Obama Foreign Policy is a Pro-Muslim Disaster

Look at these two stories, which explain much:

*CNN.com reported: It was a brazen attack, resulting in the death of the most senior U.S. officer since 9/11, and officials have named the attacker as a member of Afghan’s military. Maj. Gen. Harold Greene – a longtime officer who was leading efforts to train soldiers in Afghanistan — was killed Tuesday at a military training facility in Kabul. An ISAF official said that the group was standing outside, and the attacker, who has been identified by the Afghan Ministry of Defense as an academy member named Rafiullah, shot from inside a nearby building at a distance of about 100 yards. (end of CNN.com excerpt)

*Foxnews.com reported: The White House stopped short Thursday of committing America’s military to stopping a potential “genocide” in Iraq, declining to say whether doing so is in “America’s core interests.” Officials say the administration nevertheless is weighing options ranging from military strikes to the delivery of humanitarian aid for ethnic minorities driven from their homes by Islamist militants. Senior U.S. officials told Fox News the administration is strongly considering plans to conduct a humanitarian aid mission that would provide food and water to the 40,000 or so religious minorities stranded on a mountaintop in the country’s north after Islamist militants forced them to flee…. Most recently, (Iraqi) militants seized control Thursday of the country’s largest Christian city, Qaraqoush — reportedly telling its residents to leave, convert or die and sending tens of thousands of civilians and Kurdish fighters fleeing from the area, according to several priests in northern Iraq. (end of foxnews.com excerpt)

These two stories tell a tale of massive foreign policy corruption on the part of Obama, a failure that appears to Nikitas3.com to be intentional, casual and pro-Islamic. For instance Obama pulled US forces out of Iraq against the advice of conservatives and many in the US military, opening the door to the possibility that Iraq could fall back into chaos in which all of the hard-won US military gains could be lost. They have been. Meanwhile Obama has kept US forces in Afghanistan fighting a war that we can never win and that is going to end soon anyway when US troops are withdrawn.

The ongoing killing of US forces in Afghanistan under more than 5 years of the Obama administration, along with the deteriorating situation in Iraq – which could have been prevented if a US force had remained there – show that Obama has done the opposite of what a good president would have done. But then again Obama is a pro-Muslim president. And from that point of view his American foreign policy is a success.

Since US forces left Iraq almost three years ago Islamic militants have stepped up their campaign against the whole nation of Iraq and specifically against Iraq’s Christian population. Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, those Afghanis who are supposed to be aiding the United States repeatedly have turned against us. The killing of Gen. Greene is just the latest example. At the same time the shooting down of a US Chinook helicopter in Afghanistan in August 2011 that was carrying dozens of elite US military fighters is yet another shocking and still-unexplained atrocity that was the result of Obama negligence and malice. Democrats have done everything in their power to block a real investigation of that tragedy.

So will Obama intervene in a significant way on behalf of the suffering Christians in Iraq?

He may do something minor, but it will mean little. Because Obama is pursuing an overall policy in which pro-American and Christian people throughout the Middle East are suffering enormously as these Muslim animals run roughshod over that region.

In 2011, in the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ uprising, we conservatives warned that the revolt in Egypt was merely a steppingstone for the rise of radical Islam. It was. The long-banned Muslim Brotherhood took power in an election, and terror against the Coptic Christians began as the Egyptian economy went into a state of collapse. Fortunately a pro-American military junta seized control in the Summer of 2013 and put Egypt back on its feet.

But Obama and his secretary of state Hillary Clinton cheered on the ‘Arab Spring’ as some sort of new American Revolution. At the same time, for several years now Obama has been siding rhetorically with anti-government militants in Syria even though those factions have been commandeered by radical Muslim terrorists who have devastated, dispersed and killed Syria’s Christians.

In short Obama seems to be intentionally sabotaging American interests in the Middle East, and those of its minority Christian population. Why?

Because Obama is a Muslim, that’s why. And, yes, you read that right. Nikitas3.com is saying flat out that Obama is a Muslim. He may not read the Koran in public or openly pray to Mecca five times a day, but Obama in fact is a Muslim in his heart and in his mind. His biological father was a radical Muslim communist and Obama absorbed this extremism. His Indonesian stepfather was the same. Obama studied at Muslim schools as a youth. Obama openly celebrates Ramadan at the White House every year while he has barely attended Christian church services since he became president. Meanwhile his foreign policy again and again and again has favored the continuing rise of extremist Islam in the Middle East.

That is why he is pursuing policies that not coincidentally are turning out to be pro-Muslim, anti-Christian and bad for America – like the pullout of US troops from Iraq – at every point possible in his Middle East policy.

Any serious response to the Iraq crisis with the Christians trapped on the mountainside would require air strikes to disrupt the militants and allow relief to flow to the trapped people. This will have no cost for the American military; its can be done easily with cruise missiles and “smart” bombs.

US congressman Frank Wolf, a Republican from Virginia, is one of the few American politicians speaking for oppressed Christians all over the Middle East. Wolf wrote recently to Obama: “Genocide is taking place before our eyes — and on your watch — in Iraq. Time is running out.” He called for a senior official to be appointed to coordinate government resources and action, and greater cooperation with private and non-government organizations to channel food and aid to the victims.

Good for congressman Wolf. He is one of the few in Washington with any heart, or spine.

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