How Labor Unions Destroy Jobs, Prosperity

I am always poking around the internet looking for interesting things to write about. So check out this article that I found on the from a few years ago, which is interesting with Labor Day approaching:

America’s jobless are unionizing, or at least furthering an agenda of one of the nation’s biggest unions. An organization aimed at giving the unemployed more influence has announced it now has more than 100,000 jobless activists in their ranks. The Union of Unemployed Activists (UCubed) is an Internet-centric “community service project” of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) — one of the country’s largest industrial trade unions. (end of excerpt)

OK, so the labor unions that killed millions of jobs, thousands of companies and entire industries like steel and autos, now want to organize the unemployed? So first they caused widespread unemployment and now want to organize the unemployed? Let’s see what kind of baloney they have in store. Look at this one sentence again and it says it all:

“America’s jobless are unionizing, or at least furthering an agenda of one of the nation’s biggest unions.”

This shows that labor unions are going to exploit another group of people (the unemployed) to get more power for themselves after they exploited private industry for decades, sucking its wealth away and destroying millions of jobs and potential jobs in the process, eventually throwing millions of their own members out of work. That, friends, is why unions today represent only about 7% of the private workforce when that number was 40% after World War II. Because when unions destroy the companies that their own members work for, then unions slowly die off. Today most American workers don’t even want unions around because they have seen what unions really do.

Case in point: In Autumn 2012 Hostess Bakeries, the maker of Twinkies and Wonder Bread, was struggling financially. And rather than try to cooperate and help Hostess its bakers union of 5,000 went on strike. Hostess immediately closed its doors, throwing 18,000 workers out of their jobs nationwide.

No doubt this new union scam with the unemployed will seek to get union dues from the unemployed out of their unemployment checks and their welfare checks, i.e., get money for unions indirectly from the taxpayer after getting it directly from private industry for decades. Because this is what this UCubed thing is really about and this is what ‘organized labor’ is really about – getting money for union power, for union bosses, for Democrat politicians and for the advancement of socialism. reported:

“Our objective is to pull together unemployed Americans in a way that allows them to connect, communicate and press their political leaders for policies that will get them back to work,” Rick Sloan, UCubed’s executive director and IAM communications director, told The Daily Caller. (end of excerpt)

Uhhh, sir, the best way to put people back to work is to ban labor unions and their outrageous demands and labor costs, and allow companies to pay people the wages that the market sets, not the unsustainably high wages that the unions demand.

Sloan said, “We’d like to see (policymakers) recreate the Works Progress Administration… which in the 1930s put between 6.5 and 8 million people back to work.”

Don’t ever believe anything that a leftist says because it is always a deception. WPA was a New Deal program by Democrat president Franklin Roosevelt to put Americans to work on public infrastructure projects during the depression of the 1930s. Only problem is that unemployment was the same and sometimes higher after 8 years of Roosevelt than it was when he was elected in 1932. Here is a quote from Roosevelt’s Treasury secretary Henry Morgenthau talking in 1941 about years of heavy government spending for make-work jobs during the depression:

“We are spending more money than we have ever spent before, and it does not work. I want to see this country prosperous. I want to see people get a job. I want to see people get enough to eat. We have never made good on our promises. I say after eight years of this administration, we have just as much unemployment as when we started and an enormous debt, to boot.”

Yet liberals always say that Roosevelt “saved” America which he did not. Any serious student of economics knows that Roosevelt lengthened and deepened the depression with his socialist policies, as we conservatives always warn will happen. And now we have Obama doing the same, spending vast amounts of taxpayer wealth and producing no results, like the $787 billion “stimulus” programs of 2009 which disappeared into the pockets of Obama cronies and produced no jobs at all. Meanwhile millions of people have dropped out of the workforce under Obama. They have lost hope. reported:

The UCubed group is advocating passage of (the) recent “21st Century WPA Act” to reinstate the New Deal employment program, and Ohio Democratic Rep. Marcy Kaptur’s attempt to rejuvenate another New Deal program with her “21st Century Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Act.” (The WPA Act) bill would cost $250 billion (for two years); Kaptur’s would cost $16 billion annually through 2015. Both bills are pending in committee. UCubed is also interested in supporting extensions of long-term unemployment benefits. (end of excerpt)

Heck, only $250 billion! That’s nothing to a labor union. They can suck up $100 million on a Tuesday morning before breakfast. Of Other People’s Money, of course, while they never, ever create their own wealth or risk their own capital.

Sloan said that “UCubed connected with jobless Americans by asking a simple question: Where’s a job for me, Mr. President? And by advocating for a new Works Progress Administration — a WPA 2.0 — to put Americans back to work ASAP.”

What they should be asking is “Where’s a job for me, Mr. Labor Union Leader and Mr. Obama?” Because over the last 60 years these union leaders and their organized crime compatriots lined their own pockets as they put entire American industries out of business with outrageous wage, benefit and pension demands, as well as ridiculous work rules and endless strikes and other labor actions, including violence and destruction of property.

Look at General Motors and Chrysler. They were moving some of their operations overseas way back in the 1960s and 1970s, long before going broke and needing their 2009 bailout. These companies were forced to act by high labor costs demanded by the American unions.

Here’s how you can tell that this is true: Foreign ‘transplant’ car companies from Japan, South Korea and Germany today are operating factories here in the US and are thriving and making much better cars than the American companies. They have been for decades. Why did they come here? Two reasons:

First, to escape the labor unions in their own nations. Second their American plants are nonunion and located in Southern “right to work” states. And their American workers are making great wages and benefits and the workers want to stay nonunion so that the unions don’t come in and take over and kill their jobs like the unions killed GM and Chrysler, requiring the federal bailout.

Who could blame them. On the surface the unions look great, like they are “for the worker”. The average salary for unionized assembly-line workers was reported at the time of the GM/Chrysler bailouts in 2009 at around $73 an hour for wages, benefits and pensions. At the nonunion ‘transplant’ companies it was around $48 an hour.

This difference is precisely why GM and Chrysler failed and needed a government bailout. This also is why Mercedes and BMW and Toyota and Hyundai and all of the other ‘transplant’ companies are thriving producing great cars in the USA with happy, productive workforces that do not want the unions around.

So here is my proposal for the unions: Since the unions want only a one-way street – to represent workers and get the money from union dues – why don’t we require the unions that destroy companies to pay workers’ unemployment benefits and reimburse the companies for losses out their own pockets? That would make them accountable for their own malice.

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