Keystone Pipeline Protest is Part of Anti-Petroleum Strategy

Environmental groups are seeking to block the Keystone pipeline which would carry crude oil through the Midwest from Canada to Texas. They now are seeking to block pipelines all over America. This is part of a much bigger strategy to end American use of carbon fuels (coal, oil, natural gas) and switch us over to windmills and solar panels. This strategy will kill our national economy and the world economy.

Of course you may say, “Oh, Nikitas, you are so wrong! How would we ever go without our carbon fuels! That can never happen!”

Wanna make a bet? This is precisely what the environmentalists intend and they are using all of their influence in government and media and academia to try and make it happen. It does sound sounds far-fetched, but then again nobody was talking about legal marijuana 20 years ago either

These extremists are doing everything they can, both symbolic and legal, to seek to obstruct and demonize oil, coal and natural gas and make them more expensive through scarcity. Then when our traditional carbon sources reach a certain high cost, expensive solar and wind energy will seem reasonably priced in comparison. That is what this obstruction is really about – to push up the price of carbon energy.

Because if that high price reaches a “tipping point” then the whole economy will tilt to grossly inefficient solar energy and windmills like on a see-saw because these environmentalists are rigging the system today for that eventuality. They are putting huge taxpayer subsidies in place for solar and wind, forcing utilities to subsidize solar and wind, and promoting “green” energy relentlessly as “clean” energy, particularly among young people (i.e., future voters) through a nonstop barrage of “green” propaganda in our schools and universities, and in the media.

They eventually will try to induce us all to forget about oil and coal and natural gas. It’s crazy and it won’t work but it will do enormous economic damage in the meantime. It already is. These ecologists want to make carbon fuels scarce and subsequently more and more expensive with a multi-pronged strategy of obstruction including:

*Obstruct pipelines for crude oil, gasoline, heating oil and natural gas through local opposition in individual towns along their routes. Pipelines cannot be stopped this way because federal permissions are needed and granted for such projects so that small groups of people cannot stop major interstate projects. But activists now are using these hundreds of local opposition groups to try to pressure the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to block pipelines, just as FERC is currently blocking Keystone at the federal level.

*Obstruct oil drilling anywhere they can, like offshore and on federal lands. Ecologists claim that federal land and offshore lands belong to “all of us” and therefore should not be tapped. They ignore the fact that most of “us” want ‘dual use’ for our federal lands – some left wild and some developed for energy – not just left totally wild for a tiny group of elite backpackers.

*Ban the super-productive “fracking” process for oil and natural gas by linking it to earthquakes and polluted water wells. Neither claim has been verified, only alleged, which is how environmentalists always work… with allegations of harm. One Pennsylvania couple even faked polluted well water from “fracking”. When the lie was exposed the couple disappeared.

*Declare known deposits of oil off limits to extraction, like the mega-sized Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) field in northern Alaska (20 billion barrels or more) which is beneath federal land. Ecologists also are planning to have the Alaska oil pipeline dismantled after its useful life ends around 2015 (another anti-pipeline strategy). That pipeline serves the nearby Prudhoe Bay oilfield and would be needed to carry oil from ANWR. If that pipeline is dismantled then the ecologists will say that there is no way to get ANWR oil to market so ANWR should not be tapped. See the strategy? It is to strangle the distribution system as well as the production system.

*Seek to halt train movements carrying coal for power plants and for coal export abroad, town by town, along the railroad routes. This is the same as the town-by-town pipeline strategy. This is why blanket federal approval is required for such interstate coal shipments – to stop local obstruction.

*Demonize the potential extraction of crude oil from American oil-shale deposits which hold gigantic quantities of oil (up to 2 trillion barrels) in one small area of Utah and Colorado USA, enough oil to power America for hundreds of years. Malign Canada’s gargantuan oil-sands project, which is estimated to hold 1 trillion barrels of oil.

*Shamelessly exploit tragedies like the oil train explosion in Canada in July 2013 in which 47 people were killed and the downtown of Lac-Megantic burned. This truly was a horrible event and the thoughts and prayers of go out to the people there. That tragedy has been alleged to have been caused by negligence by the unionized train engineer who has been arrested. But that has not stopped environmentalists and socialists from doing everything in their power to blame the private railroad company and the companies that owned the oil, i.e., to further vilify oil. Meanwhile those same environmentalists are seeking to block the pipelines that would transport this oil much more safely, while we conservatives want the pipelines built to avoid future accidents like that in Canada.

*Seek to shut down coal-fired electric generating plants while opposing the rational alternative which is nuclear power – which supports as the vastly more efficient alternative than coal. Not a single American has been harmed by nuclear power.

“Green energy” is not “clean” energy. Its very inefficiency will require so much infrastructure like solar panels and windmills as to destroy our natural beauty. It truly is an “industrial” infrastructure and it will need to be installed everywhere to generate enough power for our modern economy.

Meanwhile pipelines are buried underground. These anti-pipeline protests are just the latest hysterical enviro crusade as the ecologists offer all sorts of apocalyptic scenarios (the pipeline will leak or blow up; the installation will harm the environment; natural gas is “dirty” energy and its extraction from the ground is too, we have “green” alternatives etc.) when modern pipeline technology in fact is very refined.

The 800-mile long Alaska oil pipeline, which is above ground almost the whole route, has had hardly any environmental problems in its 37 years of operation even though its engineering design is extremely complex and environmentalists warned about disaster. Ecologists even had warned that the Alaska pipe would harm the caribou, yet the opposite has happened. The caribou congregate around the warm pipeline in the frigid temperatures… and mate and reproduce!

This Alaska pipeline serves the huge Prudhoe Bay oilfield. By the time that Prudhoe Bay is pumped out in 2015 this single pipeline will have transported 18 BILLION barrels of crude oil. Amazing.

During her short tenure as governor of Alaska Sarah Palin finalized a plan to build a new natural gas pipeline from Alaska through Canada to the Lower 48 that had been stalled for 30 years. This is just one reason that Democrats hate her.

There currently are thousands of pipelines under our feet, in every state and almost every nation in the world. But suddenly environmentalists say that they are a bad thing when evidence points in the other direction. Then again, they are frantic about anything that does not fit their agenda.

Friends, we live in an energy-intensive world. If these environmentalists want us to use less energy and accept a lower standard of living then they should act as a role model by using less oil and natural gas and electricity and by living with less. But environmentalists in fact do the opposite. From decades of personal observation has come to the conclusion that environmentalists use much more discretionary energy than any other Americans – for instance, to fly to Colorado to go hiking, to fly to Bolivia to watch birds, to fly to Nepal to climb Mount Everest, to drive hundreds of miles to go kayaking on a special river, etc. If you really think about them, you will agree.

They are the biggest energy hogs of all. But it is they who lecture the rest of us about driving our cars 5 miles to work, and about pipelines and oil drilling. Amazing. Just amazing.

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