Rick Perry Legal Farce/Germany’s Permanent ‘Green’ Recession

The indictment of Republican governor Rick Perry of Texas is just another sleazy Democrat tactic to try to knock Perry out of the 2016 presidential race. It stems from a decision by Perry to veto funds for a Texas state agency run by a Democrat official who was arrested for driving drunk. That official refused to resign so Perry is being charged with abuse of power for his veto.

Any rational American knows that this charge is bogus and is a political persecution. But this is how Democrats operate all over America – by filing small-potatoes and fake charges against Republicans while Obama operates the most corrupt presidency in American history and Democrat politicians commit every imaginable fraud day in and day out.

Democrats use this courtroom tactic over and over, for instance when they led the charge for the indictment of Republican US senator Ted Stevens of Alaska in Summer 2008 on dubious campaign charges. As a result Stevens was found guilty, lost his bid for re-election in November 2008 but then the indictment was vacated in 2009 on the grounds of gross prosecutorial misconduct.

Tom DeLay, the former Republican US House minority leader from Texas, was convicted of spurious campaign charges but then those charges also were reversed. In New York state, the most prominent statewide Republican, senator Joe Bruno, was found not guilty in a second trial recently after his first corruption conviction was thrown out. His legal challenges have gone on for 10 years. The list goes on and on. This is the Obama/Democrat tactic of seeking to “clear the playing field” of Republicans when in fact Democrats are the party of endless corruption.

Friends, it is the Democrats who are acting lawlessly time and time and time again with these kangaroo courts. They are a vicious political cabal that cannot win elections fairly. That is why Obama engaged in the greatest abuse of power ever for a president, sending the Internal Revenue Service after the Tea Parties in order to swing the 2012 presidential election his way. Now here is the editorial about Germany:

Germany is in Permanent ‘Green’ Recession

The German economy has slid back into negative growth, falling .2% in the second quarter as Germany has hardly emerged from the great recession of the last 6 years.

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal shed light on the subject in a backhanded way. It explained how Germany is shutting down many coal-burning and natural gas power plants (and plans to shut down all of its nuclear plants) while deploying the highest rate of “green” energy in the world, about 25%of its electricity supply (the US is about 1%).

“Green” energy is yet another heavy weight hanging on Europe, because all “green” energy is massively inefficient and must be subsidized by the taxpayer. The traditional German power sources, which provide abundant energy, cannot compete with subsidized “green” power, which produces little energy per dollar invested. This greatly harms Germany twice:

*It produces more expensive energy through the supply-and-demand equation, where a lower supply produces higher prices. Expensive energy then thwarts the economy.
*These tax subsidies draw more and more capital out of the private economy that could and should be invested in new jobs and growth.

Here in Massachusetts USA we lost 400 well-paid manufacturing jobs in the paper mills in 2008 in Berkshire County alone because “green” policies had pushed up the price of electricity. This was a huge blow to a small county of only 140,000 people. In this case the expensive “green” electricity was powered by “clean” natural gas at the behest of environmentalists. But now the same ecologists are trying to stop a natural gas pipeline from passing through the county and are now opposed to natural gas use in general.

Since Germany is the ‘engine’ of the European economy the entire continent is suffering from its “green” recession. This comes after Europe has struggled for decades under socialism. Spain, for instance, the most left-wing nation in Europe, has had unemployment over the last five years equal to the American depression of the 1930s yet there is not a peep about it in the US media.

And considering that Germans are perhaps the smartest, most disciplined and most inventive people in the world today – what better sports car is there than a Porsche – this example again shows how socialism destroys productive people, optimism, creativity and happiness, and makes nations deprived and miserable… on purpose.

Meanwhile reports are contrasting the grim situation in Germany with decent growth in the US, and this is no surprise. Because America still has three things going for it: There are still many conservative and capitalist Americans, despite Obama; the US has abundant oil and natural gas production made possible by “fracking” (despite Obama opposition) which is contributing greatly to our economy and to our international balance-of-payment equation; and America has conservative states where the economies are thriving despite Democrats’ efforts to take control of and undermine those states.

In fact two major German companies, BMW and Mercedes, have built production plants in conservative American states, respectively South Carolina and Alabama, to produce their great cars. They did this to escape another debilitating aspect of German socialism – the greedy labor unions.

For decades we conservatives have warned about Europe. Not only did America spend the equivalent of $10 trillion in today’s dollars to defeat Hitler, save Europe and win World War II, but then we spent tens of trillions more to defend Europe from the Soviet Union from the end of World War II until the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Why did we spend all of that money? It is because Europe was too lazy and too stupid to defend itself and knew that America would defend them. Meanwhile the Euro nations shoveled their own trillions into their high-tax welfare states (i.e., their welfare states were indirectly subsidized by American military spending) creating slow-growth, high-unemployment nations that today are barely treading water. In short they laid the groundwork for their current problems with decades of bad policies and now are doubling down with “green” energy.

This is how socialism always works – on theories that sound great on paper but fail miserably when applied – like “green” energy itself which sounds wonderful, that the sun and the wind are “free fuel”. And while the “fuel” indeed may be free the hardware to harness it is extremely expensive and inefficient. This is the side of the equation that the environmentalists don’t want you to know about.

Nikitas3.com has done a statistical analysis of wind power that shows it to be a labor-intensive fraud. Because “green” energy breaks down power production into little chunks, like one megawatt here and a half-megawatt there and 50 kilowatts here and 2 kilowatts there. Thus it contravenes the fundamental and natural law of Economies of Scale which says that big things, like big power plants, are efficient and little things like windmills and individual solar panels are inefficient. I have estimated that the labor required just for routine maintenance of the wind-energy equivalent of one single 1,000 megawatt nuclear reactor is more than 800 times the manpower cost for the nuclear plant.

Germany’s “green” mania is slowly and incrementally sucking the German economy dry, as socialism always does, while producing small amounts of very expensive power in return. This will kill the American economy too if we let the environmentalists do so. That is why every American state must end taxpayer subsidies for “green” power, and why federal US subsidies must end now. We can no longer afford expensive “green” energy and neither can Germany.

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