Christians Built the World and Deserve Praise

Christians are the most productive, most innovative and creative, smartest, most advanced and wealthiest people in the history of the world. If you are thankful for electricity, computers, the internal combustion engine, air travel, the telephone, the light bulb, modern medicine, modern agriculture, refrigeration and every other modern convenience, along with the world’s greatest art, architecture, literature and music, and even for freedom itself, then thank a Christian.

Every great idea that powers the world today technologically, culturally or politically was developed in Europe or the United States and is built on millennia of thought and experimentation in historically Christian nations.

For more than 1,000 years throughout the Middle Ages, Europe itself was held together and built upon the only central authority of the times – the Christian church. Otherwise the whole continent would have remained “in the dark ages”.

Christian monasteries not only were places of religious order and peace, conceiving and disseminating the ideas that have given the world stability, but they were the primary European centers of scholarship, education and preservation of the knowledge of the ancient world. They were banks, trading centers and manufacturing centers; they were places of important agricultural innovation; and they also served as inns, hospitals, conference centers and even shelters for the poor. Several major European universities including Cambridge in Britain started out as Christian monasteries. Meanwhile the great European cathedrals were historic showcases of architectural accomplishment, wonder, beauty and uplift.

In short, the world would not exist as it does today without the guiding light of Christianity and the intelligence, diligence and discipline of God-loving Christian people. The world would be a primitive place and America would not even exist at it does. After all the original pilgrims who came to settle America were religious Christians seeking out freedom of worship, while some of the strongest forces for American independence were conservative theologians like Jonathan Edwards.

This is all the same reason that Christians are the most persecuted people in history. Because failure despises the historical success of Christianity and the people who have persecuted Christians for 2,000 years are failures, of whom there are billions in this world. So who historically has satirized, criticized, oppressed, exiled, harassed, tortured and killed Christians? And why?

It has been two forces: First, the most prominent oppressors and killers of Christians have been God-less communists like Hitler and Stalin and other atheist forces that have existed for thousands of year since ancient Rome.

Second, Christians are being harmed, exiled and killed by the millions today in the Middle East by Islamic militants even though Christians have lived in nations like Syria, Egypt and Iraq for many centuries more than Muslims. These same Muslims have waged war on Christians for 1,300 years.

Muslims and atheists/communists have oppressed Christians for one reason – ENVY – which is the most powerful emotion of all. Communists and Muslims have produced almost nothing for the world. Their nations are poor and backward. They know that they are considered insignificant people by the rest of the world and by history. They know that Christians built the world and are most admired by history. And so they lash out at the Christian achievers in order to destroy the achievers and make themselves feel better.

Christians nations in Europe and the United States not only have been the most innovative countries, but the wealthiest, and always have had the highest standards of living. This extends to small Christian nations in the Asian region like Australia and New Zealand. Even in Middle Eastern nations where Christians have become increasingly small minorities they always have been among the most prosperous people.

Meanwhile there is one condition that applies to all communist nations and also to all Muslim nations except those that have found themselves lucky enough to be geographically situated on top of big oil deposits. That condition is poverty and material deprivation. And even the oil wealth has been a result of Euro/American petroleum industry technology.

So when communists and Muslims hate and destroy those Christians who are the wealthiest and most productive, then their nations are going to end up poor and backward, and they do. That is why impoverished Muslims today are streaming by the millions into the prosperous Christian nations of Europe and the US while they increasingly say how much they hate us, and while their criminal terrorist brethren continue to persecute and kill Christians all over the Middle East. Thus offers this proposal: No more immigration should be allowed into the US from Muslim nations. Europe should institute the same restrictions. And any Muslims who are in the US illegally should be deported immediately.

Meanwhile poor people from all over the world wish desperately to come to the United States and Europe, but never seem to want to immigrate into God-less communist nations like Cuba or North Korea.

On the other hand we see no mass migration of Europeans or Americans into Muslim or communist nations because these Europeans and Americans don’t want to live in misery. Communist nations like North Korea are even operated like prisons. Those who seek to escape are persecuted or killed and their families are too. That is why the Berlin Wall was built in East Germany in 1961 – to keep the people from fleeing communism. Meanwhile our Christian nations could use walls… to keep people out, that is.

Then look at these terrorists. They are usually from poor Muslim families. But rather than seek to elevate their own nations – which they know that they can never do – they seek to tear down the Christian nations because that is all that they are capable of doing, terrorist attack by terrorist attack. Because it is always infinitely easier to destroy than to build.

What an awful life that must be, to lack any type of achievement. Of course not all of the terrorists are poor. Many of the terror leaders are from wealthy Middle Eastern families, like Osama bin Laden came from a rich family. So what makes these rich young Muslims become terrorist leaders?

It comes from two extremes of emotion – arrogance and anger. These terrorists are like the kids from wealthy American families who become communists. Or kids from Christian backgrounds who become atheists and socialists and communists. They often become violent themselves, or they suggest violence over and over, never cognizant of how fortunate they have been to have been raised in Christian capitalist nations. Their anger simply blinds them.

The reason for their anger is simple – it is because they know that they can never personally achieve the level of prosperity and stability under which they were raised. So they turn against those forces that create prosperity (capitalism) and social cohesion (Christianity).

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