Rich Liberals Like Tom Steyer Seek to Buy Elections

Since taking office Barack Obama has hosted more than 400 fundraising events. That’s an average of one fundraiser every five days. Meanwhile, in less than six years Obama has held more than 75 more fundraisers than George W. Bush hosted in all eight years in the White House. In his first term alone Obama set the record for more fundraisers than any other US president in modern history.

This is yet another scandal of the Obama presidency. For decades the liberals have told us that “we must get the money out of politics” and that “the rich are buying elections” and that we need public financing of elections. Yet it is the Democrat rich who are buying election after election after election. Obama himself dropped out of public financing in both 2008 and 2012 so that he could raise more money privately, without a peep of protest from the Liberal Media, of course.

If you want to know what Republicans are up against every day consider Tom Steyer. He is a billionaire and a former hedge fund manager who is throwing $100 million of his own money behind Democrat candidates this year in yet another attempt to buy the 2014 elections.

Huh?! Aren’t all the rich people Republicans?

No, and if you still believe that then you should believe in the Tooth Fairy. That is yet another myth put out by the liberals. The overwhelming majority of rich people in America today are Obama-supporting socialists and they fund the Democrat party heavily. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Larry Ellison, the three richest men in America, all support Obama. The list is very long of mega-billionaire Obama supporters and it includes people like George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, the Google guys, Jeff Bezos and Michael Bloomberg, the former New York City mayor. Here is an excerpt about Steyer from

WASHINGTON – Setting his sights on Republicans who reject climate change, an environmentalist billionaire is unveiling plans to spend $100 million this year in seven competitive Senate and gubernatorial races, as his super PAC works to counteract a flood of conservative spending by the Koch brothers.

NextGen Climate Action said it plans to spend at least $50 million contributed by founder Tom Steyer, a retired hedge fund manager and longtime Democratic donor, and another $50 million the group is seeking to raise from likeminded donors. The money will be used to back Democrats and attack Republicans running for Senate in New Hampshire, Iowa, Colorado and Michigan, and for governor in Pennsylvania, Florida and Maine.

“Our goal is very clear: to impact the politics as it relates to climate in a time period that will result in policies that allow our country and the world to avoid the perils of climate change,” said Chris Lehane, a Democratic strategist advising the super PAC. “In a sense, it’s a race against time.” (end of excerpt)

OK, so look at this. First he is a “hedge fund billionaire”. What does this mean?

It means that he made his money through paper-wealth transactions sitting in an office in San Francisco, not by building railroads or making steel like good conservatives and Republicans do. Steyer did not create his fortune the old-fashioned away by making things and creating jobs as Henry Ford created hundreds of thousands of jobs making cars or James J. Hill built the Great Northern railroad, leading to the economic development of the whole Pacific Northwest. Yet liberals are taking Steyer’s paper-wealth money since they want to counteract political campaign money from the conservative Koch Brothers. And who are they?

The Koch Brothers built their fortune not by sitting in an office and shuffling money around on computers but in servicing the oil and natural gas industries. Thus there is a world of difference between ‘paper billionaires’ like Steyer and the Koch Brothers who are helping our economy to thrive by servicing crucial industries that are vital to our economic well-being.

Meanwhile another of the richest contributors to the Democrats and particularly to hard-left causes is Soros who does not make cars or build railroads or do something else in the productive side of the economy that creates tens of thousands of jobs and provides a vital service to our economy.

No, Soros has gotten his $20 billion fortune in a way that long has been considered one of the most immoral and most unethical ways of all – he is an international currency speculator who uses tactics like a stock-market swindler, i.e., he makes money that other people lose. Even George Washington warned about speculators. Now look at this from about Steyer’s approach to politics:

The (Steyer) playbook… is to adopt strategies that have been effective in other cultural fights over tobacco, recycling and women’s suffrage: persuade voters that climate change is a matter of right versus wrong, then use the issue to drive a “wedge” between voters and Republicans who align themselves with what environmentalists argue is the wrong side of history. (end of excerpt)

First, it is important to remember that the Republican party was the primary backer of women’s suffrage in the early 20th century. The first women elected in their own right to both the US House and the US Senate were Republicans.

Second, Steyer and other liberals say that environmentalism is somehow about “right and wrong”. Oh really? Is it “right” to lie over and over about everything from ‘global warming’ to solar energy? Is it “right” to advocate the production of ethanol fuel which has been shown to be worse for the environment than gasoline, and very expensive to boot?

No, and lying is the most dangerous act of all to the very progress and liberty of mankind, and these environmentalists lie every day. This goes back decades. In the 1970s they claimed that we were entering a New Ice Age. By 2000 they were screaming about ‘global warming’. Then around 2009 they altered the name of their crisis to “climate change” because “warming” was being proven false.

So which it? Are we freezing? Burning up? No, today it is “climate change” so that they can claim that anything that happens – hot, cold, floods, drought, hurricanes, tornados, everything – is something that they can fix with “green” policies that conveniently enrich people on the “green” socialist left like windmill makers and solar panel makers and their money-baggers like Steyer. No surprise there. Always follow the money to find out what socialism is really about.

Now here are excerpts about Steyer from, with a comment after each: reports: Since 1986, he has been a partner and member of the Executive Committee at Hellman & Friedman, a San Francisco-based $8 billion private equity firm. Farallon Capital Management, LLC, manages $20 billion in capital for institutions and high net worth individuals. The firm’s institutional investors are primarily college endowments and foundations. comment: These colleges are some of the biggest thieves in America; that is why they have massive endowments to invest. College tuitions have risen three times as fast as inflation in the last 40 years and it is a national scandal but there is no outcry about it because the colleges are socialistic and their Liberal Media friends will never expose them. College tuitions have risen much more rapidly than the cost of gasoline. These college costs will never bother Tom Steyer, however. He loved handling all of their money because he got rich on it. reports: Prior to joining Hellman & Friedman, Steyer worked at Goldman Sachs from 1983-85 as an associate in the risk arbitrage department under Robert Rubin. comment: Robert Rubin is one of the most prominent Democrats of the last 30 years. He was Treasury secretary under Bill Clinton and then became CEO of Citigroup in New York. Under Rubin Citigroup virtually collapsed in 2008 and then Rubin walked away from it without taking any responsibility or suffering any legal sanction for its failure or suffering any personal financial loss. Rubin is just another Democrat crook. reports: Steyer founded Farallon Capital Management, LLC in January 1986. Farallon employs approximately 165 people in eight offices globally and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. comment: Wow, a whole 165 people. Meanwhile WalMart employs 2 million people and WalMart is hated by the Democrats. So who creates more jobs and provides more products for us “little folks”? WalMart does, by the millions, while liberals like Steyer claim that they are all for ‘the little guy’. What a crock… reports: Steyer announced in October 2012 that he would be stepping down from his position at Farallon in order to focus on political activism, in particular on advocating for alternative energy. He cited his desire to focus on giving back “full time” and to revolve his life around service. In an interview he said, “I’ve tried to organize a business voice for what I call advanced energy…” comment: Friends, this “advanced energy” or “alternative energy” is basically solar energy and windmills. They are frauds. These are primitive technologies that have been around for thousands of years. They produce no usable energy for our modern economy. These ecologists like Steyer keep saying that we are going to have some big breakthrough in solar and wind power. We are not. We should build 800 nuclear reactors in America to produce electricity for the next century, and dismantle all windmills and solar panels and stop subsidizing them with taxpayer money, making people like Steyer rich. reports: (Steyer and his wife) created the TomKat Ranch in Pescadero, California. The ranch’s philanthropic endeavors include underwriting healthy food programs and co-producing an independent film, La Mission… about San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood. comment: Oh, boy, healthy food programs and a movie! Big deal. Maybe Steyer and his wife could get involved in something really substantive like reforming the horrible public-education system in California controlled by the Democrats and their teacher unions. This system has failed many, many millions of people. But Steyer won’t confront it because then he would have to confront the radical public-ed Democrats in his own party which he will never do. Because people like Steyer love to take the easy route, i.e., they become environmentalists so that the Liberal Media will treat him like an emperor and so that he can act like he is saving the whole world. reports: Steyer and Taylor also helped found OneRoof, a social business designed to bring technology to rural India. Over the past four years OneRoof has opened computer centers to connect poor residents of India with the information revolution. comment: India’s technological progress and the economic well-being of its people have skyrocketed since India abandoned its bureaucratic Soviet-style economy and adopted capitalist policies, which socialists like Steyer oppose. India does not need Steyer or his ideas; India needs more capitalism, as the whole world does. Capitalism ALWAYS increases living standards and technological advancement compared to socialism. reports: Steyer supported the campaign of Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the 2013 Virginia Gubernatorial race through his NextGen Climate Action political committee. This support consisted primarily of releasing ads meant to portray McAuliffe’s rival, Ken Cucinelli, as extreme on environmental issues… comment: McAuliffe won the election and is easily one of the most corrupt politicians in America. He was a Clinton activist for many years and got away with milking millions out of a company called Global Crossing as it collapsed. But since he is a Democrat that collapse has been ignored along with up to $50 billion in economic losses and 10,000 people who lost their jobs in GC’s failure.

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