Socialist Bill Gates Paints a Deceptive Self-Portrait

America’s richest man is Bill Gates with an estimated fortune of $77 billion. He always acts like he is Mr. Nice Guy, just a goofy computer nerd and one of us “regular folks”. He is not. He is a socialist who strongly supports Obama. And it is important to notice how many ultra-rich Americans today support Obama like our second richest man Warren Buffett ($59 billion) and third richest man Larry Ellison ($42 billion) and tenth richest Michael Bloomberg and 12th richest Jeff Bezos and 13th and 14th richest, the two Google guys. And many, many others among the mega-billionaire elite.

Yet we are led to believe that all billionaires are Republicans. Nonsense. Well over half of the super-rich people in America today are socialists. In some places like Hollywood and San Francisco, most or all of the rich people are Democrats. In New York City rich liberals far outnumber rich Republicans. Meanwhile 14 of the 15 richest US congressional districts are represented by far-left Democrats like Nancy Pelosi.

Bill Gates, for instance, supports higher taxes on “the rich” as all socialists do. And we are supposed to think that Gates wants all of those “rich people”, even himself, to pay more in taxes so that our government can have money to do more for the rest of us, particularly “the poor”. But the real truth is that a guy like Gates with $77 billion, who is not even affected by taxes anyway, believes that the entrepreneur with $300,000 a year in gross income at his little dry cleaning business down on Main Street should pay more in taxes. Because that small business income makes the dry cleaner effectively “rich” in the eyes of today’s Democrat party. It is part of the Democrat anti-business, anti-capitalist, wealth-appropriation strategy.

The big question is: Why are so many rich people socialists? And one big answer is that rich people generally have high public profiles and they crave the fawning media attention that they get if they are liberals. Just look at how Gates is treated like a king and a miracle worker in the American media. If he supported Republican candidates he would be dismissed as a greedy robber baron. This soft media treatment is done to encourage more and more people to become socialists, particularly rich ones. At the same time billionaire Republicans and conservatives like the Koch Brothers are either ignored by the media or they get trashed relentlessly.

It recently was reported that Warren Buffett has given $1.2 BILLION to pro-abortion causes in the last decade. Yet you never see these wealthy Democrats doing any real hard political work like taking on the rot in their own party, or the monumental corruption in our public school system that is controlled virtually entirely by the Democrat party and the teacher unions. This system has robbed tens of millions of Americans of a decent life by failing to educate them in even the basics.

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But Gates and Buffett and the rest of them are silent about the public schools. This is for a clear reason. Because they never will confront their own party, while they can continue to get adoring media coverage while blaming all of our economic problems on Bush and Republicans. Now here are some excerpts from Bill Gates writing recently about US aid to poor nations, with a comment after each:

Gates writes: For the United States, the actual number (for foreign aid spending) is less than 1%. One percent of the U.S. budget is about $30 billion per year. Of that, roughly $11 billion is spent on health: vaccines, bed nets, family planning, drugs to keep people with HIV alive, and so on. (The other $19 billion goes to things like building schools, roads and irrigation systems.) I don’t want to imply that $11 billion per year isn’t a lot of money. But to put it in perspective, it’s about $30 for every American. Imagine your income tax form asked, “Can we use $30 of the taxes you’re already paying to protect 120 children from measles?” Would you check yes or no? comment: First I would check No because I would never listen to Bill Gates. And like a good socialist he has conveniently ignored the Big Truth in favor of some small details like the foreign aid issue. He ignores the fact that America has spent tens of trillions of dollars defending liberty all over the globe militarily over the last century. That America has taken in tens of millions of the world’s poor and given them hope. That America has given the world all of our modern technology for free that has allowed once-destitute nations to improve themselves. That America has sent millions of our best people abroad to disseminate our technology and our good ideas. That our American economy has powered the world economy for 200 years. Yet now Gates is saying that we are being cheap with foreign aid. This is very selective indignation.

Gates writes: It also helps to look at the overall impact this (foreign aid) spending has. To get a rough figure, I added up all the money donors have spent on health-related aid since 1980. Then I divided by the number of children’s deaths that have been prevented in that same time. It comes to less than $5,000 per child saved (and that doesn’t include the improvements in health that go beyond saving the lives of young children). comment: Yeah, right… blah, blah, blah. Don’t you love these people who have a dollar figure for everything when it comes to criticizing America? Notice that Gates doesn’t talk about the hundreds of billions stolen every year by kleptomaniacs in these poor nations like communist Castro in Cuba. The marxist dictator of Venezuela Hugo Chavez was worth $2 billion when he died, but he started with nothing. Yet “rich Republican” US president George W. Bush is only worth $25 million today.

Gates writes: Also remember that healthy children do more than merely survive; they go to school and eventually work, and over time they make their countries more self-sufficient. This is why I say aid is such a bargain. comment: No, Mr. Gates, these nations do not need aid. They need to become self-sufficient by building up their own economies with capitalism, to make life better for all of their people. A nation simply cannot take care of all its people through government socialism. People must care for themselves and they can do so even in poor nations. Yet these poor nations are virtually all socialistic while capitalism has always raised living standards substantially as the capitalist revolutions in communist China and socialist India have proven. Even Sweden adopted capitalist policies and has been happy with them.

Gates writes: The U.S. government spends more than twice as much on farm subsidies as on health aid. It spends more than 60 times as much on the military. The next time someone tells you we can trim the budget by cutting aid, I hope you will ask whether it will come at the cost of more people dying. comment: OK, here is the anti-military canard from the socialist left again. Yet our military spending defeated Hitler and Japan in World War II, saved Europe, saved Asia, saved South Korea in the 1950s, and then defended Europe for 46 years from being conquered by the communist Soviet Union. We gave 440,000 of our best American lives in World War II to preserve global freedom. But don’t expect Gates to notice those little Inconvenient Truths.

By the way Mr. Gates why did your company Microsoft announce on July 17, 2014 that it will cut 18,000 jobs? If you “care” so much about people why are you eliminating their jobs?

Gates then focuses on the fact that the world today is better off than it ever has been with higher incomes and lower infant mortality than at any time in history. He fails to mention that all of this progress is a result of the world adopting modern American technology from electricity to the internal combustion engine to modern agricultural practices to modern medicine, and on and on. These technologies all were incubated and nurtured in the free-market capitalist American economy that produced the great innovators and entrepreneurs from Nikola Tesla to Andrew Carnegie to Henry Ford. Meanwhile Bill Gates made his fortune in our capitalist economy but has now become a socialist with myriad criticisms of our nation. What a jerk.

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