Optimism about GOP November Election Victory

The November 4 midterm elections are fast approaching and we conservatives are optimistic. Nationally conservatives and Republicans are expected to hold onto majority control of the US House of Representatives and to probably take control of the US Senate. Governorships are likely to tilt to the GOP. The election looks good for the GOP because of three important factors:

*The party in the White House generally does poorly in midterm elections. In the 2010 midterm election the Republicans won the greatest electoral landslide in American history, with almost 700 seats on the state and federal level shifting from Democrat to Republican. In 1994, two years after the election of Democrat president Bill Clinton the US House shifted to Republican control for the first time in 40 years.
*Americans have witnessed the successful outcomes of Republican leadership in many states. That is why they are moving to conservative states by the millions.
*Obama’s abysmal record finally is showing. After 6 years of media apology and coverup for this inept president Americans finally are catching on.

Republicans now hold 45 US Senate seats out of 100. Democrats hold 53 seats, while 2 are independents. Therefore the Republicans need to win 6 net seats from the Democrats to take majority control of the US Senate. That is the biggest prize this year.

Republicans can potentially win seats from sitting or retiring Democrats in Arkansas, West Virginia, Michigan, Iowa, Louisiana, Alaska, North Carolina, Colorado, Montana and South Dakota. There even is a big surprise in New Hampshire where former Republican US senator Scott Brown, who represented Massachusetts from 2010 to 2013 but now has moved to New Hampshire, could unseat Democrat incumbent Jeanne Shaheen, a liberal Obama clone.

But don’t expect the Democrats to stop in their manipulative tactics to win. In Kansas, for instance, where Republican incumbent US senator Pat Roberts was expected to coast to a re-election victory, Democrats knew that their own candidate could not win so they got him to withdraw. And now the independent candidate, Greg Orman, who is facing Roberts is far, far left. So the Democrats now are seeking to throw all Democrat and independent support to Orman to defeat Roberts. See how they use these sleazy tactics every time when they see that the will of the people is against them?

By the way Orman is a businessman who is worth by various estimates $20 million to $90 million. So out goes the Democrat “We Hate the Top 1%” argument. In fact they love the Top 1%… when it is Democrat or liberal.

There are also three US Senate seats that are up this November that the Democrats originally won by corruption:

*In Alaska Democrat incumbent US senator Mark Begich won his seat in November 2008 by fraud. At that time incumbent Republican US senator Ted Stevens was indicted on campaign charges in the Summer of 2008. Stevens lost the election but only by a whisker because Alaskans did not believe the charges. Then the charges were dropped in 2009 for gross prosecutorial misconduct. This was just another stolen election by the Democrats. This seat probably will go Republican in 2014.

*In South Dakota, where Democrat US senator Tim Johnson is retiring. This is a pretty conservative state and is expected to go Republican. Former Republican governor Mike Rounds is likely to win the general election for Senate. Johnson was first elected in 2002 under very suspicious circumstances, by a tiny number of votes after fraud was detected on heavily-Democrat Indian reservations. It was just another in a long line of Democrat fraud dating back to Lyndon Johnson’s first US Senate victory in Texas in 1948.

*In Minnesota, former comedian and liberal Democrat Al Franken won his Senate seat by 312 votes in 2008 after hundreds of Franken ballots “magically” appeared when the race with Republican Norm Coleman looked very close. This is a classic Democrat fraud tactic, where a crooked Democrat voter registrar and possibly an accomplice, who even are willing to go to jail if caught, has several hundred forged Democrat ballots (and a few Republican to make it look real) stowed in the trunk of his car or locked in a back room, which he magically “finds” if the race is close. Franken is projected to win re-election but, hey, you never know.

Crucial gubernatorial races are also worth watching. In generally liberal or “swing” states like Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania tough, reform-minded Republicans won governors’ races in 2010 and now are up for re-election. These Republicans have done really good things for their states and are expected to win re-election. For instance Ohio governor John Kasich took a state that was never expected to recover from Rust Belt decline and it now is doing quite well. Kasich eliminated an $8 billion debt that he inherited from his Democrat predecessor without raising taxes.

The only reason that these governors have been able to institute change is because they were fearless and strong and did not back down from the Liberal Media/labor union assault. Governors Walker in Wisconsin, Kasich in Ohio, Snyder in Michigan and Corbett in Pennsylvania all deserve re-election, as does governor Nikki Hailey in South Carolina, Rick Scott in Florida, Susana Martinez in New Mexico, and others.

Even in Massachusetts Republican Charlie Baker could be elected governor because his opponent is a bland, hapless Democrat named Martha Coakley who famously imploded in her 2010 race for US Senate against Scott Brown. Democrats are totally unenthused about Coakley and even many liberals in Massachusetts are tired of Democrat one-party corruption. And here is a shocker. Even the once-popular Democrat governor of Colorado, John Hickenlooper now trails his Republican opponent, Bob Beauprez, significantly in one poll. Nikitas3.com believes that Hickenlooper’s pro-marijuana agenda is hurting him. Good.

Other states are not so lucky. New York state has the union-backed left-wing Democrat Andrew Cuomo for governor. The state is drowning in corruption and fraud and loss of jobs and population, which is why the Republican party is so weak. Because Republicans flee to where the opportunity is, i.e, to the South and West where states are more conservative. Meanwhile the older, lazier, poorer and sicker people (i.e., Democrat voters) are left behind.

In California Democrat governor Jerry Brown is a far-left, union-backed candidate. Both California and New York are showing generally terrible economic results after decades of Democrat policies. Neil Kashkari, the Republican candidate in California and a former Wall Street guy, is 35 years younger than Brown and 100 times smarter. For decades California had told us about how much we must treasure the “youth culture” but when the “youth culture” is Republican that all goes out the window. In their only debate Kashkari thumped Brown. But he is a Republican and so his performance is dismissed.

What is at stake in 2014? America is, friends. Again. Obama promised to “transform” our nation and he has done so through pure neglect. He has “transformed” it in the wrong direction, allowing our national debt to almost double, opening the Mexican border, trading vicious terrorists in American detention for a US Army deserter, sending the Internal Revenue Service after the most honest and hard-working Tea Partiers in America, putting tens of millions on welfare, creating a foreign policy that favors Islam over the US and the West, and 25 other terrible things.

Indeed we need to take back America from the corrupt Democrats that are stealing our nation blind. Our current debt level alone is killing us. Meanwhile Obama cronies in the public school system and in the universities are aiding and abetting his policies through relentless propaganda campaigns while educational attainment falls into the basement. And then millions wonder why they don’t have jobs.

Look at Democrat US Senate majority leader Harry Reid from Nevada. This guy is up to his neck in corruption. He is kept in power by organized crime and hard-core labor unions in Las Vegas, the state’s big population center. Don’t be fooled by the Grandpa Harry image that he projects. Reid is a vicious partisan and a thoroughly crooked Democrat. He also is a Mormon! His sons are corrupt too. You can google Reid and his family and read the truth.

Then when we have perfectly honest governors like Republican Rick Perry of Texas, who is retiring after 14 years(!) as the most successful governor in America, possibly ever, leading the most successful economic state in the union the partisan hack Democrats in Texas have indicted Perry on totally trumped-up political charges. This is you classic Democrat party.

By the way, did you see this from nbcnews.com? Way back in March Jeri Wright, the daughter of Obama’s hateful black “pastor” Jeremiah Wright was convicted for stealing. It would be no surprise if you missed it because it was ignored by the mainstream media. This is classic liberal thievery every day on every level from the streets of Chicago to the US Senate to the White House:

CHICAGO — The daughter of President Barack Obama’s former pastor was convicted on Friday of laundering thousands of dollars from a state grant for a Chicago-area job-training program, federal prosecutors said.

A federal jury took less than two hours to find Jeri Wright, 48, the daughter of Jeremiah Wright, guilty on all counts for her part in a fraud scheme led by a former suburban police chief and the chief’s husband, according to the U.S. Attorney’s office for the Central District of Illinois in Springfield. The $1.25 million state grant was for a not-for-profit work and education program called We Are Our Brother’s Keeper, owned by Regina

Evans, former police chief of Country Club Hills, and her husband, Ronald Evans Jr.
Wright, a close friend of the couple, took as much as $11,000 from checks worth more than $30,000 that were supposed to be for work related to the grant, prosecutors said. About $20,000 was deposited back into accounts controlled by Regina and Ronald Evans. (end of nbcnews.com excerpt)

Now just think of all those poor black people who aren’t going to get job training because Jeri Wright stole the cash. Awww… It must be Bush’s fault!

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