The ‘Hippies’ Were Right… Once

If you grew up in the 1960s, as I did, you probably knew some ‘hippies’. You would like to forget them but they did so much damage to our society, and continue to do so, that you cannot.

I disdained and even despised the ‘hippies’. I mocked them even as a high school student. I saw them as hypocrites, narcissists and pleasure seekers. I laughed at their conformity as they claimed to be “nonconformist”. I disdained their rabid drug use and their dim intelligence as they acted like they knew everything. The males exploited the girls relentlessly, as Bill Clinton did. They even trashed their own parents when I knew that our parents were good people who had done everything for their children.

I recently saw a video on YouTube about a wealthy heir who decided that he was not comfortable being rich, that he felt bad about it because there are so many poor people. This certainly is an old story. So he has become a socialist spouting all sorts of indignant proclamations about “income inequality”. This comes straight out of the 1960s ‘hippie’ playbook – hate the rich, hate success, hate the corporations, hate your own parents and act like a know-it-all.

Notice that this heir has taken the easy way out, as all of socialism urges. Notice that he is all mouth and no action. Notice that he has avoided doing any tangible thing that he could be doing to address so-called “income inequality”. In short, he could have used his wealth to start a company to make a product that we all want and need, and to employ people at good wages to make that product, i.e., act as an economic role model. He could have been part of the solution rather than just complaining about the problem, which is the standard socialist route. But we can rest assured that he is leading the charge today for a higher minimum wage – to be paid by other people who own businesses, of course, and not himself.

Starting his own company and creating jobs would be far too much work and would risk his wealth. So this newly-socialist heir, like thousands of others, gets to bask in his own arrogance, pontificate on the problems of the day, then gets fawning media coverage by lamenting “income inequality” over and over and over. Then he gets to live lavishly with no bother to his conscience because, after all, he is a socialist so he appears to “care about” the poor and thus his wealth is excused and even praised… as long as he is giving generously to Democrats and other left-wing causes.

The ‘hippies’ emerged from this same mindset. They claimed, without any real life experience to inform them, that successful corporations and rich people were evil and that their own middle-class parents were dumb, greedy materialists who cared only about the crabgrass in their suburban lawns, or what was happening at the country club. The ‘hippies’ were taught this bias by the communist manipulators who had infiltrated the universities and the media and continue to do so today.

One of the ‘hippie’ slogans even was “kill your parents”. It was always said with a laugh, like a big joke ha-ha, but it was a purely devilish laugh because its real intent was to plant a purely evil thought. This is the reason that the middle class always shrinks and disappears under communism/socialism – because of the relentless condemnation of the productive, self-reliant middle class like there was in America in the 1960s. Today it continues with Obama’s war on the Tea Parties using the Internal Revenue Service to thwart and harass them.

I, Nikitas, never criticized my parents or rich people or the corporations in that way in the 1960s. I knew that the corporations were providing good jobs and products and services, and that even many ‘hippies’ had fathers who worked in corporate America and provided well for their children. My hometown in Massachusetts was made wealthy by General Electric. Most kids I knew had one parent who worked at GE and prosperity was everywhere. The town was booming. But then the militant labor unions, allied with the Democrats and the angry socialist left, drove GE out with endless strikes and labor actions. My town now is just a shadow of its prosperous former self. That’s another socialist job well done… pure destruction.

I also know and knew that my parents had suffered in the depression of the 1930s and came through years of stress and uncertainty then and again during World War II, not even knowing if America would be victorious or not. They emerged in the postwar years of the 1940s and 1950s grateful to God that they had survived and now were prospering, and grieving, after the loss of 440,000 of our soldiers in that war. Their very guarded and conservative approach to life came from the fact that they had experienced years of uncertainty, heartbreak and fear, something that we kids in the 1960s knew nothing about in those prosperous, happy-go-lucky years.

But the ‘hippies’ had nothing but criticism for our parents. Yet today most of the ‘hippies’ are themselves middle class and many are upper-middle-class and even rich and super-rich. Many even work for the corporations that they maligned decades ago, which is completely hypocritical. But then again, they come from the socialist left and so hypocrisy is to be expected.

They in fact sometimes lament – with a sense of chagrin, of course – that they have now become more conservative just like their parents were, and this is no surprise. Because age teaches you things that you did not care about in your youth. And when you are fed vicious propaganda in your unwitting youth, along with heavy doses of destructive drugs, you become very confused. The communists of the 1960s knew this well and executed their indoctrination strategy to a T.

Ironically I now am seeing that the ‘hippies’ were correct about the middle class in the 1960s, but in a backhanded way. Because now that the ‘hippies’ themselves have become the middle class I see clearly what they were talking about. Because this ‘hippie’ middle class today indeed is the shallow, ignorant and materialistic culture that they themselves warned us about in dire and sanctimonious tones in the 1960s. But I do not disdain the ‘hippie’ middle class today because they are middle class or even rich – that is fine with me. I disdain them for their blatant hypocrisy.

Indeed they are more materialistic than their parents ever were. They have more money and more “stuff” than any generation in history. They have bigger houses and more luxurious cars. They still think they know everything. They are obsessed with their own worldly pleasure and toys (clothes, gadgets, computers, stereo systems, expensive bicycles, extensive travel etc.) while the “country club” of yesteryear is now just as likely a ski mountain in Colorado, a bird refuge in Peru, or a wilderness area in New York state where they ski and hike and play in their kayaks.

But as expected they continue to target ExxonMobil or gun owners or Christians or corporations or conservative budget watchdogs with their unhinged vitriol, and they plot in their comfortable condominiums over wine and cheese about how to get more socialists – like themselves – elected.

Indeed nothing has changed. The ‘hippies’ remain the same zombies that they were back then, like puppets on a string, but now with lavish 401Ks and a new BMW in the garage. They ignore their own glaring contradictions as they did in the 1960s. It then is no surprise that Abbie Hoffman, one of their most important ‘hippie’ leaders, committed suicide in 1989. Which really sounds about right if you think about it. After all he told us to kill our own parents.

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