many of them ended up in jail or even dead, as I personally know one example. Today they are virtually all staunch Democrats, as expected.

*Marijuana legalization would naturally involve these same types of people and also would include organized crime and other nefarious elements in our society. This suits the Democrat party just fine. Remember that organized crime already is a functioning arm of the Democrat party through labor unions and urban corruption; that a large part of the Kennedy family fortune came from illegal alcohol bootlegging in the 1920s; while the Roosevelt family fortune came from family patriarch Warren Delano who got rich shipping opium into China.

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